Cleaning Bug; Mrs Hinch made me do it.

Cleaning bug

People have gone into a cleaning frenzy

I have found myself so coming to the cleaning bug. I have been making sure to keep on top of all the cleaning by doing a small amount each day. I hate it when my house is untidy and needs cleaning so I figured if I just do a fraction each day I will keep on top of the mammoth task of having a wonderfully clean home.

Many people have succumbed to the cleaning bug and there is on main reason; Mrs Hinch’s Home. Why would people follow someone who cleans their house on Instagram? What is so special about Mrs Hinch that, at present, one million people follow her?

Mrs Hinches home
When I first heard of ‘hinching’ and the concept of Mrs Hinch’s Instagram account. I was highly sceptical and cynical about the fuss that was made.

Why would people watch others clean their house?

I started to watch her stories, finding her slightly annoying at first. I looked at her Instagram perfect home and thought “well I can’t compete with that” and judgement started to creep in. My critic told me “you could never get your house that clean”, “she has a perfect life”.

These thoughts were my own creation, negativity tried to bring me down mentally. However, I could not stop watching Mrs Hinch’s videos, her positivity was infectious. I soon realised that she had pride in her home and made cleaning fun.

These were things I had not felt about my own house in a while. Due to work, most of the household chores were left to Mr T; I was forever exhausted from work. I always said “I don’t have time” but then get upset because the mess stressed me out.

After watching Mrs Hinch’s videos I made a pact with myself. I vowed to do a small amount of cleaning every night. I figured that if I did this then at least I would make cleaning more manageable and help my husband out.

So I stocked up on rubber gloves and Zoflora and let my cleaning time become cleaning therapy.

Cleaning therapy

I used to find cleaning therapeutic. I hate the act of tidying a mess but I love to clean up and have a spotless house. When I was younger, I would clean when I was annoyed or upset. It calmed the mind. My favourite place to clean was the bathroom and whenever my university friends saw me cleaning, they would know that something troubled me.

I have come back to believing that cleaning can help the troubled mind. After doing an eight-week course in mindfulness and learning how to teach mindfulness to teenagers; I remembered how everyday tasks can be used to bring you back into the present moment.

I struggled to find time to meditate as it felt quite indulgent just lying there and ignoring others around me. When I clean it gives me time to focus on the present moment and not dwell on the past or future. It gives me time to acknowledge my thoughts and to process them much in the same way that this blog does. When I clean I can easily process the thoughts I had because the act of cleaning enabled them to pass.

Psychologically I found that living in a clean environment improved my mental health. I would do makeup perfectly but live in a pigs sty, that sends out mixed messages. There have been many stories and testimonies that Mrs Hinch has helped people improve their mental health by sharing her cleaning tips.

A mess can make you unhappy
I have often said that if you surround yourself with negativity, then you will emotionally absorb it. The same goes for your home. The environment you live in can have a big impact on your state of mind.

Chaos always breeds more chaos and this is definitely true for my household. When my house is bad, the walls feel like they close in on me. I feel anxious and depressed. I have always found that at times like these, cleaning helps; whether it is tidying my desk or cleaning the kitchen sink, it makes me feel productive and like I am now in charge.

My house is not spotless by any means of the word, it is a home, not a museum display. It is hard not to compare myself to all the sparkling “show homes” that I see on the internet. I am a mother of two and while I would love to have everything ‘perfect’ that is not possible due to time and money.

I do, however, try to keep on top of things when it comes to cleaning. I will do something every so that it stays maintained. I have also discovered Zoflora which has also added more enjoyment to my cleaning routine.

My top tips for being house-proud

So, what are my cleaning tips? I have come up with a handy list that will make your house gleam.

1) Make a list

If you make a list it will help you organise your time. If I do not have a list I tend to spend more time cleaning. Write a list and give yourself thirty minutes and see how far you get down the list. Also, a list will help you track what you have done so you don’t repeat tasks if not needed.

2) Do little and often

I am guilty of ignoring this rule. I will burn myself out doing all the cleaning in one day. I will then find I don’t want to clean after that. I have now decided to dedicate myself to a set of tasks a day so I don’t get overwhelmed. On Saturday I will tackle the kitchen, Sunday the living room and on Monday I will do the bathroom. The other days I will do tasks that are more of a deep clean moment like the kid’s bedrooms.

3) Get the right tools

Some would say you only need a cloth and a tea towel, which to an extent is true. However, having the right tools for the job can make things easier and quicker. Ever since I have followed Mrs Hinch I have discovered tools like an electric cleaning brush, cloths that produce streak free windows and mirrors and cleaning pads that cut through dirt in no time at all.

4) Choose your favourite scent

I have a sensitive sense of smell and I use this to my advantage when it comes to cleaning the house. I adore the smell of pine and citrus scents so I gravitate to products that will awake my senses as I clean. Having discovered Zoflora, my cleaning game has been transformed; I enjoy cleaning and having my house smell of my favourite Zoflora’s like orange and cranberry and winter spice.

5) Put on the tunes

Another way to enjoy your cleaning time is to make an epic playlist of songs that motive you and sing along as you scrub. As a teen, I can remember my mother blasting Queen, Brian Addams and Bon Jovi as she did her Sunday morning clean. It would motivate us to get the cleaning done as we could have a good sing and dance to it.

Now I will use one of my Spotify playlists to get me through the cleaning. I have lots of different playlists which I pick dependant on my mood and how I want to feel. If you are interested, here are some of my favourite playlists:
Be Happy playlist
Empowerment playlist
Covers Playlist

Housework playlist

6) Be in the moment

Cleaning is the perfect time to practice some mindfulness and connect to the present moment. We often do everyday chores on ‘autopilot’; instead of focusing on the task our minds think and ruminating often resulting in going into ‘overdrive’. While ‘autopilot’ is needed sometimes, too much thinking can result in anxiety and poor mental health.

Next time you clean something, try to focus on how it feels. Rather than get lost in your thoughts, notice what your body experiences when you clean. How does the soap feel, what does it smell like, what do you feel in your body as you clean. Having practised mindfulness for over six months I have started to notice the aches and pains in my body that I might have otherwise not realised. This has prompted me to seek medical advice on the subject.

Do you have the cleaning bug? What would your top tips be for keeping your house looking fresh and clean? Please feel free to share your ‘cleaning hacks’ in the comments below.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Being in the moment makes cleaning easier Mrs. T. Plus we got a Roomba so no more vacuuming LOL.


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