The Hairy, Plastic Truth About Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics.

Jaclyn Hill Lipstick scandal

Beauty is Addicted to Drama

The drama in the beauty community never ends. We have only just recovered from the Tatti Westbrook and James Charles scandal, an incident that provided fuel for drama channels for weeks. Now, Jaclyn Hill has provided a new fire to fight within the beauty community with the release of her own line of cosmetics.

Jaclyn has always been the subject of scrutiny, especially with her dealings with Morphe cosmetics, reports of sub-standard products and putting business deals above friendships. This time the drama is personal due to this being her own makeup line. The launch of her new lipstick range has been a disastrous one with people publicly shaming her for providing lipsticks which have not been adequately controlled and tested.

Hairy Lipstick Full of Plastic

The beauty community have set Twitter, Instagram and YouTube alight with images of dodgy lipstick. I do not just mean lipstick that does not perform well or is patchy; I mean lipstick that you would not wish to put on your worst enemy, it is that gross. Consumers have reported finding hair or fibres embedded in the lipsticks along with pieces of plastic and moisture spots that could suggest mould or the lipsticks are about to expire.

For such a high profile beauty Guru like Jaclyn Hill, I would have thought she would be extremely fussy when it comes to the launch of her new line of lipsticks, which she has been promising for many years. Having said that I do not believe Jaclyn willingly knew about these problems, she knows it would be bad for business. However, I believe that she had possibly been duped by the laboratory and gone with the cheaper quote; it pays to get high quality and going for a cheaper manufacture deal might have not been the best move.

This is merely speculation on my part but knowing Jaclyn’s history with poor quality products and shady dealings, it is somewhat warranted.
There is also speculation that Jaclyn uses the same laboratory as the brand Morphe, who she has controversially rammed down people’s throats through her YouTube channel. Again, this has not been proven as I type this; but I would not be surprised if it was true, given that Jaclyn has done so much with Morphe.

Another theory that has been floating around since the lipsticks started arriving in customers hands is that they are old, near expired stock. Jaclyn promised for years that she would be releasing her own makeup line. However, with a public break-up and divorce looming over her the past couple of years, she has had to move back the launch of her own line. A clue to this is the JH on the current lipstick packaging, alluding to before her break-up. Her line is marketed as Jaclyn cosmetics, so why have a JH on the packaging? This could be explained away as the packaging being old, rather than the actual product being old.

Twitter Defence

Jaclyn has been quick to defend her brand and promise returns and refunds for any customer who has had problems. She reported on Twitter that only ‘0.1%’ of lipsticks had been highlighted by customers as defective, a similar amount to the number of customers that complained about her Vault palettes produced by Morphe. I understand that she might say that the amount of returns is low in order to calm and weather the storm that has occurred. However, I cannot understand why she would publically go on Twitter and blame the ‘hair/fibre’ situation on the use of fibre gloves in the laboratory that produces them. Is she insane, or just stupid? What cosmetic factory would use material gloves in the making of their products; we all know that latex gloves are the most sterile and are common practice when hygiene is a priority. We are not in the dark ages.

What is Integrity Worth?

This poses the question, once again, on her integrity and honesty when it comes to her business and the millions of fans who follow her. Jaclyn is a wealthy woman and as a brand has a massive fan base who will trust her opinion within the realms of beauty; surely the trust of her following is more important than making a ‘quick buck’? Saying that a cosmetics laboratory would use fabric gloves in the manufacturing process is either naive or a blatant lie to her fans; I am likely to think it is the later of the two.

Despite all of the controversy that Jaclyn has, people keep coming back for more. I do not condone the whole ‘cancel culture’ that has been going around the internet recently but I do condone honesty, something I do not believe Jalyn Hill has. I have never bought any of her collaborations but I was intrigued by the lipsticks as an alternative to higher priced brands like Charlotte Tilbury.

So What Now?

This situation has cemented my mistrust of Jaclyn Hill, her opinions and her makeup products; I do not wish bad for her but I do wish she would start being more honest and open when she messes up and recall all of the lipsticks to prove she looks out for her fans. With all of the lipsticks appear to have the same batch number suggests that a total recall is what is needed, despite the cost.

If you want more information on the Jaclyn Hill lipstick disaster, you can find it from these excellent videos below.

What do you think about this lipstick scandal, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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