Christmas wishlist

Christmas wish list Everyone has a Christmas wish list of coveted products that they want Santa to leave under their tree. This year I am not as excited about Christmas as I usually am, I am not sure why. This year has been a hard year; it feels like prices have shot through the roof…

Top Five Eye Shadow Palettes; Find Out My Favourites

Eyeshadow was my first love What are my top five eyeshadow palettes? As a child growing up in the 1980’s, the eyeshadow was always bright, colourful and made a statement. I remember watching people on TV with multi-coloured, over the top eyeshadow and wanting desperately wanting to recreate. Many of my favourite palettes are bold,…

Favourites: What’s making me happy in May

It’s time for my most recent favourites. These are the things that are floating my boat over the past few months. Grab yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable and get ready for my loves at the moment.

Spring Favourites

Spring favourites
Spring is officially upon us and we can kiss goodbye to those dark, depressing, cold days. I am grateful for the upcoming Spring as a chance to nurture my positive side and focus on the things that make me happy.

My Favourite YouTubers 

Favourite Youtube channels

A few years back, YouTube was just a place to watch funny clips of dogs or bears on trampolines for me until I re-discovered makeup. It was around the same time that I threw myself into the beauty groups of Facebook that I realised that YouTube had grown into a massive platform and I became addicted.