Summer lipsticks; Ten Favourites

When it comes to summer lipsticks, opinions can be divided. Do you go nude and natural or do you inject some pops of colour? Do you go lipstick or gloss? Many people just dab on some lip balm and forego the lipstick step of their makeup.

As the temperatures rise, so does our dislike for a heavy liquid lipstick that cracks at every opportunity. I have found that liquid lipstick does not work well for me in the summer months and I prefer a more moisturising lip. With all of this in mind, I would like to mention ten summer lipsticks that I will be wearing throughout the season. These range from nudes to bold pops of colour; I will let you choose your favourites.

If you want to see more lipstick shades, I did a 50 Shades of Lipstick post.

Revolution renaissance lipstick greatest

Revolution makeup Renaissance lipstick in Greatest

I will continue to rave about this lipstick forever. This lipstick by makeup revolution has been featured heavily in my blog and it is my favourite. I would recommend this lipstick all year round and it is definitely the best nude lipstick I have used.

This is a classic nude that would suit anyone and is hailed as a dupe for Mac Mehr. The packaging is beautiful and elegant. Its formula is creamy and lasts longer than my high-end lipsticks and at just £4 it shows you can get great value for money.

Milani Uptown Mauve

Milani Uptown Mauve

Violets and mauve shades have always been a favourite of mine. Being a cool toned girl purple, cool pinks and reds have always suited me.

Milani lipsticks are a great affordable alternative to high-end lipsticks like Mac. I have found many dupes of Mac shades at Milani and they last long and smell great.

I always get compliments when I wear this lipstick and it is one I reach for time and time again. This is another great all-around lipstick but I mainly wear it in summer as a bright pop of colour.

Mailani Violet Volt

Milani Violet Volt

Violet Volt is halted as a dupe for Mac’s Violetta. This bright purple makes a bold statement. This is the most gorgeous purple and I adore it. Milani lipsticks have a great creamy formula, they last long and wear down well. Another great thing is the price, they offer great value for money.

revolution renaissance lipstick restore

Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipstick in Restore.

This is not a lipstick for the faint-hearted. I do not wear red often as I prefer purple. However, summer is the perfect time to wear a red lip. In my opinion red lipstick is the ultimate bold statement and summer is the time to be bold.

This is an orange based red that adds a tropical flair to any look. I rave about the Revolution Renaissance lipsticks because they are amazing. They have the longest staying power of all my lipsticks and the creamy formula hydrates the lips. What more could a beauty addict want?

Mac up the Amp

Mac Up the Amp

Up the amp was one of the first Mac lipsticks I bought. This shade is perfect for everyday wear. I would describe it as a mulberry shade, a beautiful purple.

It is easy to find a dupe of this shade. Since I moved to cruelty-free products I will not buy Mac again. Dupes are Cliche from the Revolution Renaissance lipstick range and Mulberry by Collection.

Clinque chubby stick grateful grape

Clinique Chubby stick Grateful grape

I bought the Clinique chubby sticks in the January sales. I used to wear Clinique in my teens and so the idea of the brand intrigued me.

I have since moved to buy only cruelty-free products, so repurchasing these would not be possible. These lipsticks are full of moisture and are pigmented. They are perfect for summer as they wear down well and still leave a hint of colour even when they have worn down over time.
Grateful grape is a beautiful vibrant pink shade with a hint of purple. I know that I will look beautiful throughout the summer using these.

Clinque Chubby stick Mighty Mimosa

Clinique chubby stick Mighty Mimosa

This is an ultimate ‘Your lips but better’ shade. I love wearing this on limited makeup days. Makeup in the summer months becomes an uncomfortable chore. I don’t like wearing makeup in the hot weather, this gives my lips a lovely natural colour and lots of moisture.

Revolution renaissance lipstick Renew

Revolution makeup renaissance lipstick in Renew

This is similar to Greatest but has a pink tone to it. They might both be nudes but renew is better worn in the summer. This is my personal preference as I feel it looks better when I have a tan.

Revolution Renaissance lipstick awaken

Revolution makeup renaissance lipstick in Awaken

It is yet another Renaissance lipstick. This is another nude, I love nudes in summer. Awaken is lighter than greatest and has a warmer tone to it. This is another nude that I feel suits me better with more colour in my cheeks. I used it for a recent festival makeup look and loved how it balanced out the dramatic eye look.

Mac Lickable lipstick

Mac Lickable

Having received this lipstick for a mother’s day, I love to wear this and remember how beautiful my children are. I saw this lipstick on a YouTuber called ItsEmChannel and I loved it on her. This is such a different colour than I usually wear but it makes me smile.

This lipstick would be great for an evening event where you want touch of drama but do not want to be having to do the whole smoky eye. I would go for a subtle eyeshadow, winged liner and this lipstick. Summer nights never looked so good.

Nyx run the world

Nyx Run the World

I am a hypocrite, I am aware of that. After writing my introduction and checking my list I realised I had included a liquid lipstick. I do dislike liquid lipsticks in the summer but this is an exception.

The formula to this liquid suede is soft and comfortable and they wear down extremely well. I adore this orchid pink/purple colour and it is a perfect summer splash of fun. I like to pair this with a plain, minimal makeup look and let the lips do the talking.

What are your lipstick recommendations for the summer? I want to know all about the lipsticks that drive you crazy when the sun shines.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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