Primark Haul; What Did I Buy?

Summer Haul; Primark

Everyone loves a Primark haul; at least I do. Primark offers an amazing array of budget fashion that will have you looking stylish for just a few pounds.

Being a plus size woman; I find it hard sometimes to find my size in their clothes. However, I still love to shop in Primark due to their fantastic makeup and perfume. Here is what I bought in my most recent haul.

Eternal Summer perfume

When I first smelt this perfume, I was instantly in love. This perfume smells like the holidays should be. I was so blown away that I purchased two big bottles as I know Primark have a ‘throwaway fashion’ vibe and will not stock these again.

This perfume smells so good I want to eat it. It is refreshing and tropical without being too floral; right up my street. It has notes of Sri Lankan cardamom, warm coconut milk, Baltic amber and a delicate sprinkle of white bouquet florals.

PS Noir perfume

This is another frivolous buy as I already have too many perfumes. However, I got through perfume that quickly for work I tend to get bored when I only have one or two to hand. I am so paranoid about smelling that I always make sure I have perfume on. Being aware that you can become nose blind to a recurring scent, I alter things around.

I have nearly finished my PS Emerald perfume, it has the same bottle that is modelled on Chanel Chance. It has an elegant and sophisticated look to it at a fraction of the price. I m sure that the next time I go into Primark I will pick up even more perfume as I have always been happy with them.

PS 3 in 1 eyebrow pen in Tobacco

I was dubious about this as an eyebrow pencil as it seemed rather chunky, but I was again proved wrong. This colour is the perfect match for me and if I manage to get into Primark again soon and see some I will be snapping them up. The retractable pencil is not too soft, nor too hard and for £2.50 it is better value than the Revolution Microblade pencil I mentioned in my empties post.

This is a 3 in 1 pencil that has a spoolie, pencil and eyebrow powder which is great as a final finishing touch or for anyone who already has fuller brows. I would wholeheartedly recommend this pencil and I hope Primark do not just have it as a seasonal thing like they do with most of their makeup products.

Lip tint watermelon

I bought this on another whim and it is a struggle to use. I thought that this lip tint would have a stronger tint to it. However, rather than giving my lips a healthy dash of colour on the days I want to keep my makeup casual; it is just a clear, slimy mess.

I am not a fan of lip gloss and I do not like lip balms that are greasy. So why did I feel the need to buy this? This is possibly where my desire to ‘fit in’ has reared its ugly head; shiny lips being on trend for the summer. While I believe you are only as old as you feel and are never too old to wear what makes you happy; this just reminds me why I hated lip-gloss as a teenager. I should have known better; maybe I should have written ‘Do not buy lipgloss’ in my letter to my 18-year-old self.

Glitter primer

Another novelty item to hit my basket; I reasoned that I could use it as an eye primer as well. Once again, I was catastrophically wrong. In future, I will stick to my stargazer glitter glue. I have tried this as an eye primer and adhesive to put glitter on and I was disappointed with how gloopy this was and how it did not fix the glitter to my eye well. As this is marketed as body glitter gel, I think I may be unfairly judging it. I perhaps need to embark on some challenges in order to be able to use it properly.

Colour lightener

I love a bargain. These colour lighteners were originally 2 but they were reduced to 30 pence each. I did not expect much from them but I liked the scent so gave them a whirl. This just appears to do the same job as a conditioner. I am experienced in dying my hair at home and I usually dilute my usual shade, Ruby Rouge, with conditioner.

This does the same job as a conditioner, so at 30 pence a bottle I got enough conditioner to last me a while. I only condition my hair when I colour it so I won’t need to buy any in the near future.

False Lash Mascara

This was bought in the vain hope that it would be the same as my favourite PS Lash Out mascara. I am on my final tube of Lash Out and I thought I would put this into the pile of mascara’s to test. I have since purchased another two mascaras to add to my stockpile so it might be some time before I get to test this one out. This gold shiny packaging on this mascara makes it look much more sophisticated than your average £2.50 mascara.

What are your Primark favourite buys at the moment? Let me know what I should be looking out for the next time I pop in to my favourite shop.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. I’ve never tried their perfumes but I keep meaning to! They’ve had that brow pencil in for a while now so I’m hoping some of their stock will become permenant.


    1. MrsT says:

      I love their perfume especially the Jo Malone copies. I have not been able to get a hold of the pencil in my local Primark, been twice and nothing, I’m gutted I’m going to have to go to Manchester to try and find them.


  2. Yeah I think local stocking is an issue but they had it in my primark last time I was there. I hate that about their stuff- I miss out on so many things!


  3. Sounds like a healthy mix of hits and misses – I’d say a good haul. We don’t have Primark in the US – at least not anywhere I’ve traveled recently. My sons were in the UK last week so I’ll have to see if they ventured in KBR while they were there. As always, thanks for the scoop!


    Misty Ann


    1. MrsT says:

      Primark is great but I think you probably have lots of similar stores in the US. They do very cheap fashion, makeup, homeware etc. Hope your sons had a great trip.


      1. Thanks – they had a great time!


  4. Great haul! I’ve never shopped at Primark before but it seems like they have some great stuff!


    1. MrsT says:

      They really do it is just a shame with the perfumes that they don’t have a permanent line


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