Chronicles of a Messy Mum; Tidy Bedrooms

‘Tidy your bedroom’ I bellow to my six-year-old. I know shouting is not the best solution when you need your child to tidy the dump that is their bedroom. However, politely asking three times was futile; the stern ‘I’m not messing’ tone was also fruitless, so shouting my head off was needed. This is revenge….

Mental Health Crisis: A Bad Day In January

Something different If you read my post The End of Mrs T, you will know I have been reassessing my blog. I have decided to only blog when I feel passionate to write something. I love that other people read my blog and I am grateful. However, it was created as a therapy for me;…

6 Ways I Will Make 2019 Spectacular.

2018 was such a Rollercoaster year. I learnt so much about myself and what is important. As I mentioned in my review of 2018 I have seen the world through fresh eyes and had a change of mindset.