Chronicals Of A Messy Mum; Playcentre Madness

Why do I subject myself to this torture? As I attempt to get myself and my two children ready I wonder who thought soft play centres were a good idea; it wasn’t a parent, that’s for sure. Perhaps play centres were invented as a form of psychological torture for adults. It lures you in with…

Chronicles of a Messy Mum; Tidy Bedrooms

‘Tidy your bedroom’ I bellow to my six-year-old. I know shouting is not the best solution when you need your child to tidy the dump that is their bedroom. However, politely asking three times was futile; the stern ‘I’m not messing’ tone was also fruitless, so shouting my head off was needed. This is revenge….

Changed Forever: 10 Hilarious Signs Of Being A Parent.

Ten tell-tale signs that you are a parent Although each parent’s experience raising their children can vary dramatically; some patterns immerge. These are the patterns that help to make the parenting community one of the strongest communities on the internet. The solidarity that is shown in social media parenting groups and the parenting blogger community…

Ridiculous kids; 20 ridiculous reasons my children cry

Parenting can be ridiculous
Being a parent can be a massive pain in the backside. Sometimes it feels like trying to succeed as a parent is like juggling with chainsaws while riding a unicycle, impossible. As I have said in my Mrs T’s guide to motherhood, there is so much pressure to ‘succeed’ and ‘do the right thing for your child’ that sometimes being a parent can feel like you are an ass.

Things That Become Harder With Kids  

Five years ago life was a lot simpler for me, basic tasks could be performed with ease and I sailed through life on a cloud of productivity, it was bliss. Now my ability to complete even basic mundane tasks has been hampered under a cloud of confusion and failure. So what happened to turn me  from a reasonably functioning human being…