Festival Guide; Mrs T style

Festival season approaches

Its that time of year beauties. Festival season is upon us and with it comes tents, music and maybe the occasional drink in the sun. Whether you go for just for the day or having the full weekend experience; planning is the key to an enjoyable festival.

Having been to a few festivals I have learnt a few things about them through bitter experience. I will always fondly remember the fantastic bands I got to watch, the fun I got to have with my amazing hubby and friends, however there are pitfalls to festivals.

Being totally honest; if I could take the large crowds and the camping out of festivals then I would be in heaven. Unfortunately I do not have the babysitter, funds or the influence to have a VIP pass or backstage access so going to a festival is not on the cards for me for a while. This fact, however, does not stop me from imparting my wisdom here so that others can benefit.

Grab a drink, get yourself comfy and let me go through what I have learnt from going to various festivals.

festival camping

Camping survival tips

I will set the record straight, I hate camping. I am a nightmare to have on a camping trip as I just do not enjoy it. However, when you want a weekend with your husband and friends enjoying as much music as possible it is a sacrifice I wanted to make. If you hate camping then maybe a nearby hotel will work out for you or even getting a ‘Glamping pass’ where you are ungraded with the facilities. These options come at great expense though.

Pop up tents

I would certainly recommend a pop up tent as opposed to a standard one. This will avoid any unnecessary arguing while putting up the tent. I remember vividly the arguments I would have with Mr T while trying to pitch a tent. We had driven for hours and then, instead of relaxing we had to contend with putting up the tent, a puzzling task.

Blow up mattress

Another necessity if you like your creature comforts. I have slept on the bare ground when our blow up mattress got a hole and it was not pleasant. A blow up mattress gives you more comfort and will mean you get a better nights sleep ready for the non stop standing around people do at festivals. I would also recommend you get an adapter that blows the mattress up using the car. It is not good having to hand pump a huge mattress up when you can do it in a matter of minutes with an automatic device.

Take a bucket

This is an essential for the night. You do not want to have to walk half a mile to the nearest camp toilets in the middle of the night, do you? It is easier to just pee in a bucket and then throw it out in the morning.

Take a flag

This is a great way of identifying your tent out of the sea of others that will be there. Finding your tent is such a hard task especially when you’ve had one or two drinks in the evening. You might get in trouble if you hang it on a flagpole but attaching it to your tent somewhere will help you know what to look for in the dark.

Take lots of bottled water

This is an essential for any camping trip. This saves so much time having to fill up at the water points. You will need lots of water for things like cleaning teeth, keeping hydrated and rinsing the night bucket. Just remember to mark your bottles if you intend on transferring other liquids into them. I once got a nasty shock one morning when I drank what I thought was water but found it to be vodka.

Flashlight and lots of batteries

This one speaks for itself and doesn’t need much explanation. It is guaranteed that you will be walking home from the festival and to your tent in extremely dark conditions.

Festival fashion

This has become a big seller in recent years. What you wear can be tricky on account of the weather. Here in the UK the weather is as predictable as a hyperactive toddler. It is impossible to know what to plan for. I recommend having options for all possibilities so you are not caught short.

I would recommend having one outfit for colder weather and one for extremely hot days. The rest of your festival clothes should be a mixture in between the two. This is a perfect way to adapt to all conditions.

*I have chosen these outfits all from Yours Clothing to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

summer trousers


Harem pants – Perfect for both comfort and versatility. Harem pants are great for festivals. They can be rolled up in a backpack and take up little room. Whether you get full length or go for a cropped variation, you will be comfortable no matter what the festival throws at you.

Shorts – Considering that most festivals happen in the summer months shorts are an excellent option. Although it may rain, it may still be warm. I have opted for a pair of jersey shorts, again out of the need for comfort. Cautiously, I stay away from denim shorts or extremely short shorts as I do not want to draw attention to my legs. I am cursed with larger proportioned legs so loose shorts are a comfortable option for me. The shorts in the picture look similar to a skirt which gives it a more feminine angle to your festival outfit.

Jeggings– This is perhaps the first item I would pack. Jeggings are perfect for a festival, especially if the weather is unpredictable. You can throw them on with some wellies or boots, a long t-shirt, jumper or oversized cardigan and you are in business.

festival style


With tops, practicality is the key. You will want tops that are comfortable, easy to roll up into a bag and also make a statement. I have picked a variety of tops that I would be happy wearing this summer and I think they would work great at a festival. You can choose to inject some colour, engage your inner rock chick or follow the off the shoulder trend.

festival shoes


Footwear is the most important part of festival planning. You will most likely have to deal with mud unfortunately. Sturdy footwear is also practical as you people will step on your toes at some point. You can opt for the classic wellie or boots.

Army boots

My problem with wellies is my calves are too large and they are tight. The solution to this is shorter wellies or garden boots. Boots are another great option as you can still look stylish and protect against the mud. I love the idea of wearing cowboy boots to a festival or a pair of Doc Martin style army boots.

festival hats


Not so much an essential but a practical option, a hat can bring out your inner fashionista. A festival is a great excuse to wear a hat as most of the time you can get strange looks when donning a hat. Whatever style of hat you choose, make sure you make a statement, it will make for great pictures.

Festival Make up

This is a duel edged sword. Makeup is the ultimate form of expression but it is a added luxury you might want to skip.

I have seen some amazing festival makeup looks, especially using glitter that would make for a great look.

However, the problem is application and removal. Who wants to be sat in a tent applying complicated makeup and a ton of glitter? I did not wear any makeup when I went to festivals as I was not a makeup addict at that point.

Even though I feel festival makeup is impractical; I have gathered together some really cool festival makeup tutorials from YouTube. If you go for the day or stay at a hotel then these are great.
Holly Boon

Jordan Nicola

Cait Marks

Chloe Morton


Danni Mansutti

Festival style

Staying safe

*Warning; I have gone into worrying mother mode. I have learnt many things from bitter experience and would not like others to repeat my mistakes so please take heed of this advice.

As much as festivals can be amazing, there can be hidden dangers. Like with any event, unpleasant things can sometimes happen. Unfortunately some people will prey on you while you have fun.

I had my digital camera stolen from my bag the last festival I went to and regret putting it in the easiest place for a pickpocket to take it. You have to have your wits about you and be conscious of those around you, as their intentions might not be honourable.

My Seven Safety Tips

  1. Expensive phones, IPod’s and digital cameras are a big draw for the thieves; think about leaving valuables at home. If want to take a phone/camera I would recommend a cheap one so that if it is stolen/goes missing, it is not as much of a loss.
  2. Keep your cash close to you. I would have a small purse that I would have in my inside pocket of my coat as it is harder to take. It might not be fashionable but I also have used a bag that I could attach to my waist. I would rather look sad than get robbed.
  3. Watch your drinks as it is so easy for things to be put into them. If you can get bottles so that you can put your thumb over it.
  4. If you are drinking, pace yourself; festivals are not fun if you miss half of it because you have drank too much.
  5. Stay with your friends, look out for each other. It can be so easy to get split up in the crowds but that is the time people will take advantage.
  6. Be mindful of the people around you. They are here to have fun too; not to be covered in the drink you have thrown in the air or stand in the noodles you have just thrown on the floor.
  7. Enjoy the moment; don’t waste time checking in on social media. It will be still there when you get home.

Do you plan on going to any festivals? I would love to hear about your festival experiences in the comments below. Is there any advice or items I have missed off the list?
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Great tips! I’ve been to loads of gigs and concerts but somehow never a festival. I think I need to change that! 😀


    1. MrsT says:

      A festival is a great experience. Everyone should go once in their lifetime if they are able. Thanks for reading.


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