November Empties and Declutter

Empties I have been holding on to these empty products for far too long. I usually keep my empties on my daughter’s bookshelf, high up and you cannot see the ornaments due to the empty bottles. I am engaging in a massive deep clean of the house ready for Christmas so now is the time…

Epic Empties; What Am I Throwing Away?

Empties time We have come to that time again, it’s trash talking time. I have let more than enough rubbish sit around in my empties shelf that it is time to throw it out. Since I have been doing empties posts I have been able to reflect on what products I actually use. As with…

Project Pan Revenge; learning from panning.

Why would I want to project pan? When I first heard the term project pan and the concept around that I thought it was a bit ludicrous. Why would anybody want to hit pan on any of their makeup products,? I thought it made the makeup look ugly; as opposed to being the way it was when I first bought it….

Return of the Empties

Empties; return of the empties Do you get a sense of achievement when you use a product up or are you the type to mourn the item? Doing empties posts has made me realise that I like using up things. Perhaps this is because I feel like I get my true ‘monies worth’. Since I started ‘project…

Empties Vol 2; The Empties Strike Back

It’s trash talking time again. It does not seem to be that long that I did my last empties post but here I am, rummaging through my rubbish again so that I can give you my humble opinion on the products I have used up.

Empties and Project Pan

Who doesn’t love the idea of rummaging through somebody else’s trash? For me, watching empties videos on YouTube is for me much better than haul videos because you get to find out what a product is like as often, just after a haul you will still have that ‘new purchase euphoria’ that can cloud your mind. It sometimes is a measure of a product that after you have finished the whole thing, you still want to use it, and indeed repurchase it while other products you cannot wait to finish because you feel like they are not that good.