Gratitude; 20 Little things that make me smile

Why gratitude is important

Gratitude has been proven to reduce stress. The act of focusing on the positive things throughout life is the foundation of mindfulness practice.
What has made you smile today? What moments in your hectic day did you feel good? Gratitude does not have to be about big things; it can be the smell aspects that help us get through the day.

The glass half empty effect

It is often easier to focus on the negative, our brain is programmed to do it. As a species, we are programmed to focus on danger as a way to survive. However, our minds tend to twist every negative into a danger and we become stressed.

Have you ever had a bad day but then looking back realised it was not as bad as you thought? Since I have been practising gratitude I have noticed some amazing things throughout the day that would be otherwise missed in the fog of negative thoughts.

Positivity can be infectious

That smile someone gives you and the sun shining on your drive to work are all examples of little things that make your day good. Focusing on the good in life will help bring a whole new aspect to life.

I have put together a list of things that make me grateful for what I have. These are small things that make me smile. These are the things that fill my cup full of joy.

Twenty small things that make me grateful

  1. Caramel lattes either hot or cold
  2. Playing with my kid’s hair
  3. Cuddles with my family
  4. I can express my mood through makeup
  5. Making people laugh/ smile
  6. Waking up to hear the birds singing
  7. Laughing so much my belly hurts
  8. Being able to do a job that helps children grow
  9. The smell of the sea
  10. Walking on a clear, sunny morning.
  11. Daffodils
  12. Fresh breeze on a warm day
  13. Spraying setting spray on my face
  14. Elephants and my daughter doing an elephant noise.
  15. Silly animals/ children videos
  16. The smell of my favourite perfumes
  17. Getting into bed when the sheets are fresh
  18. Kind gestures like opening a door or taking the time for someone just to say hello
  19. Mojitos
  20. The smell of oranges, mandarins and Satsuma

What things brighten your life; let me know what things you are grateful for in the comments. Sometimes we need to take a step back, look at the positives to appreciate just how many good things we have in life around us.

Ciao for now beauties xx

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenn says:

    I love this. For a long time, I was a really negative person. Being positive and trying to turn things around have really helped. The list is a good distraction to pause and redirect.


  2. MrsT says:

    I was very negative as well. I have had so much happen that made me hate myself. Showing gratitude has taught me that I am so much more than my inner critic thinks I am. I am slowly reprogramming my brain.


  3. This is super helpful, thank you. I’m a naturally pessimistic person and have been trying hard to practice gratitude more. I’ve started writing down three good things every day and forcing myself to see the positives. I’ll be bookmarking this for future inspiration 😊


  4. Anonymous says:

    Time spent with my munchkins cuddles with my family


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