The Hairy, Plastic Truth About Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

Beauty is Addicted to Drama The drama in the beauty community never ends. We have only just recovered from the Tatti Westbrook and James Charles scandal, an incident that provided fuel for drama channels for weeks. Now, Jaclyn Hill has provided a new fire to fight within the beauty community with the release of her…

Kat Von D Controversy; Has she gone too far?

The Kat Von D debate; Mrs T’s verdict By the time I publish this article, the controversy involving Kat Von D with have no doubt subsided. In the beauty community, one week’s latest drama is often the next week’s forgotten news. The beauty community moves at such a fast pace, keeping up is hard. Despite…

My Favourite YouTubers 

Favourite Youtube channels

A few years back, YouTube was just a place to watch funny clips of dogs or bears on trampolines for me until I re-discovered makeup. It was around the same time that I threw myself into the beauty groups of Facebook that I realised that YouTube had grown into a massive platform and I became addicted.

​Copycats; Is It Makeup Plagiarism?

I have just seen a post on Facebook talking about the release of the new W7 ‘Blazin’ palette which looks extremely similar in shade range to the Urban Decay ‘Naked Heat’ palette, almost identical in fact. The thread exploded with two different camps of makeup addict; those that were delighted and those that were disgruntled. …

Is the Beauty World Honest?

I would immediately answer with a responding no, the beauty world is not honest at times and that is usually down to one reason money. The majority of beauty brands and many influencers are working for one goal, to make money,

Here Comes the Bridal Makeup

I never hired a makeup artist to do my wedding makeup, partly due to being on a budget, but mainly because I wanted to do my own makeup. 

Ten Things I Love About Beauty

I have decided that this post is going to focus on the positives of the beauty world. As a makeup enthusiast I have seen the power that beauty has to unite us all. To me it is not just about applying makeup, it’s about loving makeup and celebrating yourself and the beautiful world of opportunity around you.

How My Makeup Addiction Started

Today, I’m sat in a children’s play centre; coffee in hand, comfortable mum clothes on, hair pulled back in a classic ‘mum bun’ and I don’t have a scrap of makeup on. It feels quite liberating as I haven’t had many days where I haven’t worn makeup in the past couple of months; being a…