Does the James Charles Scandal Prove That Money is the Root of All Evil?

The James Charles scandal got me thinking

My blog started as a beauty blog; I had an obsession with makeup and the beauty community which led me to write many posts about Beauty Guru Drama. While I have not blogged about makeup and beauty in some time; I have still kept my toe in the water and followed the beauty industry from a distance.

I had resisted the urge to watch anything on the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama for days; every time I went onto YouTube, I would see Tati’s face in my suggestions feed and various other Drama channels that featured the story. Today, I finally caved in and watched Tati’s video out of pure curiosity, eager for escapism, but what it left me with was two burning questions ‘is money/fame more important than loyalty?’ and ‘is money the root of all evil?’. These are big questions to be asking myself on a sunny, Sunday afternoon.

So What is the Tea?

To put this in the simplest form; James did a sponsored advertisement for a competitor of Tati’s even though they have been friends for years, calling each other ‘family’. This upset Tati and she posted an Instagram story saying how lonely and bad she feels in regard to the beauty community. This instantly triggered tongues to wag and for people to realise that she referred to what James had done, even if she did not mention him personally.

In her video which you can find here, she details the relationship between the two of them and how she had supported him from the beginning of his career, both emotionally and with his business dealings. She then goes on to detail why she felt betrayed by his decision to support the biggest rival to her Halo Beauty vitamin range by doing an advertisement on his Instagram, an account that is followed by fifteen million subscribers.

Since then James Charles has come under intense scrutiny for this decision and the subsequent public apologies he has made on Instagram about the incident have fallen on deaf ears and his YouTube following has plummeted by three million subscribers. Much of the beauty community criticised him for his actions which pose the question; what would you do in that situation, choose the money or show loyalty?

Money Talks

The beauty industry is a fickle beast that can have you riding high one minute but then bring you crashing down in a tidal wave of scandal. Due to this, it is perhaps best to make as much money as you can out of your fame before it starts to fade, some people would argue. What James Charles did was to capitalise on his huge success so that, when lean times appear, he can ride it out comfortably.

Another argument by doing this, he makes the most of himself as a ‘brand’, the more sponsorship he does, the more he has to leverage in future deals. A person will not be offered large amounts of money if they are not a proven asset, constantly engaging in paid partnerships builds his business profile and casts his name to a larger market. People might argue that James looked after himself by doing the sponsorship because we all have to take care of ourselves in this life.

The business-minded of us might reason that being kind does not make you money and you should focus on securing your finances over securing friendships. James has made it clear that he is all about making money and becoming one of the top YouTube influencers so is it a surprise to any of us that he would ‘sell-out’ his friends for the sake of wealth.

Loyalty counts for everything.

From what I could gather, Tati was like a surrogate mother to James since he first started YouTube, she paid for him to fly out for her wedding and helped him negotiate better business deals with brands such as Morphe; does that not warrant some loyalty? I personally would not dream of supporting the rival of a friend; at best I would be raving about my friend’s product if I honestly believed in the product, at worst I would not say anything as silence is golden.

If we were all stripped of all our money and possessions, what would we be left with? I would hope that people would say ‘a loyal, caring person’ rather than ‘they used to have it all’. Is it naïve thinking that other people feel like this too? It appears that over two million people believe that loyalty is more important than money in the case of James Charles.

My view on money is that you cannot take it with you when you die and no amount of wealth can make you a ‘good’ person, in fact, I feel that the more you have, the more you can take life for granted. I would rather be happy than wealthy, I would rather have happy memories than luxurious things surrounding me. That is not to say I wouldn’t turn down a load of cash from work but if it compromised my morals and ethics I would turn it down.

So, is money the root of all evil?

Money certainly can cause so much Drama and divide opinions, but it is just paper. The real ‘evil’ are people’s actions in the name of money. There are good, kind people who have lots of money and choose to act ethically whilst there are bad people who will screw over the people they love in the name of a quick pound.

The money is just paper, a concept that is free to be valued however we as humans see fit to. Money can be gained or lost quickly but loyalty is a concept that cannot be bought or sold. Someone’s trust and loyalty are not so easily replaced, James’ actions have cost him a loyal friend and supporter; I hope the money was worth it.

Once someone has my loyalty it is hard for me to want to cause them any form of inconvenience. I would rather have the dear friends that I love than any pay packet, money just is not my motivator, friendship and love motivated me.

What do you think of the situation, is it just business or is loyalty far more important? Let me know what you think of the situation in the comments below, I love reading them.

Ciao for now beauties xx

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dude, now I got the gist of what happened (I refuse to watch either video) I think it’s all a load of crap. The video Tati did was simply revenge against James for promoting a rival brand. What does it say about her if she’s aware of his alleged bad behaviour and only decided to disclose after he burned her. They all suck man. I prefer the smaller beauty influencers in comparison x


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Sometimes if you really care for someone it can be hard to get through to them. I agree the business deal was a bit dodgy but perhaps it was the thing that tipped her. It is often the tiniest thing that can break us if we have been holding stuff for a while.


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