Perfect Pamper Night; because you are worth it.

Why Have A Pamper Night?

Self-care is a fundamental element of maintaining a healthy mind. Pamper night’s are a great form of self care. If you care about yourself and give yourself the time to feed your soul with the things that make you happy; it will ultimately make coping with the not so good stuff more bearable.

If we fill our lives with too many unpleasant experiences and neglect doing the things we like then we are destined to be unhappy and that is when the demons and the inner critic creep into your brain like a parasite that sucks the joy out of life.

For someone who is a beauty addict; a good pampering is the greatest way to care for yourself. Many of us might choose to go to the beauty salon to get our pamper fix; a relaxing massage or facial can make you feel fantastic. However, being pampered by somebody else can often be expensive, so what is the alternative?

Setting out some time for yourself and having a pamper night can do wonders for recharging the soul, taking stock of things and having a much-needed break from all of the unpleasant parts of life.
I thought I would write a guide to the perfect pamper session. I have included some of the things that I do in order to recharge my brain and take stock of things when I need some self-care. If you have any more suggestions please let me know what you do in the comments section.

Get comfy

This is my number one priority, comfort. Whenever I get home I do not waste any time to get myself into my comfy PJ’s ready to relax. Also, the temperature is so important when it comes to relaxing and I am usually too cold so I have slippers and my dressing gown on permanently around the house. I also have numerous fleece blankets that I use to snuggle up to when watching TV, it makes me feel safe and secure. Feeling comfortable is one of the best ways you can care for yourself; nobody wants to be restricted, so get those baggy, comfy clothes on and let it all hang out for just one evening.

Create the right mood

You do not want to be having a pamper session surrounded by chaos, do you? Creating the right mood can simply just escaping to a quiet room for a while, maybe in the bath. Being a busy mum of two, I rarely get moments of quiet but fortunately I can occasionally shut the bathroom or bedroom door and get some piece while Mr T has the children.

I will often light a candle when I have a pamper session; not because of the beautiful candlelight ambience but for the fragrance it produces. I am sensitive to scents and especially fruity smells; I could just sit in a haze of mandarin, lemon or limes if I had my own way. Beautiful and sumptuous smelling things makes me feel alive. Usually, the smell of fruit sharpens my mind and reminds me of the beauties of the world.

Indulgence is the key

I spoke about being indulgent in my self-care post; it is the key to a good pamper session. You are allowed to be indulgent from time to time; whether it is with music, TV, food or even the odd drink or two, if it makes you feel good and it is in moderation then have at it.

One of my favourite things to indulge in is reality TV; I spent a glorious hour in the bath the other day catching up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I also like to indulge in a cup of coffee or an iced coffee from Costa; that usually happens if I do a Friday night pamper and I can nip in after work and bring one home. Other times it can be just having something different to drink. I like to use Mojito syrup and lemonade to make a non-alcoholic Mojito or do the same with Pina Colada syrup; it makes the night special without the hangover of the next morning.

When I used to live by the sea I used to take the time to indulge in just sitting and watching the sea. I would ideally live by the sea if I could as I feel I have mermaid DNA and the sea calls out to me. Maybe I am like Moana and should go on a quest to steal the heart from a crab and sing songs with a Demi-God.

Treat yourself with love

If your confidence needs a boost then make an effort to show yourself some love. You could get a gratitude journal and write in the things you are grateful for in it.. You could also make a list of things you have achieved, the skills that you have and the good things about yourself. If you struggle to think of stuff, ask your friends, family or partner what they think; I bet they have an extremely long list. Looking at yourself from other peoples point of view can often so that you can be your own harshest critic and there are many things that should be celebrated.

Prepare and pamper

Get that fancy bath bomb you have been saving out and do not scrimp on the bubble bath. Do all the little things that make you feel beautiful; whether it is shaving, exfoliating or lathering yourself in body oil. Do what makes you feel like a queen and don’t worry about the mess in the bathroom, you can sort that out later.

I rarely have a bath so when I do I make the most of it and make sure I use my special bath products. Previously, I would use the Lush body scrub which would make my skin feel heavenly, I must get some more. The Sanctuary salt scrub is another fabulous option to buff the skin and make it feel amazing. When I have a pamper session I will make sure that I use body lotion as I do not use it all the time and it is an added luxury. I will also use a facial serum and facial moisturiser on my decolletage and the neck/shoulders as this is an area that is prone to ageing quicker and needs some extra TLC.

Masks are not just for superheroes

Facials at the beauty salon can be expensive as wonderful as they can make you feel. So what do you do if you cannot afford it or do not have the time? You do it yourself. Skincare Masks come in all shapes and varieties and you can get a mask for everything. At the moment, I am sat with a foot mask on as well as a face mask and eye mask as I type; I plan to use a hand mask later when I watch TV. Even if the masks are from the discount store, the act of taking the time for yourself to pamper your skin is enough to lift any beauty addict from feeling down to feeling on top of the world.

Finishing touches

I always love the little finishing touches that show that extra time you have spent on yourself. Painting your nails or doing something special with your hair are great examples. I have always said that doing my nail polish is the ultimate finishing touch, it makes me feel complete in terms of my presentation. When I pamper myself I will usually pick a green or purple shade because they are my favourite colours. If I want to feel like I am ultimately pampered I will paint my toenails. I often neglect my feet. I rarely wear nail polish on my toes so this for me is the ultimate indulgent act.

Don’t forget to breath

Taking the time to focus on your breathing sounds simple. Taking a moment to focus on your breathing is a great way to ground yourself and help your mind. I often just sit in the garden or lie on the bed and just focus on breathing. While I focus on my breathing I let whatever thoughts I have just drift into the background; I imagine they pass by like a train. This technique links to mindfulness practice and you can get mindfulness resources from The Oxford Mindfulness Centre or from Headspace.

What would you do on your perfect pamper session; I would love to hear what makes you feel pampered in the comments? Remember, you are valuable and deserve some time for yourself and promoting a healthy mind.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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