Summer Nail Polish; Let’s Paint those Nails

Summer nail polish 

Summer is my favourite time to wear nail polish. My eyes light up at all the bold bright colours like a child in a sweet shop. The choice of different colours, textures and finishes makes summer the season for painted talons and toes. 
I have once again raided my nail polish collection to bring you a selection of polishes I will be wearing. As always, these are the personal favourites I own and are a guide for you all. Some of these may not be available but I am sure you can find alternatives. 


China Glaze Celtic Sun

This is not a polish for the faint of heart. China Glaze’s Celtic Sun can be seen from miles around you. This neon yellow is a cult classic in the nail polish community and it is easy to understand why. Nothing screams summer like this blinding yellow. 

China Glaze Thistle do nicely

Thistle do nicely is my go-to toenail polish. This neon peach is similar to the original ‘Flip Flop Fantasy’ which is an ultimate favourite within the nail polish community. With China Glaze changing the formation of Flip Flop and consequently the shade; the original formula became coveted. 
After doing my research, I found that this was a close match. I was not disappointed. This is a fantastic polish to wear with sandals and a Maxi dress or skirt. Having been to quite a few parties in the summer, this is a fun way of brightening any party outfit. 

Neon Green 

No nail polish collection would be without a trusty green. Green is often the last colour people want to wear but it is so fun to wear, especially in the summer. A neon green might remind you of highlighter pens, but is that bad? 
This polish is from an indie company called Freckles Polish. The company has closed but I have made a list of other possible neon green nail polishes. If you fancy bringing back the 1980’s then you cannot go wrong with a green neon. 

  1. China Glaze Poolside Nail Polish Collection 2010 – Kiwi Cool
  2. W7 Nail Polish 24 Neon Green
  3. KB Shimmer Partners in Lime
  4. OPI Did it on ‘Em’

Neon Pink 

A neon pink is perhaps the most acceptable of the neon polishes. It does not blind as much as a yellow and it is not as bold as a green or orange. Neon pink reminds me of girls jelly summer shoes; it wrecks of carefree days by the pool. 
If you do not want a full on pink nail you could always use it as an accent over another colour. White with neon pink dots is a fantastic option for an abundance of summer fun. As I have featured another Freckles Polish, which is no longer available, I have found some neon pink alternatives. 

  1. Nails inc. Claridge Gardens Nail Polish – Neon Pink
  2. Orly Nail Polish – Passion Fruit 
  3. China Glaze Neon Pink Voltage
  4. China Glaze 2012 Summer Neons Fruity Tankini
  5. China Glaze Neon On The Shore Sunsational Nail Polish Collection – You Drive Me Coconuts

Pinks and Purples 

Essie Jam n Jelly 

This polish looks good enough to eat. I have always been a fan of a bold pink rather than a baby pink. This hot pink jelly based polish makes your nails look like they have been dipped in candy. It also has a duochrome flash through it which turns purple as it hits the light. 

China Glaze Violet Vibes 

This violet shade is fantastic for any summer occasion. I love violet as a shade because it is not quite pink and not quite purple. It is the best of both worlds. I tend to wear a hair colour that is a similar shade so this polish compliments it greatly. I love to wear this polish matched up with a teal or turquoise clothing as they work well together. 

China Glaze, It’s Shore Bright 

It’s Shore Bright was one of the first nail polishes I purchased from China Glaze. I love this vibrant lilac/lavender shade and it is great for summer nails. I will say that the formula on this is not the best so I would advise getting a similar colour in a different formula. 
Since I bought this many years ago, China Glaze has improved their formulas greatly. I would suggest having a look at their new 2018 summer collection which has a similar shade to It’s Shore Bright. 

Blues and Greens 

Barry M Malibu 

I am such a fan of Barry M nail polish. The quality is always fantastic, comparable to China Glaze and OPI and the range of shades are fantastic. I am not a huge fan of matte nail polishes but I can get over the fact this is matte by using my favourite Seche-Vite top coat. 
This blue is the ultimate summer blue; bold, bright and vibrant. This blue speaks to my soul and would work great paired up with Essie Jam n Jelly. The bright blue reminds me of so many happy days in the 90’s where bold was always better. 
I would regularly wear blue eyeshadow in the same shade without hesitation, along with white eyeliner. Although my days of matching blue eyeshadow, white eyeliner and tons of bronzer are gone, I can still indulge with my nails. 

Barry M Guava 

Another tropical shade that screams cocktails in the sun. This is a great polish to match up with Violet Vibes due to it being in-between blue and green. I wear this polish a lot as it goes with most of my summer outfits and works well on both your fingernails and toes. I have recently worn this on my toes and I love peaking down to see the pop of colour.  Unfortunately, I have not included this shade in the picture as it was downstairs when I took my photos; I must try better as a blogger in the future. 

China Glaze – Too Busy being awesome 

Although I would not classify this as a summer nail polish I think this is a great option. This bold teal colour goes well with most other summer colours. Also, not every day will be blazing with the sun so a bright teal is a great ‘in-between’ polish that is appropriate for any time of year. 
This would be great with white polka dots or striped to create a new twist on the nautically themed looks that are synonymous with summer. 

OPI you’re so out of lime 

You cannot go wrong with a lime. This beautiful green will go with all of your summer wardrobes and bring some drama along with it. You’re So Outta Lime is a wearable polish; it is not too overpowering but also it makes a statement. Whether you wear it on its own, use a white base and dot on the lime or go the whole nine yards and match it with a yellow, this lime will bring a fruity smile to your face. 

Yellows and Orange 

OPI Copacabana 

Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl and I bet that she would wear this yellow dancing there. This is my favourite yellow and it is easy to understand why. This yellow is rich, it has a depth to it that makes me think of the Rio Carnival. 
I do not wear yellow or orange often on account it makes my skin look strange. However, I make an expectation with this because it is the most amazing yellow. I look at it and I think of pineapple ice cream, so refreshing. 

Barry M Papaya 

A classic peach shade is a summer go to. If you do not want to go full-on neon with something like ‘Thistle Do Nicely’ then this is a great alternative. The formulas on Barry M nail polish is fabulous and you get great value for money. I am currently wearing this on my toes as it feels appropriate for all the niceweather we have had. 

Add a twist 

OPI Alpine Snow 

Usually, a white nail polish is used for nail art. Wearing white nail polish is not a thing that is commonly done. However, in the summer, white nail polish can make a bold and clear statement. If you can get over the feeling that you are wearing white corrector fluid on your nails then this looks fabulous. 
Another great way of wearing white nail polish is with a topper over it. Whether it is glitter or flakes, a nail topper can make pulling off a white nail much easier. 

China Glaze Can I get an untz untz

A glitter topper is a great way of adding some variety to your nail polish collection. This nail topper is a firm favourite of mine. The reason is due to the different green glitters and the splash of purple it has. 
This topper is great to prolong a manicure; I often get bored after a few days of one colour so throwing over a topper like this can get me extra days out of my manicure. 

Love your Nails Pink topper 

This topper was received as a present in a nail polish set. However, I believe that Love Your Nails is available from B & M retail. This pink hexagonal glitter is a fantastic topper which I love; the pink and white striped design reminds me of candy canes. I love to place this topper over a blue nail polish as the colour combination is one of my favourites.
What are your favourite summer nail polishes? I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments. Do any of these featured polishes catch your eye, let me know what you think in the comments? 
Ciao, for now, beauties xxx

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  1. Love some of your colour’s I painted mine Neon Orange yesterday, so not usually my colour but it has brightened up my day 🙂 x


    1. MrsT says:

      You cannot beat a bit if neon to brighten your day; I did neon green and got quite a few reactions 😂😂


  2. Karine Beriault says:

    Love those colours! Thank you for the tips! Will definately use them!


  3. MrsT says:

    You are more than welcome, thank you for dropping by


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