Stylpro Review

What is the Stylpro?

Before the Stylpro, washing your makeup brushes was a chore. It meant getting your hands full of soapy water and rubbing your brushes on some sort of silicone mat that looks like a strange massage device. Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is a vital and important step which avoids bacteria build-up, possible infection or contamination of your make-up products.
The Style Pro was invented by Tom Pellereau to drastically reduce the time it takes for makeup addicts to wash their brushes. It was invented, along with the Stylpro brush cleaner, to assist beauty professionals and the general public with the onerous task that we all hate. You can find out more about the creation of the Stylpro in this video.

Why I wanted one

Cleaning my brushes is a chore I absolutely hate. I have so many cheap brushes due to pure laziness. At one point, I used to clean my brushes in the washing machine. Yes, you heard me right, the washing machine; I would throw them in a pillowcase, tie it up with a bobble and put it on a cool wash.  I was not bothered if they broke, due to how cheap they were. However, now that I have upgraded my brushes to Spectrum brushes I cannot afford to put these into the washing machine.

Mr T bought this as a wedding anniversary present under my instruction, he is an amazing husband.  When it arrived I was so eager to get my stack of brushes out and clean them up. My son, intrigued by this device, wanted to try it out. However, I could not persuade him to clean all my brushes.

Roughly I have about 50 brushes and it took me 45 minutes to do the whole lot of them and that meant I would not have to do them again for a couple of weeks. I have since used it a number of times and will go through what I feel are the positives of the Stylpro as well as the negatives.


  • Quick
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Saves drying time
  • Variety of holders for different brushes
  • The machine is affordable


  • Does take time if you have a lot of brushes. This is due to the added drying time as opposed to washing them and leaving them to dry.
  • Unless you are using a high concentrate of the solution; it does not clean as deep as manual washing
  • Due to the way it spins, the outside of the brush does not clean as well.
  • Does not fit all brushes like the real techniques blush brush.

Mrs T’s verdict

I am glad I bought the Stylpro. It has helped me reduce the brush cleaning time and makes it easier to keep them clean. I now cannot simply throw them in the washing machine due to having more expensive brushes now so the Stylpro has been a blessing.

Having far too many makeup brushes, the Stylpro means that I can pass some of the cheap ones on and just use the better quality ones. I would recommend the Stylpro to anybody who dislikes washing their makeup brushes. The Stylepro makes cleaning so much easier and the fact that your brushes are dry within minutes is great for makeup artists and enthusiasts.

How do you clean your brushes; have you tried the Stylpro or similar makeup cleaning machines? I would love to know your opinions of the Stylpro or what your brush cleaning routine is.
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. debrahm says:

    That’s an interesting little gadget. I think your husband must be like mine, a sucker for every new gadget that comes along! Sometimes they’ve worked out great (like your brush cleaner thingy) and sometimes they become one more item for the next garage sale. Oh well, we love them because they think of us right? Good post and I love the look of your blog. Very modern looking with the charcoal colours.


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