Chronicles of a Messy Mum; The Bedtime Saga

People say that Gin is a mother’s ruin, but at present, it is my sanity potion. It is required for me to deal with the torrent of absurd happenings which is my life. Whoever said having children and working was ‘having it all’ was lying on a massive scale and should be publically flogged for…

Chronicles of a Messy Mum; Homework Disaster

I am beyond furious, both at myself and the twisted world we live in. My day had been going fine until the aforementioned ‘homework saga.’ We had been shopping; although I had not bought anything. We had taken the children to see a film, letting them eat far too much popcorn, crisps and sweets than…

Chronicles of a Messy Mum; Tidy Bedrooms

‘Tidy your bedroom’ I bellow to my six-year-old. I know shouting is not the best solution when you need your child to tidy the dump that is their bedroom. However, politely asking three times was futile; the stern ‘I’m not messing’ tone was also fruitless, so shouting my head off was needed. This is revenge….

Mental Health Crisis: A Bad Day In January

Something different If you read my post The End of Mrs T, you will know I have been reassessing my blog. I have decided to only blog when I feel passionate to write something. I love that other people read my blog and I am grateful. However, it was created as a therapy for me;…

6 Ways I Will Make 2019 Spectacular.

2018 was such a Rollercoaster year. I learnt so much about myself and what is important. As I mentioned in my review of 2018 I have seen the world through fresh eyes and had a change of mindset.