Return of the Empties

Empties; return of the empties

Do you get a sense of achievement when you use a product up or are you the type to mourn the item? Doing empties posts has made me realise that I like using up things. Perhaps this is because I feel like I get my true ‘monies worth’. Since I started ‘project use it up’ I have realised that I have so many items to use up that has accumulated due to random hauls. If we get trapped in the house, at least I will have enough body lotion to last me for a year.

Hopefully you will enjoy this little rifle through the contents of my bin; I am shocked how much stuff I have used up since my last empties post. Make yourself comfortable while we talk trash.

Empties be Barefaced oil

 Be Barefaced corrective oil

I discovered this oil through a friend on a makeup group, she is a skincare obsessive and recommended it. I had not been using a facial oil since I had used up the Asda Nspa one I featured in my skincare post. This oil cost £12.99 and is available from Amazon or from Be Barefaced website. It is a nourishing and hydrating oil that I love to just both day and night. This oil has helped my skin cope through the beast from the east and all the horrible winter weather. The oil is unscented which is good if you have sensitive skin like I do. I shall be repurchasing this soon.

Empties Superdrug mojito and orange shower gel

Superdrug mojito shower gel & Dove orange shower cream

Perhaps this ‘project use up’ has encouraged me to use things up quicker out of sheer desire to finish them. This is definitely the case with the Dove orange shower cream. Once I had found the Mojito shower gel and made a bulk purchase at Superdrug, I was desperate to use it. The Dove shower cream was nice but I much prefer the Superdrug range as they are all cruelty free. The mojito shower gel smells so nice it made it to my May favourites post.

Empties dove shower gel

Argan oil conditioner

I picked this up in home bargains and did not hold out much hope for it but it surprised me. This is used to mix in with my hair dye to help condition it. I also use it to weaken the colour of the hair dye so I can get a more subtle look. This conditioner leaves your hair feeling amazing but that is no doubt due to the amount of silicone contained within the formula. I have recently tried to stay away from products with silicone in but nothing matches the feeling of my hair when it has been covered in a conditioner like this.

NYX micro brow pencil in Ash Brown

This is one of my favourite brow products and the colour match is fantastic for me. Being a person with a cool undertone to their skin I need a brow product that reflects this. The shade Ash brown is perfect, it works well with my complexion, hair colour and natural colour of my eyebrows. This is the third time I have bought this product and I will definitely repurchase it in the future. If you are interested in how I do my brows, you can find a post here.

Empties Primark PS love Foundation

Primark my perfect colour Foundation in porcelain

This foundation is awesome and I will no doubt repurchase it after I use up my backup. My skin is extremely sensitive and this foundation helps my skin with the added vitamin E. This medium coverage formula can be built up defendant on your preference and I often add more to my cheeks to cover my redness rather than use my concealer. This foundation gives my a flawless base, lasts throughout the day and only cost £2.50.

Empties Rimmel lasting perfection concealer

 Rimmel lasting perfection concealer in porcelain

This is such a good concealer and I have repurchased this many times before. I have even featured this on my 5 ride or die products. It works well under my eyes to brighten and hydrate. This concealer is a good shade match for my skin and hides my wrinkles well. I will not, however, purchase this concealer again on account of Rimmel not being cruelty-free. I currently use the Revolution Makeup conceal and define in C1 which, although tends to look cakey if you use too much, can be applied liberally to brighten the most tired eyes.

Empties slay all day setting spray

Gerard cosmetics slay all day setting spray in lavender

The Gerard Slay All Day is another ride or die product. I absolutely love this product, mainly because you can get various different scents. Lavender, to me, is calming and serene and I have enjoyed using it every morning for the past couple of months. This scent of the lavender one is strong and I found that it would linger. I did not mind this too much but after months of using this I became tired of it. This did not happen with the peach scent so I think I shall get that the next time I purchase one. I also want to try the watermelon one but that will have to wait.

Empties superdrug

Nivea daily essentials night cream

I had bought this because I had purchased a daily facial moisturiser and like it. There are many reasons why I will not repurchase this. The first one is that Nivea are not cruelty-free and I plan to move to more ethical products. Another reason was the way it reacted to my skin; it caused me to break out in spots. To use it up I ended up using it on my neck and décolletage. The final reason was the strong smell that I was not too keen on; this was an overpowering floral scent that I dislike. It reminded me of skincare in the 1980’s.

Superdrug Optimum skin renewal serum

This was an impulse buy and one that made me feel indifferent. I bought this while it was on offer to try a skin serum and I am not sure it did anything to improve my skin. This is another product that did not like my sensitive skin and would  slightly burn on my cheeks. It was not so bad that I stopped using it on my face but once I bought the Be Barefaced skin serum I moved this serum from the face to the decolletage. This smell of this product was nice, it smelt of crisp apples which was a bonus.

Dry shampoo

 Girls only hair care dry shampoo

This was a pretty average product, it did the job but did not blow my mind away. It does have a very strong smell which my husband found annoying when I would spray my hair in the bathroom at night. I would possibly buy this again but I would be best spending more and buying Batiste instead.
Seventh Heaven coconut face mask.

Another product to add to the avoid list. This mask, when first applied, burned my skin and was very uncomfortable. The mask did make my feel good but I am not certain it was worth the discomfort to use it. I much prefer an overnight mask which I can put on and leave rather than having to sit still with my face caked in mud.

NYX HD setting powder

Do not buy this powder. I had high hopes for this but I was so disappointed for one main reason; flashback. This powder is fine and goes onto the skin nicely but whenever you want to take a picture it is impossible not to look like you have talc under your eyes. If you like your powder to stand out then go ahead and buy this; I will be saving my money and staying clear.

Empties Boots concealer

Seventeen Phwaor paint in fair

As this was part of my first project pan, I was delighted to use it all up. This concealer is a super thick and high coverage concealer that also works very well as an eye primer. I loved to use this concealer to calve my eyebrows, it would define them and sharpen them perfectly.

empties boots mascara

Boots Seventeen Va Va Voom mascara in brown/black

This was a disappointment in so many ways. I had accidentally picked up the brown/black version rather than the fully black shade. This was also a disappointing formula and wand. I did not find it did anything ‘special’ to my lashes.

This is a great mascara if you want something extremely natural. I feel that this would be still be on the natural side even if I had the black shade. Boots have now started to discontinue its Seventeen brand which is a shame. However after paying £7 for this mascara I can honestly say it is not worth the money. Brands like Essence, Primark and Revolution Makeup do mascaras that are just as or better at a much cheaper price in comparison.

Empties Rimmel Scandal eyes Eyeliner purple

Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner in purple

This product is being binned rather than it being an empty, it has expired. I got this eyeliner very early on into rediscovering makeup and it has dried out. Having tried numerous times to revive this eyeliner I have had to admit defeat and just get rid of it. This eyeliner was average but I much prefer Essence eyeliners or Nyx eyeliners as they are smoother.

peach hand mask

Beauty formulas hand mask

Hand masks are not things I have tried before and the jury is out. I found it quite uncomfortable sitting with my hands in these gloves. The reason for my discomfort might have been because I couldn’t do anything with my phone while I had them on or just because they were different. My hands did feel slightly softer but I do not think they were any better than putting lots of hand cream on your hands putting cotton gloves on and then going to sleep.

Empties perfume

Avon little black dress perfume

Avon’s little black dress is a fantastic perfume that I have really loved using. I liked it so much I put it in my favourite scents post. The citrus notes full me with joy. It is a fantastic spring summer perfume, however, I will not purchase this again. My decision to go cruelty-free has meant many perfumes are now out if the question but it is worth my sacrifice. As I say to Mr T, protecting fluffy bunnies is worth it.

empties eyeliner

Primark PS Aqualine eyeliner

I recently reviewed this eyeliner and placed it in the average category on the post. I started using it again to finish it off and fell more in love with it. Had I miss judged this eyeliner? This has a great waterproof formula and applies smoothly. The only downside to this eyeliner is the wand is not the finest. I much prefer very fine, flexible tip as opposed to the chunkier one on this liner. I have many of these as back up eyeliners because they are cheap and reliable.

foot masks derma v10  argan oil and honey and almond

 Derma V10 foot masks

When I use a foot mask, I tend to leave it on throughout the evening and put my slippers over them. I enjoyed using these foot masks and will be purchasing them again as they were only a pound each. My feet felt moisturised and softer for a couple of days after so it was worth spending the evening sitting with them on.

empties crazy colour hair dye cylamen

Crazy Colour Hair dye in Cylaman and Ruby Rogue

I have been dying my hair using Crazy Colour for nearly a year now and I love the range of colours. I had my hair green first of all and then I moved on to the shade Ruby Rogue which is a dark pink/purple shade. Since then I wanted a lighter shade and experimented with the shade Cylaman. The colour cylaman is a fuchsia pink colour that blinds everyone. I will definitely be wearing these colours again on my hair again.

What products have you been using up recently? Let me know your recommendations and fails in the comments below.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Always Cleia says:

    I also love when I finish up a product instead of letting things accumulate. That mojito shower gel sounds so good, I love mojitos 😊


    1. MrsT says:

      The mojito shower gel is heaven, Superdrug have so many different scents, they are great. I noticed that when I was buying so much makeup it was ultimately going to waste it all because I cannot use it up.


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