Epic Empties; What Am I Throwing Away?

Empties time

We have come to that time again, it’s trash talking time. I have let more than enough rubbish sit around in my empties shelf that it is time to throw it out. Since I have been doing empties posts I have been able to reflect on what products I actually use.

As with many consumers, I get drawn into the habit of buying products out of impulse. I have yet to master the art of smart shopping and only buying things that I need. This is possibly why I let me makeup buying get out of hand to the point it was an addiction.
So in true Oscar the Grouch style ‘Let’s take out the trash’.

Mario Baresu glycolic cleanser

I must confess, I have had this cleanser at the back of my cupboard for a while and forgot about it. I had got it as a sample when I did a beauty bay order. Since I am reducing the amount of stuff I have in my already cramped house; I made it a mission to use it up.

This cleanser is great. It is not a daily cleanser as it is too harsh, but using it twice a week helped brighten my skin. I would use it in the shower on days I would wash my hair. This cleanser smells beautiful and it definitely made an improvement in my skin. I am not sure I would repurchase as I prefer to use smaller skincare companies like Face Theory and BeBarefaced.

PS Lash out mascara

This has been my holy grail mascara for the past year and I am now on my last tube of it in my stash. I loved this mascara so much I bought a whole stockpile of them. It was a good decision on my part as shortly afterwards they discontinued it.
This mascara gives the most amazing volume; my lashes feel whispy. When I wear it I feel like I have a pair of false demi-wispies on. I have yet to find a mascara that I like as much as his one. I am, however, annoyed that this recent tube did not last as long as the other ones. The problem is it flaked; the formula got too dry too quickly and I would have black speckled under eyes. At this point, we were suffering a prolonged heatwave so I can only gather that the higher temperatures was to blame.

MUA Eye define mascara

This was not a disastrous mascara, but it was not that good. I would describe this as a ‘natural looking’. This mascara does not add anything special to your lashes like length or volume and would be perfect for people who want a ‘no makeup, makeup look’. In terms of the added benefits of the argan oil, I did not notice my lashes improve from using this product. I will not be putting this mascara into my basket again as I need a more dramatic mascara.

La Rose Posey Toleraine face wash

This face wash was part of my Christmas and Birthday presents. I had bought all of the La Roche Posey products before I decided to move to cruelty-free. This facial wash is great for every day and does not react with my sensitive skin. It left my skin clean and soft but I am not sure it helped my skin in any other way than that. I would recommend this to people who have sensitive skin as it does the job well. However, I will not be purchasing again as I have found some great natural brands that do not test on animals or sell in China (who have mandatory testing).

Essence eyeliner – Lucky lead

Essence is among my top five favourite drugstore brands. They are such an under-rated company and they sell amazing mascara’s, eyeliners and lipliners. These retractable gel eyeliners have such an awesome formula, I have many different colours.

I bought Lucky Lead instead of a black eyeliner. On most makeup days, a black liner on the undereye can look tooharsh. I decided to get a dark grey as it seemed the softer alternative to black. I have used this pen for many months on a daily basis and I have definitely got my monies worth out of the product. I will definitely repurchase this liner as soon as I use up my other dark grey eyeliner.

Makeup Revolution microblade pencil in dark brown

Whereas the Essence eyeliner lasted me for months; this pencil only lasted about two weeks. As you know I love Makeup Revolution but I was so disappointed by this pencil. When I first tried it, I thought this was the best product I had used. It went on so smoothly and made my brows look fabulous.

However, when it ran out after just over two weeks I was left in shock. I had never had an eyebrow product run out that fast. I have used many eyebrow pencils and this offers the least value for money in my opinion. I cannot justify spending £7 every two weeks on an eyebrow pencil. This is a big ‘No!!’ from me.

Makeup Revolution Pro conceal and define concealer in C1

When I first tried this concealer, I was so impressed that I bought three more so that I would always have a supply. I am on to my final tube now and feel like it is time for a change from this concealer for a while.
At the moment, this colour is too light for me so I have stopped using it. This concealer has amazing coverage and their shade selection is fabulous, unlike Tarte’s. Due to my skin changing with age, I have noticed that this concealer emphasises my fine lines and I have to use it liberally. I would recommend this product as the coverage makes it one of the best I have ever tried.

Superdrug Spaa Retreat purifying tea tree sheet mask

When I bought this sheet mask I did not realise it was for combination and oily skin. Having dry sensitive skin I was a bit worried about how my skin would react. My worry was unfounded.

I decided to practice self-care and have a pamper evening before I went away for a course. I had pampered myself in every way and then it was time to put my face mask on and do some meditation. My skin loved this mask, it was invigorating and left my skin beautiful soft afterwards. I will repurchase this in the future.

Derma V 10 peppermint foot mask

This foot mask is a repurchase; whenever I am at home Bargains or Poundland I will pick some of these up. I last used one of those when I had my pamper evening. I love these foot masks; they give my feet an extra boost of hydration.
Since the weather has been unbelievably warm; I have been wearing sandals. My feet have been neglected and I desperately need to sort them out before I go on holiday.

paw paw moisturising balm

Paw Paw Moisturising Balm

I bought this mainly for the winter when my lips were dry. I thought this was quite expensive at the time but considered it an investment.
This product is good but I am not sure it is any better than a cheap version. I used it up quickly when it was warm and my feet needed extra care. I even used this on my children and found it a great general moisturiser.

Nspa Raspberry fragrance mist

I acquired this from a Nspa Christmas box set. I love the smell of raspberries. I used this more as a room spray rather than a body spray. I wear so many perfumes that I prefer spray like this to be used to freshen up a room.
I had this in my daughter’s bedroom and every evening I would spray the curtains. Her room would smell beautiful.

Seche Vite top coat

This is the best top coat I have ever used. I was very sceptical when I first heard about this top coat. Every nail polish guru raved about it and it took a while to give into the hype.
When I eventually gave in to the hype and bought this; it changed my game completely. I can now be confident that my nails will last as long as possible with this ultra-glossy top coat.

Slay all day setting spray in coconut

This setting spray is such an addictive product. I am so driven by nice smells. The smell of coconut is divine. My favourite scent is the peach one and I will be repurchasing this very soon.

So that is my trash for the past few weeks. What products have you been enjoying recently; let me know about them in the comments.

Ciao for now beauties xx

3 Comments Add yours

  1. So many good products in here! I’ve seen a lot of great things about the Mario Badescu products, and my skin is going mad at the moment, so might have to give it a shot. Also, definitely want to pick up some of the Superdrug masks! They sound great. Lovely post. 😊


  2. Creative Nails says:

    Love reading these types of posts – it’s so interesting to see and learn about all the variety of products people have used. I have tried a few of the essence nail varnish before and they are so cheap, but the quality is very good. I’ll definitely have to try some of their make-up products too. I hadn’t heard of the ‘Seche Vite Top Coat’ before – I’ll be looking more into this! Thanks for sharing 🙂



  3. alwayscleia says:

    That’s so crazy that the Revolution Pro pencil ran out in two weeks! How is that even possible!? I’ll pass on that one..


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