So Rich With Disaster; The Jaclyn Hill Saga Continues

The scandal that will not go away In terms of drama in the beauty community, Jaclyn hill is the gift that keeps on giving. Three weeks after my post about Jaclyn and her lipstick launch, people are still uncovering new information in the story; it is becoming a saga as epic as Game of Thrones….

Shame on you; Why do people shame others?

Shame is all around As a society, we have always been susceptible to making judgements on others. The rise of social media and the internet has made the passing of judgement on people, situations and life in general much easier. Furthermore, my own blog is a way of me informing people; in the hope that…

Kat Von D Controversy; Has she gone too far?

The Kat Von D debate; Mrs T’s verdict By the time I publish this article, the controversy involving Kat Von D with have no doubt subsided. In the beauty community, one week’s latest drama is often the next week’s forgotten news. The beauty community moves at such a fast pace, keeping up is hard. Despite…

My Favourite YouTubers 

Favourite Youtube channels

A few years back, YouTube was just a place to watch funny clips of dogs or bears on trampolines for me until I re-discovered makeup. It was around the same time that I threw myself into the beauty groups of Facebook that I realised that YouTube had grown into a massive platform and I became addicted.

​Copycats; Is It Makeup Plagiarism?

I have just seen a post on Facebook talking about the release of the new W7 ‘Blazin’ palette which looks extremely similar in shade range to the Urban Decay ‘Naked Heat’ palette, almost identical in fact. The thread exploded with two different camps of makeup addict; those that were delighted and those that were disgruntled. …

ABH Subculture Drama.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette has been one of the most anticipated new releases of this year with thousands of makeup addicts flocking online to get their hands on it

Too Much Drama in Makeup?

Drama is everywhere. Society is far from perfect, with every positive that happens a negative will usually follow. For every random act of kindness that is shown there is someone else being hurtful. It is a hard thing to accept but with kindness there is also cruelty, with love there is hate and with makeup…