November Empties and Declutter


I have been holding on to these empty products for far too long. I usually keep my empties on my daughter’s bookshelf, high up and you cannot see the ornaments due to the empty bottles. I am engaging in a massive deep clean of the house ready for Christmas so now is the time to chuck out the trash and declutter all the products I will not use.

Superdrug shower gel in daiquiri mojito and orange satsuma

These shower gels a fantastic and I will buy them repeatedly. They smell fabulous. All of Superdrug’s own brand products are cruelty-free which is a big bonus and I’ve even converted my husband to using these instead of Lynx. My favourite is the mojito scent but unfortunately for me, it is also my son’s favourite, I feel like such a bad mother depriving him but I want it all to myself. I have already re-purchased more of these and stocked up.

Lacura mascara

I bought this a while ago and had it sitting in my new makeup drawer for a while. When I had run out of my favourite p.s. lash out mascara I didn’t think this would match up. However, I was proven wrong. This mascara is epic. It gives the same effect as my PS lash out mascara without the dryness and flaking that can sometimes occur with that particular mascara. I would definitely repurchase this and plan to stock up after I have used the current mascaras in my collection.

W7 Lashtastic mascara

While wandering the aisles of Poundworld I saw this mascara. I had the plan to do a Mascara review and thought I might pick it up at the cheap price of £1.99. However, I was disappointed to find upon opening it that it has a thin hard plastic wand.

Personally, I am a natural bristle girl when it comes to my mascara so this had me disliking it from the start. I did try to persevere with the plastic wand and give it a go, but I gave up and used the wand from the Lacura mascara. Therefore it is safe to say I will not be purchasing this product again.

Aquafine eyeliner

I have raved about this product many times on this blog. This eyeliner is a fantastic waterproof eyeliner and I only wish the nib was fine like the PS Eyeconic eyeliner. I have repurchased this a few times and it has never let me down.

Aye Aye Captain liquid eyeliner

This eyeliner was an impulse purchase due to my eyeliner review post. I am so glad I bought it. This eyeliner has replaced my all time favourite essence liquid eyeliner has my ultimate Holy Grail product. This gets the smoothest and precise lines you can imagine; I often get compliments when I wear this liner. After I have used up my current eyeliner collection, I will definitely repurchase this.

Coconut kiss dry shampoo

Unfortunately, this dry shampoo is a fail for me. It smells lovely however it does not work as a good dry shampoo. Having first started off using Batiste I feel like any other dry shampoo cannot compare. This also got used up quickly compared to some of my other dry shampoos meaning it was of a waste of money. I will not buy this dry shampoo again.

Face Theory rejuvenating moisturiser

The sign of a good moisturiser is an immediate repurchase when it starts to run low. Facetheory a UK skincare brand that specialises in cruelty-free skin care using natural ingredients. This is a great daily moisturiser for my dry sensitive skin.

Face Theory night cream

Another purchase from face Theory was the lavender night cream. Again this is another product I have repurchased already. I love the smell of this cream and it provides a rich, luxurious experience when you go to bed.

Superdrug Vitamin E hydrating spray

Superdrug skin care and especially the vitamin E range are a must have for any budget skincare routine. This refreshing spray makes my skin feel hydrated and fabulous.

*I don’t have a picture as I quickly re-use the spray bottle as an air freshener spray.

Vosene shampoo

Vosene shampoo reminds me of my childhood and it’s such a favourite. I have been using it to strip my hair of the colour before I re-dyed it to reduce build up. However, I have recently found that it started to irritate my head so I have stopped using it for now. I will possibly pick it up again in the future.

Superdrug raspberry and macadamia nut shampoo

This was a good shampoo and smelt lovely. It did not blow my mind but it did do the job well. This will be a repurchase at some point.

Batiste travel dry shampoo

Batiste is by far the best dry shampoo I have tried so far. I use dry shampoo quite often to prolong the time I need to wash my hair. I have been trying many different brands of dry shampoo but nothing has compared to Batiste.

Aldi lime basil and Mandarin room spray

Imagine my delight when I found that my favourite perfume had also been turned into a room spray. I love to spritz this around the house in the morning. I love this room spray and will definitely reprise more when I run out.

Coconut water shampoo

I received this as a free sample when I purchased from Superdrug. I took this shampoo on holiday with me and enjoyed it. I like coconut water shampoo as it is quite gentle on my hair but still gives it a good clean. I would consider repurchasing this in the future.

P.s. Love Emerald perfume

Primark perfume is an absolute bargain. You get such a good selection of scents that dupe many high-end perfumes. This perfume is a fresh scent that is a perfect daytime and for work. I would definitely repurchase this if I could find it in stock again.

Marks and Spenser New York New

York perfume

I bought a small bottle of this to try as it was hailed as a dupe for my beloved Chanel Allure. Although these are slightly similar, the Marks and Spenser one does not compare to the Chanel. I am pleased that I tried it, as it is a beautiful scent and a good everyday perfume. I may purchase this again, as M & S perfumes are cruelty-free, however, I need to get through my current perfume collection before I indulge.

Lacara active 48-hour antiperspirant roll on

Aldi has such a good array of products within their Lacura range that are cruelty-free. I bought this to replace the Nivea ones I used. This roll-on deodorant did the job well but run out quickly. I do not think I will purchase these again, however, it is hard to find

cruelty-free deodorant. I will work on using up the last of my Nivea stash.

Make-up obsession prep fix glow 3 in 1 skin mist

I bought this setting spray mainly because of the smell. I usually purchase my favourite slay all day setting spray in peach but I decided to have a change. This is a good, budget, setting spray but I am not sure that it holds my makeup as much as other sprays I have tried. I will stick to the slay all day or try the Urban Decay all-nighter again in future.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 soothing repair balm

This is a good all-round general moisturiser. Having dry sensitive skin means that I have to always keep a thick moisturiser around. I will however not purchased this again on account that the brand is not cruelty-free and I have found a great alternative in face Theory skin care.

Sleek CC cream in fair

I purchased this CC cream to use in the summer as I like less coverage when it is warm. This was a good CC cream which worked well with my dry, sensitive skin. I would purchase this again, however, the shade is too dark for even my skin in the summer months.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for dry/normal skin in Ivory

This is a great foundation and it lives up to the hype. I hated it at first but slowly changed my mind upon using it regularly. I find the shade is a perfect match for my skin and it helps my dry skin. However, I will not repurchase this on account that Revlon is not cruelty-free.

Art deco perfect Teint concealer

I had never heard of the brand Art Deco before. After using up my Makeup Revolution concealer I wanted a change. I wanted a concealer that would brighten. I realise as I age, my skin is changing, I needed a concealer that does not emphasise my fine lines. I enjoyed using this but I am not sure whether I would repurchase as you can get similar products cheaper.

Jewel of the sea face mask Ariel Primark

When wandering the aisles of Primark I spotted the new collection of Disney themed masks. I was shocked at the price of £2.50 but thought I would give it a try on account of it being a novelty item. The mask has the face of Ariel from The Little Mermaid on it. I was impressed with how this mask made my skin feel; it was refreshed and felt divine on the skin. However, I was not impressed with the design of the mask; it made me look like a creature from a horror film. When showing my friends, they all agreed it was terrifying. I am not sure I would pick this up again, I am happy to have a cheaper mask that does the same thing.

Jolee papaya peel foot mask

Everyone on YouTube raved about peeling foot masks as they were getting their feet ready for the summer. I was resistant to joining in on the hype, but after realising my feet needed it, I succumbed to temptation. This foot mask was a struggle to get on properly and not too have all of the liquid runs everywhere, my bedsheets suffered. After a few days, my feet did not peel, I thought I had wasted my money. At day seven, my feet started peeling with great force. After two weeks, my feet were noticeably improved. It did not get rid of all of my dry skin, but it did help soften them. However, I will not repurchase for now as I want to try other versions.

Derma V10 deep moisturising foot pack tea tree and peppermint

For only a pound, this mask is a great, refreshing treat for your feet. These are available at B and M and Poundland, I always pick some up when I scour the bargain stores. Self Care is so much more important to me and there is nothing better than giving yourself a Spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. I have already repurchased this.

Skin treats avocado nourishing sheet mask

I got this in B and M for only a pound. This mask does not perform miracles but it is a pleasant experience and my skin felt moisturised and pampered. I have already bought more of these the last time I went into B and M.


I have decided to have another massive declutter of my makeup stash. I will not buy any more makeup for a while because I am determined to use some stuff up. The disadvantage of having a makeup addiction is the number of products that are not used. I have been guilty of not shopping wisely in the past and products have ended up not being used or going out of date.

Loumanizer palette

This has served me well. I talked about this at length in my project pan journey. I have used up the highlighter, most of the blush and some of the bronzer. I have decided to just get rid of it, I feel I have got what I wanted from it. The bronzer is too dark for me and I have lots of blushes I need to use up.

Essence lip liner in honeyberry

These pencil liners are not the best. I have used Essence lipliners regularly and love the mechanical lipliners but these do not compare. This pencil is just too dry now so I will throw it out rather than clutter my Makeup drawers.

Glitter junkie clear face glitter primer

Being someone who adores wearing glitter, I thought this would be a sound investment. However, after using it once I have come to realise it is not good at all. It was so bad that I decided instantly to just get rid of this. Usually, Primark makeup is fantastic but this is the exception.

Makeup gallery shine on intense sparkle and shine lip gloss

Makeup gallery can be found in Poundland and makes some great, affordable makeup. I have used this sparkling lip shine a few times and it is good for only £1. However, I will throw it out due to it being discoloured because I have applied it over lipstick. Also, I will declutter it on account that I rarely wear glossy lips.

P.s. stay all day primer

Primark is not performing well with me at the moment. Like every budget brand, there are hits and misses. This is one of the biggest misses due to the smell. You cannot escape the overpowering ‘glue’ smell. I used about half up before deciding to purge it from my collection.

P.s. matte eyeshadow cream

I have yet to find a replacement for my Essence 2 in 1 eyeshadow primer which is a discontinued holy grail product. When I was on the search for liquid eyeliner I came across this in a gift pack. The eyeliner was great but this eyeshadow base did nothing for me. It did not make a smooth base for my eyeshadow neither did it improve the longevity of my eye makeup.
Rimmel good to glow highlighter

Notting Hill glow

This used to be a firm favourite of mine in the late 90s and I picked up one a while back as a trip down memory lane. However, now being 37 and not partying often, I do not need to give my arms/shoulders a shimmery glow. I would mix this in with my foundation to make it more luminous but I already have liquid highlighters that I need to use up. Since I am decluttering, I might as well give this to my niece who will appreciate it.

Makeup Revolution eyeliner pencil in Green and Bronze

I have had these pencils too long and they need to go. I am not a person that sticks religiously to best before dates. However, I have had these far too long and they need to go. They did their job well, but I would say they are not as good as the Essence eyeliners.

Essence silver eyeliner pencil

Finally, I throwing out an Essence eyeliner. This is not because of the quality as they are my current favourite eyeliner pens. I will declutter this for a simple reason, I do not use it at all. After trying this a few times I came to realise that silver eyeliner is best left in the 1990s. The silver does not compliment me when I wear it, so why keep hold of it?
Wow, that was a lot of products. I am happy that I can now say goodbye to these products and hopefully attempt to use up some more products that have been cluttering my collection. I have a massive stash of shampoo and body creams I need to get through.

What products have you been emptying and decluttering, let me know in the comments below?

Ciao for now beauties xx
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Antidote says:

    This was a post and a half 😀
    I must compliment how you wrote few words about everything and why you like/don’t like the product. 🙂
    I didn’t know that aldi could have this good of a products. Their makeup is not that inexpensive as a not-known brand and because of the little faith I have, I haven’t try anything. But now I’m interested in that mascara since I also like natural bristle wand 🙂
    Have a nice one 😉


    1. MrsT says:

      Thank you for stopping by. I am so glad you found the post so useful. The Aldi mascara is an amazing mascara I will be stocking up on it.


  2. yolimamont says:

    I’ve actually haven’t heard of these products so I’ll have to look into it.


    1. MrsT says:

      Let me know if you find any of these products.


  3. Anshula says:

    I love your honest reviews! I would have totally purchased the coconut dry shampoo if I hadn’t read your review. Glad to know there are better options.


    1. MrsT says:

      I know how frustrating it can be without product reviews. That why I tend to look at reviews to help me choose


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