5 Daily Rituals to Keep Stress at Bay

Guest post by Mianna Korban

I am extremely fortunate that Mianna Korban has agreed to write another post for Life With Mrs T. Since I have been focusing on self care recently, I thought it would be great to get someone else’s perspective on self care.

5 Daily Rituals to Keep Stress At Bay

In today’s day and age, putting up with stress has become part of our daily routine. We constantly hear how people don’t have time to relax and how stressful their lives are. Chasing deadlines, being a devoted family person, and achieving personal dreams can take a toll on any person after some time. Instead of just accepting the situation as it is and waiting for the stress to completely demotivate and tire you out, you should do something about it.

Incorporating daily rituals to your routine can and will keep stress at bay without messing with your busy schedule.

1. Treat yourself

Working to make all that mind has the tendency to just turn into a chase. Along the way, you forget why you’ve been working so hard in the first place. Stop, take a second, and think of something you’ve wanted to do or buy for a long time. Then just reward yourself for all your hard work.

This will make you realize that all that stress and work wasn’t for nothing. What’s more, you’ll be reminded of your worth and won’t be as stressed as you were before. Being kind to yourself has the ultimate power to push all the negative emotions away.

2. Discover the power of baths

Most of us only take showers, which is good, but not very rejuvenating. Bathing once a day can really improve the quality of your life and keep stress at bay. Nothing beats the feeling of soaking in a warm and fragrant bath while letting the worries of that day drift away.

If you really want to go all out, you can create the whole therapeutic atmosphere in your bathroom.
Breakout some candles, play relaxing music and pour yourself a glass of wine. After all, you’ve earned it.

3. Pencil in some alone time

Even though it may sound completely impossible, alone time is a must. No matter how extroverted or introverted you are, you need some alone time to have a moment of peace with yourself. Being alone also helps you understand yourself better and keeps you grounded. You don’t have to do anything special. Get up earlier and drink your morning coffee in silence, for example.

Some people have so much work that they can’t spontaneously decide to be alone for a little while, though. That’s why it’s a great idea to schedule this activity just like you schedule everything else. This way, you’ll be sure your mind and body will get some peace each day, regardless if it’s half an hour or the whole afternoon.

4. Find a way to exercise despite being busy

Exercising is the first thing anyone will tell you to do if you’re complaining about the stress in your life. You simply don’t have enough will, energy, or time to maintain a workout routine as well, right? Well, since cycling is perfect for anyone who needs the exercise but has a busy schedule- that excuse won’t work anymore. You can always cycle from point A to point B and count that as your daily exercise. Not only will this release the tension you’re holding in your muscles, but it will also save you fuel money.

Safety should always come first, though, so don’t forget about the equipment. The two most basic things you need are a bike helmet and bike glove s. The helmet will keep you safe from any potential falls, while the gloves will keep your fingers protected from the wind and will stop numbing during longer rides.

5. Say yes to nap time

Sleep is one of the best methods for fighting stress. Your body heals during the hours you spend in bed and that gives it enough strength to keep handling life. Putting your schedule before sleep is a fast track to burning out and succumbing to stress completely. That’s why sleep should be a priority.

If you can’t get a full eight hours every night, you should make time for a nap. Naps will help you get an instant boost of energy and keep going while providing the perfect opportunity to relax a little and forget about the stress. Everyone can spare a half hour per day to catch up on some much-needed sleep regardless of how busy they are, so say yes to nap time.


As you can see, you don’t have to succumb to stress. Taking care of yourself and your health should always come first. By adding these daily rituals to your routine, you get the best of both worlds. Being successful and chasing your dreams won’t be a problem, and you also won’t be too tired or stressed to keep being productive. Get ready for a whole new energy and motivation boost. All you have to do is change a few tiny habits and put yourself first.

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  1. Joy says:

    Lovely post, I should try to follow these tips in order to stay away from my stress and I always keep myself busy so maybe I should stop and take a moment to relax


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