Superdrug, Beauty Bay and Primark haul

Another haul; Superdrug, Beauty Bay  and Primark
I know, I said I would be shopping anymore. I have done well to curb the amount I spend on makeup but a few things slipped through the net in what was an absolutely horrendously busy month. I feel like this haul, apart from a few luxury items has been a practical collective shop. This may not be the most exciting of hauls but most of the products have not been bought out of impulse, I have considered things before parting with my cash.


Beauty bay 

Laura Geller duo highlighter 

I have been lusting after this for a while. I have been watching a great YouTuber called Lauren Mae Beauty who is a makeup artist and recommends baked vanilla for mature skin. I could not seem to find baked vanilla on its own, only as part of this duo set. I figured the other shade of highlighter looks  similar to the kind of highlighters I usually use and I can mix them together to get an extra special glow.
I purchased this from Beauty Bay as it was at the cheapest price with free postage. I have not bought anything from beauty bay in a while as I have been trying to curb my spending. The excuse I used to justify this purchase is that I had just finished a big set of drama exams at work; I had worked extremely hard an felt like I needed a treat. Just like my relationship with food, shopping is affected by my emotions, I am an emotional shopper.
First impressions of this highlighter are good it gives a more subtle glow that does not highlight my imperfections. The only negative about this product is the double-ended brush. I do not see why they needed to include this as it is a sponge brush and quite cheap looking. I feel like it devalues the actual highlighter, I would rather it was not included.



makeup revolution fast base foundation in C1

Makeup Revolution fast base foundation in c1 
I saw so much Hype on YouTube about this product the after resisting the temptation for a while I finally gave in. At just £5 this is a bargain product and worth the try. I already knew that they had the right shade for my skin in c1. This foundation is definitely fast to apply and blend out however that is where the positives stop I’m afraid.
My first impressions are not good; the foundation does not last past a few hours and is so oily that I had to powder it down which  I’ve never have to do. If you have oily or combination skin stay clear if this. If your skin is ultra dry then it might work better but it does not last well at all. I do not regret buying this as I had a major case of FOMO and needed to try it myself. I plan on using it on days when I do not need to be out for hours as it is extremely fast to apply and the shade is perfect for me.

Makeup Revolution Pro conceal in c1
I have been waiting for this concealer to come back into stock on Superdrug for a while. I was so happy to find that it came back into stock and I could purchase three of them so I have enough to last me a couple of months. This concealer lives up to the hype that surrounds it in the beauty community. The shade range is fantastic and I have finally found a concealer shade that matches my pale skin. The coverage is great although I prefer to dot it on as swiping too much on emphasises some of the fine lines under my eyes.
The only downside of this product is the small amount that you get. I would rather pay more and have more product that will last longer. As I have mentioned in my base makeup tutorial, I have base products that I  like and am unlikely to test many others. This is why I would prefer a larger version as I do not envisage myself using any other different concealer.
Shower gel
Usually, I would just buy shower gel on the supermarket shop but because I needed the concealer I decided to stock up. Since moving towards cruelty-free products I have come to realise just how many of our everyday products from the big brands are not cruelty-free. I knew that Superdrug have their own range of products and that they are not tested on animals or sold in countries that have compulsory testing.

mojito and satsuma shower gels superdrug

Mojito and Satsuma shower gels 
I wanted to stock up so I bought three bottles of each as they were also on offer at the time. I am obsessed with both of these scents for different reasons. Mojito’s are my favourite cocktail and I have so many fond memories where a mojito was in my hand; the smell reminds me of happy times. This is why I will always pick up mojito scented products because along with the smell of Pina Colada, fruity scents make me feel happy and uplifted, it is like scent therapy whenever I have a shower.
This idea of smells being used as a form of self-care is also true with the Satsuma shower gel. Many of my favourite perfumes have orange scents in them like Mandarin. The smell of satsuma reminds me of my teenage years when I would get the Satsuma shower gel from The Body Shop. Fruity smells are my favourite type of scent and remind me of carefree times; they make e feel fresh and alive.

energise mens shower gel from superdrug

Men’s shower gel
This is not for me but for Mr T to try. He usually uses Lynx shower gel and says the other shower gels are not as good. I alerted him that  lynx was not cruelty-free and bought this to try as an alternative. If this one doesn’t please Mr T then I am determined to try as many alternatives as possible to try and find a suitable cruelty free option. If these options do not please my husband then he is free to buy whatever he wants as I don’t want to push my own beliefs on him forcefully.

Eye mask
I have been intrigued by the idea of using an eye mask to pamper myself with. One of my favourite YouTubers Ma uses eye masks regularly and I thought I should maybe give it a try. Have you been made more aware of the importance of skin care and looking after your skin I have no come to realise that’s I under eyes are a big giveaway to the condition of my skin.
I have not tried these eye masks yet and I’ve come to realise that I struggle to have time where I can just sit with these on. I was disappointed to find that these ones are shaped like a superhero eye mask and do not apply under the eyes like the eye mask I hoped to get. These eye masks  similar to a sheet mask so you need to be able to be in one spot. I might have to wear them while I watch  TV with Mr T.

While stocking up on shower gel I thought it best to pick up a bottle of shampoo to try out. I still have shampoo I need to use up and have been working the array of different bottles into my empties. I don’t usually take much notice of shampoo and just buy whatever is on offer at the time. Taking care of my hair has never been that much of a priority as I just usually shampoo it and then leave it to dry naturally.

Dry shampoo 
Dry shampoo is an essential item and I always use  it so that I do not have to wash my hair as much. I try not to wash it too often as it was her out my hair colour and I do not want to be forever topping my hair up with hair dye. Dry shampoo will give me an extra day and I  like how it freshens my hair and makes it smell amazing. I bought this dry shampoo because of the coconut scent and it is the perfect scent for Spring and summer.



ladybird t shirt

Ladybird t-shirt 
I saw this T-Shirt and immediately bought two. I associate ladybird’s with my daughter and so this was a no-brainer purchase. I  like the patterned T-Shirts from Primark and this is perfect for me; the pattern is quirky and fun and the lighter grey is a colour I prefer over white based T-Shirts. I have been buying one size higher in tops like this as I prefer them to be longer on the torso.

black and brown hair clips

Hair clips 
I usually never put my hair up but recently I have felt I needed to. This is maybe because my hair has got too long and I need a haircut or for practicality , having two young children under my feet. I would, in the past, use a bobble to tie it into a ‘mum bun’ but recently I have moved to large clips to put my hair in a bun or to twist it up and then clip it.

powder blue nail polish

Blue nail polish 
I had forgotten to polish my nails before I went away on holiday so when I looked in Primark and I saw this powder blue polish I thought I might get the change to paint them. I also bought a top coat as well, I could not see a base coat so I just figured I would do without it. After all that though, I never actually painted my nails which is a common occurrence as I never put it as a priority. I must make it my goal to actually wear nail polish as there are many lovely spring nail colours in my collection.

Black Mac 
I mentioned in my clothing Wishlist that I needed a new jacket and I debated between a rain mac or a trench coat style jacket. Just a week after writing that post I spotted these black mac in Primark and instantly had to get one. This is perfect for me for Spring and Summer; although people wouldn’t usually wear black in the warmer months, a black jacket is my comfort blanket and I can dress it up however I like.

black brogues

I wasn’t needed a new pair of shoes for work as my Chelsea boots I got from eBay had started to split at the sole. I used to spend a fortune on shoes from Clarks and I do not  see the need to now; yes they do last longer and are a quality item but as fashions change so quickly I would rather get shoes that are cheaper and do not last as long for work. I always opt for a flat or  low heel as I cannot wear heels and have not worn them in many years.

Primark socksSocks 
You can never have too many socks is such a try statement as I always lose socks, or more accurately, losing one sock and then not being able to wear them. I saw these and bought them because they are colourful and fun. Pineapples have been on trend for the past few summers and do not appear to be going away; I have seen so many home decor items that are pineapple themed. The cactus design appears to be a new thing this spring/summer and the market is slowly flooding with all things succulent; home decor, women’s wear and even kids wear. With last year being the ‘year of the unicorn’ I am sure that the prickly cacti will be a motif on many an object this summer.

I hope you have enjoyed having a look at my spending habits, have you done a haul recently? I love hearing all about the products you have been buying so let me know in the comments.

Ciao for now beauties xx

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachael says:

    I’m in total agreement about the Revolution Fast Base. I thought it was terrible. I put it straight in the bin.


    1. MrsT says:

      I am still trying to use it up on days I am not out all day. I feel guilty throwing it away.


  2. Vox says:

    Dry shampoo? I have never tried this… Great beauty round up.


    1. MrsT says:

      It is an absolute lifesaver if you are in a rush and don’t have time to wash your hair. Thanks for stopping by


  3. BeingChloe says:

    I really want to try the Revolution foundation stick but they never have it in stock in store! I will have to order a few online x


    1. MrsT says:

      It is not very good in my opinion, unless you have really dry skin it does not work well


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