Beauty Haul; what have I been buying?

June haul; Superdrug, Marks and Spencer, B & M, Face theory and Be Barefaced.

I do declare that this is the first beauty haul in a while. Now that I am on ‘project use up’ I have saved up my purchases up over a couple months. At this time last year, I would have been able to post a haul once a month. I am pleased that I have reduced my makeup spending as it has enabled me to branch out to other areas.
This haul encompasses many different products from makeup, perfume, jewellery and skincare.

Marks and Spencer

Butterfly Garden perfume

Marks and Spencer is a store I rarely buy from. I will definitely purchase from them in the future after testing their perfumes. I bought some perfume for my mother for mothers day; after she said how good they were I bit the bullet and added them to my basket.

The reason I bought the 25ml bottles was to try them out before committing to the more expensive 100ml. I needed some baby vests for my two-year-old daughter; it is nearly impossible to get vests with poppers for a two-year-old. While I bought the baby vests and some cute shoes for Layla I decided that I would pick up these perfumes.

This perfume is hailed as a dupe for the Marc Jacobs perfume Daisy. I do not have the original to compare and since as Marc Jacobs perfume is not cruelty-free I do not intend on comparing. This perfume is the perfect summer scent.

This perfume is fresh and feminine without being overly floral or smelling like soap as some perfumes do. I will be making this my summer holiday perfume definitely and I will be buying a bigger bottle when I run out of this.

New York New York perfume

This is the perfume I have been wanting to try for a couple of months now. Hailed as a dupe of Allure by Chanel, which is my favourite perfume, I wanted to test it out. I do have Allure in my perfume collection and was able to test these two together side by side.

New York, New York is not an exact dupe for Allure but they are similar in fragrance and notes. I believe that Allure has a more fresh air to it whereas New York, New York has an earthiness to it that makes them different. Having worn Allure for 20 years I do not think anything will replace it as my favourite but it is great to have an option.


Skull Bracelet

This is my favourite purchase over the past couple of weeks. I searched for more gemstone beaded bracelets when I can across this on eBay. Being a lover of anything that has a quirky design, these skulls are fantastic. I love that the skulls are multi-coloured and made from different coloured gems. This has not come off my wrist since I received it.

Bee necklace

Since I have been making more of an effort in the morning to add those finishing touches like bracelets and a necklace I have started to add some statement pieces to my collection. I had seen the beehive design and wanted something to remind me of Manchester.

Having lived in Greater Manchester for fifteen years; I understand the worker bee analogy associated with this great city. In the wake of Manchester bombing and seeing the community come together reminds me that amongst the hatred, there is hope. I wanted to get a bee tattoo but I have not had a tattoo in so long I think I am scared. A necklace helps me remember that we are all part of the hive and we have the power to make it work.

B & M Bargains

Coconut foot mask

This one I picked up after loving the Derma v10 versions. Coconut products are a real favourite of mine. I was slightly disappointed in these as it had less product in and it did not moisturise my feet as well as the Derma v10 ones. I will not repurchase this version again.

Derma v10 Peppermint foot mask

This is a real treat for my feet. I love the peppermint smell and also how soft my feet feel after I have used them. These are a bargain at just £1 and I will be repurchasing more once I use up the two I bought in this haul.


Shower gel

This may be getting excessive. I thought I would replenish some of the shower gels I had used since as though I did not plan to do another Superdrug shop for a while.
After purchasing another Mojito gel which is my favourite. I decided I would try out two new varieties. As I am a creature of habit I went with fruit-based scents as I know these fill me with joy.

Gosh CC cream in sand

As summer approaches and the temperature rises; a full face of makeup annoys me. A full coverage foundation is not ideal with the current warm weather, it can feel heavy and uncomfortable.

A BB or CC cream is a great alternative in the summer if you can cope with exposing some of your imperfections. I am lucky that my skin doe does not get spots often, however, I have started to develop some darker patches with age. In the summer my freckles cover my face and rather than hide them, I will embrace them.

I have heard many good things about this CC cream and after the Sleek CC cream was not a perfect match for my skin tone, I will try this. If you would like me to do a BB/CC cream review post, let me know.

Barry M concealer

This was a purchase I did not need, as I have enough concealer to last a few months. However, I wanted to try this as an alternative to the Revolution makeup Pro conceal in C1. The pro concealer is a brilliant concealer; the shade range is fantastic, the coverage is phenomenal.

The issue that I have with it is the creasing, it emphasises my fine lines and no matter how little of the product I use, it still makes them visible.

I am well aware that a concealer cannot reverse the signs of ageing, but having used the Rimmel Match Perfection I know that disguising it is possible. If I love this concealer then I will use them together. I can still use up the Revolution concealer in areas that I have not got fine lines yet.

Revolution makeup Microblade precision pencil in dark brown

The Revolution Makeup microblade precision pencil is so fine. I was reluctant to get this as I had a brow pencil issue with the brand before and they did not have an Ash Brown style shade. It was a delight for me to find that the shade was a perfect match.

This brow pencil goes on smoothly and gives a fine, precise brow. I have received compliments on my brows since using it. This might be due to it giving a similar effect that my Freedom Brow pomade gives which is one of my rides or die products.

I do not always have time to use a brow pomade so this is a great alternative. I found that the Nyx micro brow did not give me enough definition and at times was hard and waxy. This has become my favourite brow pencil. Will this beat the much beloved Nyx micro brow, only time will answer that question.

Superdrug Purifying sheet mask

Facial masks are always a massive chore. I remember in the past smearing a coloured, thick, gloopy concoction over my face and trying to relax in the bath. What proceeded was it burning or making my skin feel like stone. I then would have the unenviable task of either washing it or peeling it off my face.

Sheet masks are such a better alternative. You can just throw them onto your face and wait. If you have any adverse reaction you can take it off in seconds. Plus it is much easier to take off your face when you are finished makes sheet masks the best step in pampering your face.

I am excited to use this mask as I have found it hard finding sheet masks that I am certain are cruelty-free. I will let you know what I think of it in a future empties post.

Face Theory

Hydrating Tamanu Oil

This bottle is huge and definitely provides great value for money. I forgot, however, to look up what Tamanu Oil’s characteristics are. I had heard of it before but I could not place where from when I opened the jar I immediately knew where I had previously heard the word.

This oil is a brilliant oil but it smells like curry powder. I had a sample of the Tropic healing balm which I like but could not stand the smell and I used it up quickly. Unfortunately, I struggle to want to apply this oil every day as I can smell is strongly on my face.

I have been making good use of it though and have applied it to my legs after waxing to help heal them. This oil has also helped with sunburn by putting moisture back into my skin. I have also been using it on my feet as well. People neglect the feet but often they have the hardest job of all, keeping you upright.

Lavender night cream

After using up my La Roche Posay night cream and placing it in my empties I was after a night cream that I felt did something to my skin. I had not felt any magical tightening feeling with the previous night cream. It was a revelation when I tried this cream and felt my skin instantly start tightening, the smell is also a favourite of mine.

I feel that this night cream has helped my skin greatly and I would recommend it over the La Roche Posay one. I feel however they real test of this will be in the colder months when my skin is prone to dryness and sensitivity.

Rejuventating Moisturiser

Due to ordering from Face Theory, I thought I would stock up on a moisturiser while I was online. I have not tried this product yet; after putting it on my hand to test I feel like it will do the job well. I intend to test it after I have used my current moisturiser.

Be Barefaced Hydronic acid serum

This is a repurchase as I love how this serum feels on the skin. I use the cool and refreshing serum to wake myself up in the mornings. A skincare addicted friend recommend BeBarefaced. After purchasing the Vitamin C oil I went ahead and bought more from them. You can get Be Barefaced through their website or through Amazon.

TK Maxx

Cushion walk shoes

Due to a malfunction with my previous sandals snapping I bought these. I spent hours looking at different pairs on the internet. TK Maxx was my last resort and I was glad to find this pair.

I bought new sandals to wear in work. My feet stuck in socks and shoes in hot weather is something I detest . I hope that this will make work more comfortable.
I hope you liked my latest haul. What products have you bought recently? I would love to know about your hauls, let me know about them in the comments.
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. itsloulouc says:

    Great post! Love those Superdrug shower gels, smell so good! X


  2. Andrea says:

    I love the bracelet! It’s super colorful 😀


  3. this is a good haul – i’m curious how well the facetheory brand works


  4. kimmsbeautyy says:

    Great post!, Definitely need to try those superdrug shower gels!


  5. Those fragrance bottles are so fancy, I love how chic they look. Would definitely try New York one, it seems awesome. xx


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