Grombre It Out; Silver Sisters Unite.

This is a follow-up post to my Growing Grey Disgracefully post which you can find here.

A long time dyeing

For over twenty years I dyed my hair. Since the age of fourteen when I discovered that my local shop sold semi permeant hair dyes, I have been plastering it all over my hair. I have been blond, red and black with many shades in between that.

As I said in my previous post, going grey at twenty-one meant I was in a constant ‘retouch loop’. Every month or so I would smother my hair with chemicals to conceal that biologically, I have my father’s ‘go grey early’ gene. Having dark hair made concealing it even worse and I was ashamed of the stripe I would develop after four weeks of growth.

Showing my true colours

Being a teacher also means you cannot hide for people’s opinions, since as teenagers tend to have many and will openly communicate them to you without much regard for sparing your feelings. I have been told my grey hairmeans I am old, a granny and that I should invest in some hair dye.

After years of hiding, I am finally confident enough to embrace the truth; my hair is grey and it will not go away. I will embrace my grey and going ‘grombre’.

Unsuccessful plans for grey hair
I had already made the decision to grow out the bleached parts of my hair over a year ago. I wanted to reduce the damage I did to my hair and experiment with different coloured ‘wash out’ hair colours. I figured that if I used these types of dyes that I could eventually strip my hair and my naturally grey would just show through.

However, after roughly a year of using a pink/purple ‘wash out’ colour I had problems with my scalp which meant I ditched the dye altogether in August 2018. After using every shampoo imaginable to clear my flakey scalp I realised that the ‘wash out’ dye was not true to its promise. I was left with hair that was stained different shades of pink and a patch of grey at the top. I had developed a Grombre.

What is a Grombre?

Grombre is the term used for a grey ombre. It has been popularised by Instagram and the growing trend of people, mainly women, embracing their natural grey hair. I had never heard of this term until recently and once I did, I discovered a whole community of silver sisters that were going through the same transition I was. I did not feel alone anymore.

Why is there a trend of people growing out their grey hair? The reason for this is perhaps the trend of people purposefully bleaching their hair so that they can dye it grey. This can also be applied to people wearing wigs for everyday wear. Ten years ago, the only grey wigs you could get were the ones worn by the mother in ‘Psycho’. Now, celebrities change their hair colour as often as their socks and it was only a matter of time until grey wigs became fashionable.

Unconventional hair colouring has become part of our society with many people ditching browns and blonds for pinks and blues. So, why dye your grey hair brown or blond when you can do what all the celebrities do and go grey.

Grey does not define your age

Having grey hair does not mean you are old. Many people start to go grey in their teens and early twenties so why associate it with age? With society’s obsession with ‘staying young,’ it is easy to associate wrinkles and grey with getting older. Why do people dread ageing so much?

We are a society that looks down upon age as a weakness when it should be celebrated as a virtue. Even though my skin is wrinkled, my hair is grey and my waistline has expanded; I am a much better version on myself now than I was when I was eighteen. I am wiser, kinder and a much more confident version of myself. I happy to be me.

When I look at women like Helen Mirren; I see not only a beautiful woman but a woman who has lived life to the full. Whatever the colour of her hair; she has confidence that exudes from every pore. I do not want to be a slave to societies perception of what is beautiful, I want to create my own type of beautiful.

Just be happy

What I have realised with the stories is that it is all a state of mind. If you are confident in yourself it does not matter what colour your hair is. If you love yourself, you will not be concerned with what others say. This is because it is their opinion, not yours.

What is your opinion on the grombre trend, I would love to know in the comments below?

Ciao for now beauties xx

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