So Rich With Disaster; The Jaclyn Hill Saga Continues

The scandal that will not go away In terms of drama in the beauty community, Jaclyn hill is the gift that keeps on giving. Three weeks after my post about Jaclyn and her lipstick launch, people are still uncovering new information in the story; it is becoming a saga as epic as Game of Thrones….

The Hairy, Plastic Truth About Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

Beauty is Addicted to Drama The drama in the beauty community never ends. We have only just recovered from the Tatti Westbrook and James Charles scandal, an incident that provided fuel for drama channels for weeks. Now, Jaclyn Hill has provided a new fire to fight within the beauty community with the release of her…

Grombre It Out; Silver Sisters Unite.

This is a follow-up post to my Growing Grey Disgracefully post which you can find here. A long time dyeing For over twenty years I dyed my hair. Since the age of fourteen when I discovered that my local shop sold semi permeant hair dyes, I have been plastering it all over my hair. I…

Shame on you; Why do people shame others?

Shame is all around As a society, we have always been susceptible to making judgements on others. The rise of social media and the internet has made the passing of judgement on people, situations and life in general much easier. Furthermore, my own blog is a way of me informing people; in the hope that…

The Psychology of my Makeup Addiction

I have got a problem Hi, my name is Mrs T and I have a makeup addiction. I would wake up in the morning and think about makeup, I would think about makeup while at work, I would even go to bed thinking about makeup. I was caught in a hamster wheel of foundations, eyeliners…

Spring Anti Haul

I am trying not to spend unnecessary money on makeup and shop much smarter. There are so many products being released every week that it is hard to know what to get and how to spend your money in the wisest way.

Feminism and Makeup

The Year of women
It is the year of the woman; 100 years have passed since the suffragettes took their stand and protested and campaigned to get women the right to vote. Equality for women has progressed rapidly due to the brave actions of people who believe we should not be discriminated against due to our gender.