Protect and Nourish: The Secret to Winter Skincare

Why is Winter skincare so important?

Winter is a horrendous time for your skin. The sudden drop in temperature that January usually brings means your skin is assaulted. Blistering wind pummels its delicate surface; but what can we do about it?

We can not change the weather nor hide from it. Ignorance is not bliss as far as the weather and your skin are concerned. It is vital that steps are taken to limit the effects of winter on your skin. When the freezing frost beckons, preventing damage is the key to radiant skin.

It’s the only skin you have got

Your skin is the largest element of your body. Although it replenishes itself, it is not invincible. Once the damage is done, it is hard to reverse it without drastic action. Just like the sun can cause lasting damage, the cold can dry the skin, stealing moisture like a sponge.

With the skin being the largest organ in the body, it is easy to understand how the lack of moisture experienced in the winter months can be a problem. Your skin can become tight, chapped or red with windburn. Skin conditions such as Rosacea and Eczema are prone to attack in the winter. Similarly, people prone to acne will also see an increase in problems due to the lack of UV light that is found naturally in the sun.

Nourish body and soul

Looking after your skin in winter is not just about your body. It can also promote mental well-being. Having a skin care routine is a great act of self-care.

The act of looking after your skin is an important way of connecting your brain and your body together.

Nourishing the skin is an indulgent act that shows you are worth it.
If you build the skincare into your daily routine, this can lead to feeling happier and more cared for. I always take the time to enjoy putting my skincare on, the feeling of the product on my skin makes me feel beautiful.

Six tips for your skin in winter.

Gentle Cleansing

With the cold weather battering your skin, a gentle cleanser is a must. You do not want to strip your skin of essential oils that you need for glowing skin.

I will always use micellar water to take my makeup off. Some micellar waters are too harsh and can strip your skin. Try to avoid anything with alcohol listed in the ingredients.

Recommended products

I use the Derma V10 micellar water with a cotton wool pad to cleanse my skin. This product contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and chamomile.

If I want a deeper clean, I will use a facial wash as well. I have been using the Face Theory Vitamin C facial cleanser from Face Theory. The company are cruelty-free and only use natural ingredients.


If you do anything this winter, moisturise should be it. Your skin will be in desperate need of hydration. Make sure you use a rich moisturiser to replenish the moisture lost due to the cold.

Moisturiser also creates a barrier between the elements and your skin. This means that your skin will have some protection for the damaging effects of the blistering cold.

My advice would be to use a day cream that is on the richer side to protect. I use Face Theory’s rejuvenating moisturiser. Apply in the morning, not forgetting the neck and decolletage. Another option if your skin is in desperate need of hydration is the Face Theory quench moisturiser.

In the evening, apply a thicker cream to nourish the skin overnight. I use Face Theory’s relaxing night cream. Another option is an overnight face mask to give the skin an extra boost. Bebarefaced does a great range of masks. I have also purchased the Vitamin E overnight mask from Superdrug to try.

Try a facial oil

A good facial oil is a must in the cold climate. Even if your skin is on the oily side then a facial oil will trick your skin. When the skin is dry and in need of moisture, that is when it produces more oil. Using a facial oil will result in less oiliness and possible spots.

If you have dry, sensitive skin as I do, then a facial oil is a miracle worker. My skin is in desperate need of whatever hydration it can get and will drink it up. On top of my moisturiser I use the Bebarefaced Vitamin E corrective night oil, which plumps my skin.


Our bodies are 60% water, you would think we had enough. The amount of water we drink has a huge impact on our skin. I have found when I drink more water I get fewer spots and I appear brighter.

Although drinking lots of water does not directly result in good skin. It does help flush out toxins which might be a cause of dull skin. It cannot hurt to try drinking the recommended amount of water. Your body will thank you.

Get fresh air

Getting out and having fresh air has so many benefits. The colder air has been said to make pores reduce, the skin looks brighter.

Inhaling fresh air will help you sleep better, which in turn will improve the look of your skin. It also reduces puffiness and can rejuvenate the look of the skin.


Protecting your skin is another sure fire way of having a beautiful complexion. Apart from applying skincare products, you can also take a few steps to help.

Think about turning the central heating down a few degrees. It can be tempting to want to be warm and toasty but central heating can dry out the skin. A humidifier can replace the lost moisture your skin needs.

Another way of protecting the skin is to wear comfortable, non-irritable clothing. Wool can create the skin so layer things up with some soft cotton.

Do you have any skincare hacks? I would love to know what your tips are for beautiful winter skin.

Ciao for now beauties xx

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Great points, winter somehow always surprises me and I’m ill prepared and marvel how dry my skin gets, red blotches and all. definitvely need to try the oil


  2. Janice says:

    Timely advice. My skin and lips are so dry, not so much from the cold, as I live in Florida, but from aging. I am definitely going to start a nightly Vitamin E routine.


  3. Rachael Berthiaume says:

    Yes I love this! I am really slacking with my skincare and I don’t even know where to begin, this helps alot!


  4. Katherine says:

    This IS self care, as much as any other thing like meditation or exercise. When I get busy, skin care tends to get set aside. I appreciate your reminders.


  5. This post could not have come at a better time! I am battling the worst eczema right now. Will definitely keep these tips in mind! Thank you!


  6. Brig Marie says:

    Thank you for this great article with tips to avoid the negative effects winter weather can have on our skin. Such helpful advice to keep our skin healthy and beautiful.


  7. Ashley Firth says:

    A great post with some fab tips! I’m totally rubbish when it comes to skincare so thank you for the guide xxx


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