Drugstore Brands; Five of my Favourites

My favourite drugstore makeup brands

When it comes to makeup, my heart will always be at the drugstore. I do not believe in buying something simply for the name; a car still gets you from A to B no matter what the name it has. I also carry this value throughout my makeup collection.

My makeup collection is predominately made up of drugstore makeup, not because I cannot afford high-end makeup but because the drugstore can often be just as good and for a fraction of the price. From my teenage years right through to now I will always believe that drugstore makeup offers the best value for money, both in terms of quality and price.

I thought I would share with you the brands of drugstore makeup that I love and the reasons why I keep purchasing makeup from them time and time again.

Revolution makeup

The Revolution brand is by far my favourite makeup brand. They have it all; quality, lovely packaging and a great price. I have many of their eyeshadow palettes and some are among my top five favourites. The quality of their eyeshadow is fabulous and compare to my Morphe shadows which cost more.

I also love Revolution for bringing the latest trends to the drugstore market. Often people can feel disenchanted by not being able to afford that £40 highlight palette that everyone raves about in the makeup community. Revolution will bring the latest trends and shades to the market.

They are a brand that court controversy because of the duping of high-end products from brands like Two Faced, Kat Von D and Charlotte Tilbury. Many people disagree with the ethics of the company, which I wrote a post about, but I believe that Revolution makes the fashionable, high end looks accessible to people who cannot afford high-end prices.
Revolution is a cruelty-free brand which suits me down to the ground.

Products I would recommend are:

Soph X eyeshadow palette
Flawless 4 palette
Mint Chocolate palette
HD setting powder
Pro conceal and define concealer
Renaissance Lipsticks
Their setting sprays – I have used quite a few.


As an eyeshadow addict, I go through many eyeshadow palettes. I mainly buy eyeshadow palettes from Sleek as they are so travel-friendly. Their classic eyeshadow palettes with the sleek, black packaging are a great quality at a reasonable price.
Having fallen in love with sleek when I bought Vintage Romance; I was in search of a dupe for the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I soon began to love their palettes and acquired quite a few. My favourite Sleek palettes are the Nautical Collection and the Snapshots palette.

Also buying other products from sleek, I am impressed with the brand. Their quality is great and their packaging looks beautiful and sleek (pun intended). I have not had a Sleek product that I have not liked, which is rare for a brand.

The products I recommend;

Nautical Collection palette
Snapshots palette
Matte liquid lipsticks (I have Shabby Chic and Lavender crush)
The Sleek CC cream

Barry M

Barry M holds fond memories for me during my late teens and early 20’s due to their dazzle dust. I had a few of these pots of eyeshadow pigment and would love using them to create a striking green eye look.

Now I mainly love Barry M for their nail polish. The range of Barry M nail polishes is second to none at the drugstore. The quality of the polishes is amazing, they are affordable and they last just as good as my China Glaze polishes. I did a summer nail polish post where I talked about quite a few Barry M polishes I would be wearing in the summer months.
Having also tried and liked their All Night Long concealer. I only have this item and my nail polishes at the present moment but I will be certain to try more in the future. Barry M are also cruelty-free which suits my ethical shopping initiative as well.

Products I would recommend:

All night long concealer
Dazzle Dust pots
All of the nail polish collection


Essence is a brand that is available at Wilko and Wilko online. This brand is fantastic for mascara, eyeliner and lip liners. I have tried some of their eyeshadows and was not impressed but fear not, they do have many gems.
Their mascaras are better than some high-end brands, like Benefit. I started off with the Lash Princess mascara and moved onto my all-time favourite forbidden volume which is now discontinued. Their liquid liner pens and liquid brush liners are fantastic and make it easy to create the perfect wing, I wrote about them in my eyeliner review.

Another favourite of mine from the brand is their lip liners. I find the quality of their lip liners have not been matched by any other brand I have tried yet. My favourite lip liner of all time is Plumcake by Essence and I have many of them on backup. They have just recently redesigned their liners and I am hopeful to try some more of them in the future.

Products I would recommend are:

Lash Princess mascara
Liquid eyeliner
Gel eyeliner pencils
Lip liners
Make me Brow (a dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow)


Collection was my ‘go to brand’ during my late teens and 20’s. As a rule of thumb, I did not like spending lots on makeup for myself. This led to a love for bargain buys and Collection fitted that hole.

What I love about Collection is that they make the latest trends affordable. This means that anybody on a tight budget can still get amazing looks and good quality products for a fraction of the price of the high-end ones. I even remember them creating their own version of the dazzle dust pots I loved from Barry M; this meant I could get two colours for the price of one Barry M pot.

The highlight for me is their eyeliners. I have used their eyeliners for the past 20 years and they still remain fantastic. The Extreme 24-hour liner pen has the best waterproof/smudge-proof formula I have tried. I have never been disappointed with any of their products and I have tried a few in my time.

The only annoyance I have is that their foundations and concealers are orange based. This means I cannot wear them on account of my cool toned skin. I discussed this annoyance in a recent foundation review.

Products I would recommend are:

Extreme 24hr felt tip eyeliner
Retractable eyeliner pencil
Liquid dip eyeliner
Glitter eyeliners and metallic eyeliners

What are you favourite drugstore brands? I love love to hear about the brands you love in the comments below.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Ahh Revolution are the best love their stuff so much!


    1. MrsT says:

      They are amazing, great quality and great prices


  2. Great picks. I have also tried some of these and liked.


    1. MrsT says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by


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