Foundation Review; The Good, The Bad and The Smelly.

Foundation review

As I said in my base makeup routine, a good foundation that works with your skin is paramount. There is no point in having a perfect Wing or beautiful eyeshadow looks if you’re foundation is letting you down.

Finding the right foundation is an absolute minefield. Not only do you have the task of finding your shade, but also you need to consider the coverage and the type of skin you have.

The terrible thing about trial and error

As a makeup lover, I have tried many different foundations. I have wrestled with shades too dark for my extremely pale skin.  Experienced foundations that have emphasised my dry skin and also done the opposite and made me an oily mess. I have waded through all types of coverage from CC to full.

Placing reliance on the beauty community and their reviews, I have sworn to make better choices with my money. This is my attempt at paying it forward.

I hope that my reviews on these foundations will help people make educated decisions. I wanted to give something back to the community and hopefully help people avoid any disastrous foundation situations.

Revlon Colourstay foundation

Revlon colourstay in ivory

I have revisited this after having it a couple of years ago and not liking it on my skin. I used to have very dry skin and this foundation would emphasise it.

When I became more interested in skincare after my second child was born, I decided to treat myself for Christmas and get this. The colour match is perfect for me and this has become an everyday favourite foundation. The consistency of the foundation is very thin and runny but I like that because I can use as little or as much as I need to layer it up.

The foundation lasts well throughout the day and gives a great natural finish and works well with my skin. I use the dry/normal combination so cannot comment on the other formula. I love that they have now put a pump on this; it makes it so much easier to apply. It does not get as messy as the traditional bottle. This is hailed as a dupe for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation but at a fraction of the price. Who needs Estee when this does the job?

Primark My perfect colour

Ps my perfect colour in porcelain

This has become my holy grail foundation and at just £2.50 it is a pure bargain. Imagine my surprise when I found that this foundation was a nearly perfect colour match. When I first used it I was worried it was too pale. I soon realised that I had been so used to using foundations that were slightly too dark for me.

This is quite a thick formula but it makes my skin feels amazing, the vitamin E makes the difference. I suffer from dry skin and this is perfect for the winter months when my skin is super dry and sensitive.

I have yet to try this foundation out in the warmer weather so I cannot comment on that. However, you can use a small amount and get a lighter coverage than the medium to full coverage that it traditionally has.

I already have a back up of this foundation and I will definitely repurchase this the next time I am in Primark. I will stock up so that I have enough to last me over next winter. Primark has a nasty habit of discontinuing products that I love. Don’t you just hate it when beauty brands discontinue loads of stuff?

Rimmel Match Perfection

Rimmel Match Perfection in porcelain

This Foundation is a dream to work with and has been a much loved Holy Grail of mine for a while. The formula to this is quite runny and it gives a light to medium coverage that is buildable which is great as it adds variety. Colour match is perfect for me and my extremely pale skin and I love how this product works on my skin. This Foundation has blurring effect which works great for my wrinkles and it does not drive attention to the texture of my skin.

Rimmel, why can’t you be cruelty-free please? I hate that I can no longer by this foundation but on principle, I need to stand up for what I believe in even if it means I cannot use my favourite foundation. I’ve mentioned my decision to go cruelty-free quite a lot and I feel like a broken record talking about it but it means a lot to me and therefore I must make the little sacrifices in order for the greater good.

Vichy Dermablend foundation review

Vichy Dermablend in porcelain

When you think of porcelain, what do you see? Personally, I envision fine white china so I thought that the Vichy Dermablend in Porcelain would be right up my street. Oh, how wrong I was. I found that this shade again was too dark.

The coverage and the formula of this foundation is fabulous; It creates fantastic, flawless base It covers my redness without having to layer up the foundation. I have worn this on a night out and it has lasted all night and I have come home looking exactly the way I did when I left the house. I cannot though, get over the match, it is hard to blend down the neck and making it work.

Over time also, I have found that the formula has gotten darker. This may be due to buying it over the summer and now, having my winter complexion, I notice just what a mismatch it is. I am using up this product by mixing it with another paler foundation to even it out but I have had enough of it. If you can find a match to your skin tone and need a full coverage, long lasting foundation then this is perfect for you.

Makeup Revolution foundation

Makeup Revolution fast base in C1

So much hype surrounded this product when it was first released. This was mainly due to them having an extensive shade range, unlike brands like Tarte who were fighting off criticism for not being inclusive. I appreciate that Revolution Makeup has catered for extremely pale skin like mine, all the way through the spectrum to cater for dark complexions.

The shade C1 is a fantastic match for me and looks fantastic as my winter foundation shade, however, there is a problem. This foundation does not last. The formula of the foundation makes my skin look fabulous at first but within an hour or two it breaks up on my face.

Even on my dry, sensitive skin, this foundation is too dewy and my skin ends up looking like an oil slick. The coverage is great but the sheer issue of it lasting as long as an episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, I will sashay away from this in the future.

Collection Lasting Perfection foundation Review

Collection lasting perfection in ivory

This foundation was terrible; mainly due to the shade. I can usually get away with getting the palest foundation in most drugstore ranges and be able to make it work. This, however, was a big, fat fail for pale skinned girls that have a complexion similar to a milk bottle. When I applied the lightest shade, I remembered an Oompha Lumpha that had just been on a sunbed. I was orange and the worst part was the foundation also oxidises so it made it worse.

The foundation formula I found not special; it would emphasise some dryness but it might perhaps work better now that my skincare routine has been improved. I focused on trying to use it up over the summer when I was darker; but even then it was too dark for me. Perhaps the reason was due to the warmer tone of the foundation itself; I tend to wear either cool toned or neutral-toned foundations.

I have heard they have released a foundation that is a shade lighter which is great news. However, imagine my disappointment when I heard a Youtuber with a similar complexion as me say that it was still too dark. I did not like this foundation and even if they had my shade, there are cheaper ones out there that are better than this.

Olivia Hale Foundation review

Olivia Hale foundation in Ivory Lace

As I shopped in Home Bargains I noticed the Olivia Hale stand. I knew I had an eyeliner review planned and also had the idea for this Foundation review so decided to pick up these products.

This Foundation only cost £1 and it was worth the risk. Even if I tried it and didn’t like it I had only lost a pound. The shade Ivory Lace is slightly warm for me; but it is not too warm that I cannot get away with it. The colour match is more of a summer foundation in terms of the shade. Anyone who is fairer than me would be best staying away.

The formula is quite light and so is the coverage; it reminds me more of a tinted moisturiser or BB cream. I have not tried building it up but I don’t think this is a Full Coverage Foundation.

It took more blending than I usually do with my foundation. At first, it appeared streaky so I had to work my beauty blender into it more to even out the streaks. I didn’t mind that, considering it was only a pound. However, I wouldn’t pick this up when in a rush as it does take time to make it work.

I was surprised that this foundation looks good on my skin. I would recommend this to younger make-up addicts. If you do not need a lot of coverage then this is perfect for a budget fresh base.

The major negative for me was the smell of the product. This Foundation smells extremely floral and reminds me of skincare in the 1980s. The smell does not go away upon application. I could smell it after I had put my makeup on which annoyed me. If this did not have a smell I would definitely purchase it again, it is a great budget friendly foundation.

What foundations would you recommend? I am always up to try new foundations out; let me know what your favourites are.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. I recently tried Rimmel lasting finish foundation and I really like it, next one on my wish list is Perfect match one, it seems like everyone loves it. Thank you for reviews, it’s really helpful. xx


    1. MrsT says:

      I’m glad it helped I do really love the rimmel foundation. The concealer is also fantastic. Thanks for stopping by


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