Current Favourites; Autumn Lipsticks

The Season of Lipstick

Autumn is definitely a season for lipstick. With the nights drawing in and the weather getting colder; we say goodbye to those fun summer lip glosses and hello to rich reds, spicy oranges, brooding browns and perfect purples.

If you haven’t seen my other autumn lipstick post you can find it here. I have revamped it and hope that it will inspire you. I still love the lipsticks from last year and wear them throughout autumn and beyond.

Despite my love for last year’s autumn favourites. I have definitely discovered what shades float my boat this year. Many are on the cooler end of the spectrum. I will embrace the iced mauve’s and 50 Shades of grey.

Sagittarius by Jeffree Starr

This is one of my favourite Jeffree Starr liquid lipsticks. My ultimate favourite is Scorpio. I love that this is a more wearable version of Scorpio. For work, I find Scorpio can be too much so I opt for this one. This is described as a cross between Scorpio and Androgyny, which I also love to wear in autumn. This soft plum works fantastically with the Essence lip liner ‘plumcake’ although I think you can no longer get this shade.

Sleek shabby chic by Sleek

Having not had much experience with Sleek liquid lipstick and hearing many people rave about the shade ‘birthday suit’ I had a look at them one day in Boots. I could not find Birthday suit so I picked this colour up, along with a lavender shade. I have many different versions of this shade; a dusty, muted rose. It is an addiction I cannot control. It is perfect for autumn as it is not too bold, but it still has a rich quality to it that is appropriate for the season change.

Mocha Frappe by Beauty Bakerie

This liquid lipstick is my ‘ride or die’ favourite lipstick of all time. That may sound dramatic, but whenever I wear this shade I feel magnificent. I have always been slightly different as a person and I feel this shade is similar. It is a nude, but with the quirky kick of the added grey tones. This cool nude suits my cool toned skin perfectly and compliments it beautifully. I will always reach for this shade on special occasions, like a luxury perfume. It is my special lipstick and I love it.

Essence Lip Butter pen

This is a recent purchase. I had been trying to resist the urge to buy more lipsticks, as I have far too many. However, I feel in love with my Clinique chubby sticks and when I saw that Essence did their own versions I squealed with delight. I was not as keen on the glossy texture of the Clinique sticks, so this being a matte formula, I was pleased to have. This colour reminds me of a darker version of Beauty Bakerie Mocha Frappe. I love my lipstick with a hint of grey tone. This lipstick will be a firm favourite for many months to come as it has a long-lasting and comfortable wear.

Essence Matte lipstick 13

While I was purchasing the lip butter pen I saw that they had expanded their range of matte lipsticks to incorporate some cooler tones. I saw this shade and again my inner ‘greyscale’ fire ignited. I do not know what it is about grey lipstick but I adore wearing it. It is a shame that I cannot wear this for work but I will get plenty of use out of this at the weekends. This shade brings out my inner vamp and it makes me feel fabulous.

Revolution lipstick Headturner

Revolution lipsticks are great quality at such a reasonable price they are hard to pass up on. I have many Revolution lipsticks and this is an autumn favourite. It is the perfect nude that is both warm and rich, an essential for those cold autumn days.

This was originally part of Revolution’s ‘Life on the Dancefloor’ collection which was limited to Christmas. I snapped this shade up quickly, it was the one I was desperate to have. The collection was so successful that Revolution made the Life on the Dancefloor a permanent fixture throughout this year.

Mac Twig

I have had this one for a while and it always comes out when I struggle to know what to wear. This is a classic nude that will suit anyone all year round. I thought I would include it because it is just such a universal nude with a smooth formula. It is worth the investment if you like Mac makeup. However, I have since moved to cruelty-free shopping so will not purchase this again.

Milani Plumrose

Milani lipsticks are often underrated. As a brand, they tend to be overlooked due to their lack of drugstore presence in the UK. When I first started my Makeup journey, I remember that one of my first lipsticks was a Milani one. The formula is super creamy and they last a long time. They are just as good as Mac lipsticks in my opinion and cheaper.

I bought plumrose because I heard it was a close dupe to Mac Twig. I have to say that, although they are similar shades, they are not exact dupes. Plumrose has a more pink to it, whereas Twig is warmer in tone. I prefer this colour as it suits my skin tone better. I would repurchase this one over Mac Twig in a heartbeat as Milani are cruelty-free and much cheaper.

Makeup Revolution Past Midnight

I had to include a red shade. Red is a classic for autumn, I love a bold lip. This shade is a deep blue-based red that will go perfectly with your autumn wardrobe.

It is creamy and lasts an extremely long time. I wore this to work and survived hours of teaching and lunch. as part if the ‘Life on the dancefloor’ collection and at just £4, it is worth the spend.

What are your favourite autumn colours? I would love to hear about which lipsticks you would recommend in the comments. Which if these lipsticks is your favourite?

Ciao for now beauties xx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. lifeathome says:

    Oh wow shades are amazing i loved Sleek shabby chic by Sleek. Beautiful shade .


  2. MrsT says:

    It is a gorgeous shade, I have been wearing it quite a lot recently


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