Empties Vol 2; The Empties Strike Back

It’s trash talking time again. It does not seem to be that long that I did my last empties post but here I am, rummaging through my rubbish again so that I can give you my humble opinion on the products I have used up. As with every post, this is merely my opinion and is not the definitive answer on life, the universe and what makeup to buy.

Tropic healing balm
This is something that I was given as a sample by my sister in law who is a Tropic seller. She knew I suffer from redness of my cheeks and suggested I give it a try. I have used this whenever my skin has needed some extra moisture and care. I would put this on at night to help heal my skin.
I like the way it is moisturising, like a lip balm for the face. However, I cannot handle the smell of this product. The smell is similar to curry, due to the turmeric that is in it. Whenever I would put this on I would have to endure the strong smell; hence why I would use it at night.
I would not purchase this item, unfortunately. I am a person that reacts strongly to smell and no matter how good this product was, the smell is a deal breaker. Considering the price of this product I feel that there are other products on the market that offer the same benefits but are cheaper and does not have the smell.

I also had to cut the top off the tube eventually as it was impossible to squeeze out of the tube; once I did that I used it up pretty quickly.

Lacura night cream
I had heard a lot of things about the Lacura Caviar Illuminating night cream on makeup Facebook groups. It is reported to be a dupe for the caviar crème which cost £6.99.
The first thing I noticed about this cream, again, was the smell. It has a strong smell similar to sun cream which I associate with skincare products from the 1990s. The smell is very synthetic and overpowering and once again it put me off. However, I continued to persevere and started using it nightly and then soon noticed my skin did not like it at all. I started breaking out, which is a sign my skin is reacting to it and it was aggravating my sensitivity on my cheeks.
I felt annoyed that I had spent £7 and could not use the product until I came up with a great idea. I decided to start using it on my neck and décolletage after I had showered. This has helped in two ways; using the product up and actually making me pay attention to my décolletage which I do not often do.
I would not purchase this product again as it reacted badly on my face but I was happy to be able to use it up and I will continue putting night cream on my décolletage as it has become a give away sign to how old I am.

Essence two-in-one eye primer in Rose
This felt like it took a decade to use up, I was using this every day and it felt like it was never going down. I put this product in my project pan and made it my goal to use up. I am so delighted to finally use it up.
I plan to repurchase this product if it is still available as I feel like it is a great primer and just as good as the Urban Decay eye primer. This goes on like a Mac paint pot and covers everything to give a great base for your eyeshadow. The primer helps my eyeshadow stay on all day and makes blending easy. I am currently using a concealer to prime my eyes and I am seeing the difference, my eyeshadow is not last as long throughout the day.

Essence Super Precise Eyeliner

This is the most amazing liquid eyeliner and is a holy grail product for me. However, I have heard that this has been discontinued which is so sad. I love Essence but I hate when they discontinue every product that I love. I am becoming disappointed with my local Wilko store as the Essence stand has barely anything at all and it looks a mess.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
This is another Ride or Die product that I have purchased many times. This was my perfect foundation; the shade matched me perfectly and the formula was hydrating and blurred out many of my imperfections.
I have already mentioned earlier that I am planning to move to all cruelty-free products and so it is with disappointment that I have to say goodbye to this product. I am planning to write a post in the future about my decision; I do not see why, in these modern times, why all products cannot be cruelty-free.

Nyx pore filler primer
I bought two primers when I was doing an Nyx shop and could not decide which one to get. I had already used up my Nyx HD primer which can be found in my empty post. This primate is hailed as a dupe for the benefit porefessional and in my opinion, having tried both this product is better than the famous Benefit primer.
This primer smooth’s and fills pores and makes a silky base for your foundation. I have found that I prefer a more hydrating primer so I shall not be making a repurchase but I would recommend it if you want this type of primer.

Derma V10 micellar water
This has to be my ultimate micellar water and when I purchase it I stock up with several. This primer is great at removing makeup and it is gentle on my skin, unlike some other micellar waters I have used in the past. You can get this at Home Bargains and other similar discount stores. The brand is also cruelty-free which means I do not have to switch products as I move to all cruelty-free products.

Cotton pads
The necessary evil of taking your makeup off with micellar water is the fact that you need to use cotton pads with them. I regularly go through many packs of cotton pads and have gone through considerably more at this point due to my kids having chicken pox. I picked up some cotton pads from Poundworld and I was pretty disappointed with those ones as although they’re oval they were not ribbed. I much prefer ribbed cotton pads as they seem to take my makeup off much easier and tend to feel better on my skin.

Having got annoyed with the Poundworld cotton pads I made a trip to Morrison’s and decided to pick some more up. I made sure this time that the cotton pads wear ribbed and these were much better. The cotton pads do the job well and I would repurchase them again next time I am in Morrison’s.

La Roche Posey Toleriane moisturiser
I talked about wanting this moisturiser in my Christmas Wishlist post and I was lucky to be able to get it with my Christmas/birthday money. I have used this moisturiser before and it helped in the winter when I was suffering from extremely dry skin while pregnant with my daughter.
This moisturiser is good for sensitive skin and it hydrates well, it creates a protective layer that is great for the harsh winter months. I will not, however, be repurchasing this product again as this company is not cruelty-free. I also think that the product runs out very quickly and for the price, I could get more for my money shopping elsewhere.

Makeup Revolution Illuminating setting spray

This is a great budget setting spray and really works well at keeping my makeup in place. I would buy this if I was not already obsessed with the Slay All Day which has a nicer scent.

The Slay All Day Setting Spray in Peach
I have already raved so much about the Slay All Day setting spray in my Ride or Die products post. The peach scent is perhaps my absolute favourite out of the three scents I have tried which are the peach, lavender and coconut versions. This is the most refreshing setting spray I have tried and the mist is very fine. Also, the bottle lasts a while even though I used it to damped my sponge and to set my face. I will most certainly repurchase this product, possibly in the peach scent again as I love the smell so much.

PS iconic eyeliner and P.S lash out mascara
Primark has really impressed me over the past six months with their makeup products; they are brilliant quality and are so affordable. These two products are my favourite eyeliner pen and mascara as they do exactly what I want them to do. I have already repurchased the eyeliner in a recent haul along with two more of the mascaras.
The eyeliner pen is similar to the Kat Von D eyeliner pen which is a much-hyped product, but this is a fraction of the price. It glides on effortlessly and makes winged liner so much easier to do. The only thing that I am disappointed about this eyeliner is that if you have watery eyes, it can be prone to smudging at the end of the day.
The mascara is my perfect mascara but unfortunately, I think they have now discontinued the product as I cannot find it anymore. It has a natural bristled brush that is very thick and full so it gets every single lash. Also, the formula is on the dryer side, another thing that I prefer as I hate very wet mascaras. Just when I had found a mascara that was just as good as the Chanel Dimension one that I like, they stop making it. Just my luck.

PS My Perfect Colour Concealer in Porcelain

I will not be purchasing this again for several reasons. The first is how quickly it ran out, I bought it at the same time as the foundation and my foundation has lasted forever, but this does not seem to contain much product. The second reason is the shade, it is far too dark for me; this is a very yellow toned concealer and it does not suit my cool toned skin. After using this up I fell in love with the Makeup Revolution Pro Conceal which is a perfect shade match and although that also runs out quickly as well, the positives far outweigh that fact.

Alberto Balsam Mandarin and Papaya Shampoo
This is another product that I liked but will not be purchasing again. I am obsessed with anything that smells fruity and especially mandarin scents. Many of my favourite perfumes have notes of mandarin in. This shampoo did the job well but it is another example of a brand that I will not buy from due to its cruelty-free status.

MUA Skin Define Hydro Primer
This is not necessarily an empty but I am throwing it away as I am certain it has gone out of date and I have no intention of using it. The primer did not do anything special for me and I was very underwhelmed by it. I left it sitting in my makeup graveyard until I eventually realised I would never use it up. I am very happy with the current primer I have so, therefore, made the brave decision to throw this out.
Makeup Revolution Conceal and define concealer in C1
This has replaced the Rimmel Lasting Perfection as my favourite concealer and I have already repurchased another three so I do not run out. This concealer is amazing and the C1 shade actually works to highlight my extremely pale skin which is rare in many drugstore concealers.
At first, I thought this product was too cakey and made my fine lines stand out. However, I was advised to dot it on my under eyes rather than swipe it on like I have seen in many YouTube videos. The great the about this concealer is the shade range is very inclusive and Tam Beauty is planning on releasing more shades. If you are looking for an alternative for the Tarte Shape Tape then at £5 you cannot go wrong with this bargain.
So that is the revenge of the empties. I hope you enjoy me chronicling my trash. Have you used any of these products, I would love to hear your opinions on them in the comments. What have you used up recently and do you enjoy these empty posts?
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Don’t worry girl they just brough out new eye liner that is exactly the same as the previous one, they just changed the packing. Even though I don’t wear eye liner I love the new one, it’s so easy to do and it looks amazing. xx


  2. Emily says:

    Ohhh I want to try the slay all day spray!


    1. MrsT says:

      It is a fantastic setting spray and smells amazing, thanks for stopping by


  3. cherilyndoes says:

    I LOVE the Slay All Day setting spray! ❤


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