Christmas Haul 2018

Christmas haul 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I get to shop for decorations to adorn my grotto. Apart from the food, decorating the house is my favourite thing to do at Christmas. I have full control of the Christmas decorations as Mr T does not really enjoy doing interior design.
Every year I will pick up a few new items to use to decorate either the tree or the house. If you would like to see what I purchased last year, you can find my 2017 Christmas Haul here.
Now, let’s get onto the good part of seeing what I picked up. This haul comprises items from The Range, B & M, Morrisons, Wilko and my local garden centre.

Red cushions

I really fancy a change from the decor that I currently have but with a limited budget, I have to think about small changes instead. Usually, I have Deep Purple cushions and blankets on the sofas all year round but I’ve decided to make a change in autumn and Winter.

I wanted something I could use in the autumn and still have it appropriate when Christmas comes around. Opting for a deep, cranberry red. I bought these two cushions in a pack from The Range. They are so soft and the triangle pattern is a stylish touch. They are also much larger than the other cushions I have which is great as they provide more support.


Wine Mink extra large throw

Having opted to get new cushions, I thought I would get blankets to march. Since as I bought deep red cushions I thought plain wine coloured blankets would work. I always have blankets on the sofa due to comfort and warmth. My husband likes the house on the cooler side, however, I dislike being cold so this is a compromise.

These are extra large blankets which are perfect. I can double them up to make it warmer or I can share the blanket with the children who always want to snuggle with a blanket. I bought two of these blankets from The Range. They are very soft and warm which is great for the chilly, winter weather.

Christmas Sherpa throw

To add the final touch to my winter lounge decor, I chose a distinctly festive blanket. This blanket was bought from Poundstretcher. I wanted a farsie patterned blanket to break up the wine cushions and blankets.

Having never heard of a Sherpa blanket before, I like the idea of the two different textures. I can display the Christmas side for the festive season and then change it around to the cream side when it is no longer Christmas.

Artificial flowers and berries

The idea of artificial flowers has never really appealed to me in the past. However, when trying to inject some winter warmth into my living room I picked up the berries from The Range. I loved how they instantly made my window sill much more fall and winter appropriate.

I decided that just the berries were not enough and so went on the hunt to find something to go with it. However, all the red flowers I looked at did not appeal to me, they looked either cheap or were the wrong shade. I continued to persevere and eventually found the roses at my local garden centre. I like the way that they are part bloomed and the colour is a great match for the berries.

Glitter Reindeer

When I saw these I instantly thought of my daughter. As a two-year-old, she loves everything ponies and things that sparkle, so these were perfect.
I already have golden glitter horses so I thought the red would break these up on the tree. I was really pleased at getting four for £3.

Christmas trains

My son saw these and being the train mad person he is, he insisted I bought these. I knew that I already had train ornaments which I got last Christmas, however, he was not for changing his mind.

This was bought from B and M and came in a pack of two. They are good for a very traditional Victorian style tree where all of the baubles are individual.


Since as I bought a lot of my Christmas decorations last year I was very conservative with the baubles I bought this year.

When I was browsing at The Range, I saw some individual baubles that caught my eye. I love glass baubles but I have to be really careful as my two-year-old likes to grab at stuff on the tree. Being careful to position the glass baubles towards the top of the tree. I especially love the bell bauble because it is so shiny and fun.

Stocking Hooks

This seems like a pointless purchase but I have my reasoning. My children will have handmade stockings that they put out at Christmas however they do not have any easy way to hang them up. When I saw these in B and M I instantly was sold on the idea that we can hang the stockings on Christmas Eve without a headache.

Elf on the shelf accessories

The Elf on the shelf is a tradition that we do every year. Our elves are called Pedro and Pinto; they cause chaos every year. My son loves to do the Elf on the shelf and it helps him with his behaviour before Christmas. Last year I bought small doors to attach to the skirting boards; that is the way they get from the north pole to our house. My son is now five and he loves the elves visits

I needed two new behaviour charts so I picked them up from Poundland. I also picked up some more hazard tape, an elf’s behaving badly sign and some activity packs. These additions will hopefully compensate when we are stuck for ideas for what to do with the Elf, which is very often.

I love the magic that the Elf creates in our house but being a lazy mother, I hate the work that is required. Working as a teacher, I am often falling asleep at 9pm through being exhausted so I often forget to sort Pedro and Pinto out. Last year we ‘lost’ the elves for a week and it took the pressure off us for a time.

Christmas Wreath from Morrison’s

Getting a Christmas wreath has been a Mrs T tradition for the past few years. Four years ago I attempted to make my own Christmas wreath and I vowed to never do it again after. I admire people who make their own wreaths as it is such a hard task.

I regularly visit Morrison’s after work and whenever I see that they have the wreaths I grab one. This year, I am very impressed with this wreath compared to previous years as it seems to be better quality. This cost £15 as opposed to £12 the previous year. I am glad that they have made more of an effort to decorate the wreaths as I am too lazy to do it myself.

Stag ornament

This was an impulse purchase when trying to buy cleaning products. I already had a couple of wooden ornaments and this fits perfectly with them. Morrison’s had reductions on all of their decoration range and I picked this up for £5.30.
I like this wooden ornament so much, I am tempted to keep it as part of my living room decoration throughout the year.

Pine candle

I am addicted to the smell of Pine. This is possibly due to me having a love for cleaning and the majority of cleaning products have some sort of pine scent.

I already have too many candles so this Christmas I just settled on one. I feel like it is not Christmas without the smell of pine everywhere. Hopefully, this candle from B and M will fulfil that intention.
Have you been buying anything specific for Christmas? Let me know what you have been hauling by commenting.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. I love the idea of changing out accent pillows and throws to change the look of a room for the season. Great tips, thanks for sharing.


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