Winging it; Epic Eyeliner Review

*Parts of this post were originally posted in an eyeliner review last year. I have decided to update it to reflect all the eyeliners I have tried.

Eyeliner is Epic

Anyone who knows me knows how addicted to eyeliner I am; I love the stuff and cannot exist without my trusty wing as my homage to eyeliner, to wing or not to wing, demonstrated.

I’m always trying out different types of eyeliner in search of that perfect product. That one eyeliner that makes my wing as sharp as a razor. I have always been a liquid eyeliner kind of girl; pencils make me look like a strange panda. Whereas gel liners just refuse to co-operate with me and go on smoothly even when I am extremely careful.

Having spent the past three years experimenting with my makeup I have tried a variety of different eyeliners in the search for the ultimate ‘holy grail’ ‘ride or die’ eyeliner. In that search, I have battled with wands, fought with runny formulas and rectified smudges all to find that one special eyeliner that steals my heart. Here I will bring you some of the best, mediocre and worst of the eyeliners I have tried so hopefully you will not have to make the same journey I did.

The Best

These are in my opinion the best eyeliners I have used. These eyeliners make putting a wing on super easy and super quick. As far as eyeliners go these are the bee’s knee’s and I highly recommend them.

Nyx Collection Noir Liquid eyeliner
Nyx as a brand come out with some amazing quality products. The brush is fantastic for thinner lines, the liner itself goes on smoothly and effortlessly and it stays on all day long without smudging. I can create a wing in a matter of 15 seconds flat It is that awesome. The applicator is slightly longer than some liquid eyeliners and this is a real advantage. I like the long applicator because it means your hands a further away from your eye so I feel I have more control over it. The Nyx eyeliner also lasts all day without making any attempts you smudge and go full on Panda eye; this is a real bonus.

PS Eyeconic pen eyeliner
I love this eyeliner so much I went into Primark and bought five in order to make sure I was stocked up on them. This eyeliner is my go-to eyeliner of the moment and I hope they do not discontinue it like they did my favourite mascara. This eyeliner pen reminds me of the Kat Von D tattoo liner, but for the bargain price of £1.50. The fine, flexible nib means that I can do my wing in roughly thirty seconds and it will look exactly how I want it. The only thing I do have is that if my eyes get super watery, then the formula smudges a tiny bit, but on a daily basis I have still got my wings intact when I come to take my makeup off in the evening.

W7 Aye aye captain

I recently saw this in Poundworld and thought I would pick it up. This was purely for your benefit and was not a vain attempt to justify my makeup addiction. This eyeliner is fantastic for creating a sharp wing. It is not the thinnest brush I have used but it makes the job so easy. I can have a wing that is sharp and ‘on fleek’ within a matter of a minute. The formula is also very black and lasts well throughout the day and I am glad I took a gamble and purchased. If you are after a very striking, larger wing then this is perfect for you.

Essence Super precise eyeliner
This is like the Nyx liner but even cheaper. This eyeliner beat the Nyx one because it only cost about £2.50. However, I believe that this is now discontinued in its original form and has been rebranded. I have yet to try the newer version and will report back when I get my hands on one to try. Essence and Primark have this horrible habit of bringing in products just for the season and then discontinuing them. I expect eye shadows, lips and nail colours to change as the seasons do but how many times do you need to release a new mascara or eyeliner. The super-precise was amazing and it frustrates the life out of me that I cannot get my hands on it now.

The Mediocre

These eyeliners were not the worst, but they were not the best eyeliners for me either. These made me sign a resounding ‘meh’ because I was caught in the middle with these, they are average. These eyeliners do their job but they do not ignite a fire in this winged liner lovers heart.

Makeup Gallery liquid eyeliner
The Make Up Gallery eyeliner found in Poundland has its good points and bad. The applicator meant my hand was just so close to my eye that it made it hard to get a thin, neat line. I found it hard to use and even poked myself in the eye in the middle of a live makeup broadcast which I have never done before and since then. In fairness, the Makeup Gallery eyeliner has good staying power throughout the day and if you can negotiate with the wand then you have a real gem of a product at just one pound.

Collection Extreme 24 hour pen eyeliner
As a teenager, I used collection eyeliners a lot because of their price and they had good staying power and still do. I want to say that the Collection pen has the best staying-power of all the eyeliners and is even hard with makeup remover to remove every, single trace. This is great if you want your eyeliner to last; however, the main reason I will not be buying it again is the pen tip.
The pen tip on the Collection eyeliner is a lot of thicker than some pen eyeliners which have a thin pointed tip. The tip of the collection liner it is so thick it is hard for me to get a line over my lid as I have slightly hooded eyes. I always end up looking like an Amy Winehouse tribute when I use that pen, so it has just been sitting in the draw, unloved and unwanted. It is ridiculous in the day of thinner brush like liners that the Collection one still feels it appropriate to have a tip as fat a marker pen, It just doesn’t make for a glamorous look which is a shame because the formula is good and at £2.99 it is a good eyeliner.

Maybelline Master Precise
This was one of my first purchases when I started becoming addicted to makeup and it made creating a wing so easy. I used to use the Maybelline master precise eyeliner pen and that was great for its application, so easy to get a thin line, but I found the eyeliner itself did not last long and I would always be missing my left wing by the time I had finished work. If you are prone to watery eyes then this eyeliner will not last.

PS Aqualine eyeliner pen
I bought these by accident when trying to find the Eyeconic eyeliner. I could not find any of my favourite eyeliner pens so I bought this in the hope that the brush would be the same. I got home to find out I was disappointed and the nib was not the fine, flexible nib that makes the Eyeconic eyeliner has. However, this eyeliner is not a total fail as it has great staying power and with a careful hand, it can create a fantastic wing. The only reason it falls into mediocre is that it takes longer to do my winged liner compared to the eyeliners in the best category. I wish they would release a cross between this and the Eyeconic as that would be my ultimate eyeliner.

The worst

These eyeliners are the stuff of nightmares. Imagine a horrendous eyeliner day and these products are responsible for them.

Makeup Revolution line and flick
I had such high hope for this and was ultimately let down by it. This is a 2 in 1 eyeliner where you get the pen eyeliner and the retractable kohl eyeliner in a double ended pen. The nib on the liner pen is far too stiff and the kohl part is too thick that when you do your lower lash line you look like you look like you went too heavy with it. I also found that the pen liner was difficult to work with and get a good wing, I ended up poking myself in the eye a few times with it.

Secret Key quick eyeliner
At first, I thought I had found my ultimate eyeliner but again I was horribly wrong. The nib was thin and flexible, the liner was black as the darkest night, it went on super smoothly, I was in love. The problem occurred shortly after when the liner started feathering and running everywhere. This only started happening a few applications after my first try of it and I tried to keep going with it but the more I used it, the more watery it got. I will be running in the completely different direction from this eyeliner just like it did to me.

Olivia Hale Eyeliner

The Olivia Hale cosmetics range can be found at Home Bargains and retail for just a £1. I picked this up especially for this review thinking ‘it is only a pound, I wont lose out’. For the price of £1 I got an eyeliner that I just could not use. I disliked everything about this eyeliner, the wand was clumsy to use and the formula made my eyes sting slightly. I wore this eyeliner for one day and swore never to wear it again. I still have this in my makeup box but it will be making the journey to one of my empties posts in the future.

Rimmel super precise eyeliner
I bought this because I had so many Rimmel products I liked and having researched the nib it looked like a winner. I was so excited to try it; I did one eye effortlessly and with ease but that is when my hopes were shattered. I went on to do the left eye and could not get any product out of the pen. This was as dry as a desert in hell after just one eye. I quickly grabbed another eyeliner to complete the left eye and put the liner nib side down to see if that would help. The next day I went to try again and exactly the same thing happened. I admitted defeat and threw the pen away and posted an angry comment on Rimmel’s Facebook page.

Do you have any best and worst eyeliners I should try out I would love to know about them in the comments? Do you like review posts; is there anything you would like me to review?
Ciao for now beauties x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. wraemsanders says:

    I love eyeliner… I like pens the best. My fave is wet n wild h2o proof. It’s not a pen but goes on like one. Brushes just don’t do it for me.


  2. susietruett says:

    Love NYX! I will have to try that eyeliner! My go to is Clinique’s Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen. Really enjoyed your post!💕💕


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