Makeup and Skincare Haul; Essence, Art Deco, Catrice and Face Theory

Summer Haul; Essence, Catrice, Art deco and Face Theory

It has not been long since I did my latest Primark Haul and I had been resisting the lure of makeup shopping well before that. After the Primark shop, I fell off the wagon and fell into the pit of online shopping. This haul contains various makeup brands such as Catrice, Art Deco and Essence. This is also along with some skincare items from Face Theory.


I discovered the Parfum Dreams site purely by accident as I searched for concealers. I have been looking for a place where I can buy Essence makeup without the hefty delivery charges. If you spend over 30 you get free delivery which is fabulous. When I discovered they also did Catrice makeup, I was as happy as a child in a sweet shop.

Art deco concealer

Art Deco concealer

Having tried the Barry M All Night Long concealer and finding it too light for my summer complexion, I went on an epic quest to buy a new ‘wrinkle friendly’ concealer that would suit my slightly deeper summer skin. I looked on beauty bay and I kept coming back to Art Deco; a brand I had never tried nor heard of. I am not quite sure what drew me into wanting this brush concealer but I found that it was also on Parums along with many other items I wanted.

Catrice Camouflage Concealer

I am a hypocrite; I preach about not giving into the hype but here I am, ignoring my own warnings. This concealer is a much-loved favourite of many people in the beauty community; including my friend Angie who has her own Youtube channel.

I plan on eventually doing a concealer review featuring many of the concealers I have tried in the past. This is how I justify to myself why I have bought three different concealers in one makeup shop. I am lying to myself in saying that, but it is for the ‘greater good’. To give you my opinion on which are the best, I am providing a service.

Catrice Brightening concealer

Yes, another concealer; my under eyes will be bright and bag free for a whole year or so. When I looked at the Catrice concealers, I could not decide between the more hyped ‘holy grail’ product and the one I prefer; which brightens. As I develop fine lines, I need a brightening concealer to detract attention away from them. Again, I will be featuring this in my concealer review post which I plan to do in the near future.

Catrice Mascara Haul

Catrice ‘Lashes to Kill’ mascara

This is another purchase with an ulterior motive. I plan to do a mascara review featuring many of the mascaras I have tried recently and these were added for brand variety. Catrice is a brand I have never tried before so I am excited to give this a try. I have always heard good things about the brand and now I can finally have it delivered right to my doorstep.
I also love the name of this mascara. Hearing it makes me want to do my best Gladys Knight impression; replacing the words Licence to Kill with Lashes. I wonder if the added diamond powder will turn me into a sultry bond villain?

Essence mascara haul

Essence I heart Extreme mascara

I cannot rave about Essence mascaras enough; they have beaten many much more expensive mascaras from brands like Benefit. Apart from the Primark PS Lash Out mascara; the Forbidden Volume mascara was a holy grail of mine. This is until they discontinued it, the horror of it all.
Buying this is my attempt to see if Essence has simply taken an older design/product and slapped a new name on it. The wand appears to be the closest I have found to the Forbidden one so I am hopeful I will get beautiful lashes again with this.

Essence makeup haul

Essence liquid eyeliner

I cannot live without liquid eyeliner. It is impossible. I love winged liner and refuse to be without it. I have so many liquid and pen liners, I was able to do a full eyeliner review here without even having to buy any extra ‘supplies’.

Again, Essence made my favourite eyeliner in the Super Precise liquid eyeliner. I bought this thinking it was just the same as that and they were re-branding. I have yet to try it, but already the applicator is different; a long foam tip rather than a brush style. The jury is out for the moment, but I will certainly give you my opinion on it when I try it out.

Essence lipliners

Essence lip liners in Eternal Beauty and Make Me Blush

Essence lip liners are my favourite; I adore them. I love both the retractable liners and the plastic pencil style. These lip liners are the creamiest formula I have ever tried and they last so long throughout the day. Having learnt that I only need nude or soft pink lip liners, as these are the shades of lipstick I usually wear most of the time; I picked up Eternal Beauty and Make Me Blush. Eternal Beauty is a spring pink and Make me Blush is the most perfect nude/dusty rose colour which makes it my perfect nude lip colour.

Essence eyebrow pencil

With eyebrows like mine, you can never have enough eyebrow pencils. Being a teen in the 1990’s meant that my eyebrows were virtually none existent. I have made a valiant effort to grow them back, but I have to admit that I will never have big bushy eyebrows that are on trend at the moment. The answer to that is to pencil them on. I have tried so many different brow pencils that I have yet to find my ultimate favourite.

Face Theory skincare products

Face Theory

Face Theory is a brand that I have mentioned before and one I intend to do a brand focus review on in the future. I am aware that as a consumer; I want to support more local, independent brands that offer natural ingredients, are cruelty-free and reasonably priced. Face Theory tick all of those boxes. Along with BeBarefaced, I will turn to Face Theory for my skincare needs and concerns as I know that they work great on the skin. I recently enjoyed using a discount code for 20% off and treated myself to a skincare routine change. I love testing new products and finding out what works best for me.

Vitamin C cleanser

I have heavily into skincare now that my skin starts to mature. I would say that my skin is ‘on the turn’ or‘migrating south’ but I try to be positive. I have the opportunity to use skincare as part of my self-care routine and what could be better than a vitamin C cleanser. I am almost finished the last of my current cleanser; which I use in the shower.
I cannot wait to test this little beauty out on my skin. Having found out quite a bit on what my sensitive, dry, ageing skin needs; I always reach for products containing this magic vitamin. After all, I cannot squeeze oranges onto my skin, as much as I would love to do that. This cleanser is the next best thing.

Super Quench moisturiser

I have already tried this out. I was as impatient as a child in a sweetshop queue. This cream, although more expensive than I usually get, it well worth it. These are just my first impressions but I am happy. The cream is super thick and luxurious and keeps my skin hydrated all day.
My skin has not been extra dry, due to it being summer, so I feel I do not need this at the moment. However, I feel the benefit of the other ingredients and hope to see a change in my skin over the next couple of weeks and months. I will keep you posted.

Green Tea Toner

I fancied a change of toner. I was using the Superdrug vitamin E facial toner that comes in a spray. I am not good with change and having to now apply my toner with a cotton pad takes some getting used to.
I am uncertain as to whether this toner has had an impact yet. I like how this feels and it has the green tea scent. I am sure I will be able to give you a full review on this in the near future.

Have you seen any items in this haul that catch your eye? I would love to know what you have been buying in the comments below or if you have tried any of these products.

Ciao for now beauties xx

5 Comments Add yours

  1. zakeeyak says:

    I also prefer my toner in a spray bottle, so I bought some cheap empty spray bottles and just decant. Totally worth it.


    1. MrsT says:

      Yeah I wanted to do the too but the lid will not come off the glass bottle so I’m stuck. I really love the toner but might have to go back to a spray.


      1. zakeeyak says:

        That’s super sad… Looking at the bottle though it seems like it’s opaque to protect the product… Maybe they’ve specifically made it difficult to decant to keep the active ingredient working.


  2. I also love the essence lip liner, have you tried their long lasting lipsticks? They have some great shades!


    1. MrsT says:

      I have a few of their long lasting lipsticks, they are amazing, I have a plum grey one that I adore. Essence is a fabulous brand


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