My Travel Makeup Bag

My travel makeup bag; did I pack too much? 

I am somewhat of a home bird, preferring the comforts of my own home rather than venturing to different places. Occasionally, I do have to travel and packing is one of the main things that I dislike, especially when it comes to packing my makeup for travelling. If I had the opportunity, I would have taken my whole makeup box on holiday with me to visit family in Colchester but I doubt Mr T would have been too impressed by that. Plus, it would have been a little excessive considering that the car was already packed to the brim with other essentials. 

The day before we set off I was determined to plan my makeup travel bag carefully and with consideration. In one makeup bag I packed all that I needed. I was amazed how good I had been. Looking back at my choices I believe I packed too much stuff and did not need all of this makeup as I found out throughout the holiday as I did my face every day. 

Spectrum Makeup brushes

I would like to share with you all what I had packed, my reasoning for packing this and you can decide whether I packed too much or not. As always, I would love to hear your opinion on things in the comments below; I will let you be the judge. 

Nyx micro brow 

Brows are always the first thing on my list and this choice was easy. I did not want to mess around unnecessarily with a brow pomade and an angled brush. So I chose the next best thing. The Nyx micro brow is a holy grail product of mine but I am finding that I am struggling with the current one I have; it feels harder to work with and less pigmented. This products size and the great shade match make this an essential in my travel makeup. 

Ps Stay All Day Primer 

This was taken because I did not want to take my Illamasqua satin primer through fear of losing it. I hate the smell of this primer, it smells like PVA glue. Being sensitive to smells, this primer is a big no for me. I took it to try and use some of it up. As a primer; I am not sure it does anything to hold my makeup in place as the MUR fast base foundation does not last long anyway. This may have been an item I could have just missed out of my travel makeup as I did not see any benefit, unlike my Illamasqua satin primer which makes my skin feel great. 

Make-up Revolution face base Foundation in C1 

I mentioned in a recent haul that I was desperate to try this foundation after the hype surrounding it. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with this foundation in terms of longevity and the very oily finish it gave but I figured that I would pack it and give it a trial for the week to see if I change my mind. This foundation is definitely fast and applies quickly without much effort. It is also very small and compact which is perfect for travelling. It does not compare to my Primark PS Perfect colour foundation; but I am happy that I used this instead.  Messing around with a liquid foundation that can get everywhere is not ideal. 

Rimmel match perfection concealer in porcelain 

This is a product that I am trying to use up and will probably be in an up and coming empties post in the near future. This concealer is amazing and I love it but I shall not be repurchasing it as Rimmel are not cruelty-free. 
I feel like concealer is an essential travel item. Even if you do not pack foundation; you can still look respectable with the coverage the concealer gives in those troublesome areas. 

Nyx HD setting powder

I took this along thinking I would have loads of it left to use but I soon realised that most of it had gone and I had to ration it slightly. I usually use lots of powder to highlight my contour and I was planning to use quite a bit in the hope it would keep the disappointing foundation on longer. I managed to ration it and use it sparingly and I think I now have something to add to a future empties post. 

Loumanizer sister’s palette 

I will warn you, do not start trying to pan your makeup stash as it leads to misery. I have been trying to get rid of this since my first project pan post;  it will never end. As you can see I have made brilliant progress on the highlighter but I have been using the blush and bronzer religiously for months and still am nowhere near hitting pan. 
This is great for travel as it has all the things you need to brighten yourself up and add a pop of colour. The bronzer is too warm for me but I have been making it work. I love the highlight as it adds a gorgeous shine and is not overly glittery or metallic. The blush adds a very subtle pop of colour to the cheeks which is good if you want a healthy glow. 

Sleek snapshots palette 

I have so many sleek palettes; they are so great for travel on account of the size of them and you also get a mirror. Each palette comes with twelve shades which are a mix of shimmers and mattes; apart from the ultra mattes palettes. I chose to take the snapshots palette as this is my favourite. Moreover, I was desperate to inject some colour into my holiday makeup. 
This palette gave me lots of possibilities for different looks ranging from neutral to full on bold colour and everything in between. This palette is perfect for the spring and summer. I am obsessed with it and glad I dug it out of my collection. 

Autograph travel palette 

I do not think I needed to bring this palette with me but I wanted to try it out. My reasoning was it had neutral eyeshadow shades that I could match with the Sleek palette and if I got bored of the Mary Loumanizer or Cindy Loumanizer that at least I had a different option. 
Unfortunately, I used this palette once on my holiday. It is a great option for travelling but I found I had everything I needed with my Sleek palette. I tried some of the eye shadow shades and they are ok, they blend well but are not as pigmented as I would like.  This is a perfect option for anyone who just wants a very basic, everyday look when they travel. I am well aware that my wacky tastes do not suit everyone. These neutral tones would be a winner for loads of people. 

Eyeconic eyeliner 

This is my favourite eyeliner and had to come on holiday with me. Although I have not been applying my trusty winged liner recently I was sure I would need it and I was right. This eyeliner glides on effortlessly and with ease. It beats anything else I have tried in terms of the brush and application. The only thing that lets this eyeliner down is that it smudges if my eye waters during the day, not too bad but I suppose not everything can be perfect. 

Essence eyeliner in lucky lead, tu-tu-touquoise, I have a green and Nyx slide on, glide on in Esmerelda 

This is where the excessive part occurs. As I was sorting through my makeup to take I suddenly had a brainwave; if I want more colour I could just use eyeliner on my lower lash line. However, I could not decide which coloured eyeliners to take so I took loads and proceeded to only use one of them on one of the days.  I did use the Lucky Lead eyeliner more as it is great for tightlining and as a more subtle liner as opposed to black which I also like. 

P.S lash out mascara 

This is my favourite mascara and I am so glad I bought a couple to stock up. Primark has now stopped selling them. I love big, fat fibre bristled brush which makes my lashes look wispy and full of volume. 

Lip liner greatest 

This is such a universal shade and the lipliner helps my lipstick stay on throughout the day. I have only recently bought this liner but I have already used it loads mainly because I have had to sharpen it. I much prefer mechanical lipliners but since this one is in my favourite nude shade then I had to get it. 

Lipstick – Greatest, Mocha frappe and Wisteria 

I was planning to take three different lipsticks altogether; but I decided on these instead. Mocha Frappe by Beauty Bakerie is my all time favourite lipstick. I had not worn it for a while so I wanted to give it some love. This lipstick is such an original grey toned nude and it goes perfectly with many different looks, it especially compliments purple eye shadow. 

The next on is Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipstick in Greatest which is my everyday nude shade. Whenever I have no idea what lipstick to wear I pop this on and I am happy. It is a universal nude that suits everyone. For just £4 rivals higher end brands in both quality and price. 
The last one is a perfect spring purple/pink in Lime Crime’s Wisteria. I love this lipstick so much in the warmer months that I recently put it in my Spring Favourites. This is such a beautiful colour and reminds me of spring flowers. 

Setting Spray – Slay All Day in Coconut 

I have talked about this so many times and how much I love it that I am like a broken record. I could not do my makeup without setting spray, it is the most refreshing feeling when you spray your face with a nice smelling setting spray. 

What would you put in your travel makeup bag, I would love to hear what you think in the comments? 
Ciao for now beauties xx 

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