My Ten Minute Makeup Look; video tutorial

ten minute makeup look tutorial

What can you do in ten minutes?

Could you do the ten minute makeup challenge? This challenge has been around in the makeup community for a while. The idea is to put on a full face of makeup in just ten minutes or under.

I have been reflecting on the makeup I have been wearing for work on mornings I need to be quick. Estimating that on a regular day I can do this look in roughly fifteen minutes. The pace I put my face on is usually leisurely and so I wondered if I could get it done in ten minutes.


I decided to lay out all of the stuff I needed and give myself just ten minutes to do my face. Having managed to do this with just a few seconds spare. I realised just how much time I must spend on my face and appreciate the fact that I am able to have the time in the mornings to do it.

Ten minute makeup

My skincare and makeup routine are an essential part of my self-care strategy. I feel fortunate that I get the time in the morning and do not have to rush or not be able to wear makeup at all. Rushing myself with the ten-minute deadline further cemented that I dislike putting makeup on under pressure; I am grateful I do not have to rush in the mornings.


Here is the breakdown of products that I used to create this look. I am also including the video of me putting on my makeup in just ten minutes. I hope you find the video useful and showing a basic makeup routine that can easily be done every day.

Step by step tutorial

  1. Brows Primark 3 in one brow pencil in Tobacco
  2.  Foundation sleek CC cream in fair applied with Primark beauty sponge. I use the makeup obsession setting spray to dampen the sponge.
  3.  Concealer makeup Revolution fast base in F1 for dark circles and art deco concealer in fair to brighten
  4.  Bronze face with Makeup Revolution Renaissance glow bronzer.
  5. Add blush. I used the essence Matt blush in Berry Me Up.
  6.  Prime eyelids. I used the Makeup Revolution Fast Base in F1 and worked it in with my finger.
  7.  Apply cream eyeshadow shade with a large eyeshadow brush. I used pancake from the Soph X palette.
  8.  Apply a darker neutral shade in the crease using a fluffy blending brush. I used Iced Coffeefrom the Soph X palette.
  9.  Apply lid shade. I used my finger to apply fairy lights from the Soph X palette to the lid.
  10.  I then applied a winged eyeliner using the Primark Aqualine eyeliner.
  11.  Then I applied mascara. Using the Lacura false lash mascara in black.
  12.  I then applied the highlighter. I used the Makeup Revolution Renaissance glow highlight shade.
  13.  Finally, I applied lipstick; using the Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipstick in vow.

What do you think?

What is your everyday makeup routine like? I would love to know what you would add or take away from this routine to suit your tastes. Also, let me know if you want to hear about any of the products mentioned in this post, I am happy to give a review.

Ciao for now beauties xx

One Comment Add yours

  1. Lauren says:

    I love posts like this. Sometimes I can do my makeup in 5-10 minutes and other times it takes me closer to an hour. 🙈


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