Parental Competition; Why does it exist?

Parental Competition Parental competition is rife in society now. Parenting can be a tough job; not only do you have to deal with your own children but all of the insecurities that come with being a parent. It is not simply a case of saying ‘it’s only a job’ because you never get time off,…

Ridiculous kids; 20 ridiculous reasons my children cry

Parenting can be ridiculous
Being a parent can be a massive pain in the backside. Sometimes it feels like trying to succeed as a parent is like juggling with chainsaws while riding a unicycle, impossible. As I have said in my Mrs T’s guide to motherhood, there is so much pressure to ‘succeed’ and ‘do the right thing for your child’ that sometimes being a parent can feel like you are an ass.

Claire's Accessories Scandal; How Safe Are Our Children?

Child’s play
Do you remember playing with makeup as a child? One of my earliest memories involved three-year-old me colouring all my fingernails using felt tip pens because I was too young to use nail varnish; my dad having to use a nail brush to get it off my nails. There were countless times I would try and raid my mother’s makeup collection and I think I had some makeup designed for children as I used to paint the face of my Girl’s World

Things That Become Harder With Kids  

Five years ago life was a lot simpler for me, basic tasks could be performed with ease and I sailed through life on a cloud of productivity, it was bliss. Now my ability to complete even basic mundane tasks has been hampered under a cloud of confusion and failure. So what happened to turn me  from a reasonably functioning human being…

​Things To Do With The Kids in Autumn 

Whenever I hear about people doing things with their children it is usually in the summer time, maybe due to the summer holidays or the better weather. However, I much prefer the autumn/winter when it comes to doing fun activities with my kids, maybe it is because I am a bit of an ‘indoors’ type…

Mrs T Talks… Motherhood

Mrs T’s guide to motherhood As some of you might know I’m a mother of two; a four-year old boy and an eleven month old daughter. My best friend of twenty years is having her baby this week, she is expecting her first child. I was thinking about all the things I had wished I…