Chronicles of a Messy Mum; Peace in a bottle.

My hair is a mess, I am not bothered. The sea breeze is frantically beating my skin, it is invigorating. My lungs inhale the salty air and fill me full of life. I could sit by the sea forever, it feels like home.The roar of the seagulls have replaced the drone of the city. The boats sit still on the water, waiting for their next journey.

The sky is abundant with soft, fine clouds and the sun caresses my skin with a gentle warmth that brings comfort.The children frolic and play in the sea, splashing each other with joyous energy that comes with youth. The nets in their hands scooping large strings of bright green seaweed.

This is heaven. After a year of chaos and tantrums I am finally able to relax. I am at peace. If I could bottle up this feeling I would create a lifetime supply of it. Whenever I am sad, frustrated, exhausted or angry, I will open up a bottle and inhale this feeling of serenity.As my toes stroke the soft sand I look up to see a seagull hovering overhead. It stays, suspended in one spot for what seems like a lifetime and I remember the days of my youth. Life was simple then. No bills to pay, no work to do, no children to cater to.

I am like the seagull, suspended in a perfect moment of bliss, at one with nature. I look up at the seagull again, it tilts its head and proceeds to poo right at my feet.

So much for the perfect moment.

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