Spring Anti Haul

Why keep doing Anti-Haul? I am trying not to spend unnecessary money on makeup and shop much smarter. There are so many products being released every week that it is hard to know what to get and how to spend your money in the wisest way. When I was well and truly lost in a sea of confusion I found the talented Kimberly Clark on YouTube and her famous Anti Hauls. She created a concept where, rather than talking about what you are going to buy, you talk about what you are not going to buy and your reasoning.
The Anti haul trend has been popular and some may be tired of it; I am definitely not one of those people. I love hearing people’s reasoning for not buying things, as someone who believes that consumerism can bring many evils with it.
Since I have been more mindful of my shopping I am finding that I am looking at makeup products objectively and analysing whether they are worth spending my money on. I have come to realise that makeup brands appear to be intentionally oversaturating the market with the same products or just repackaging old ones. I have also realised through my project pan that makeup does take quite a while to use up and although variety is great I will never be able to use up all the makeup I have in my collection.
So, let’s get on with the anti haul. As I have said in the past, this is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to have their own. If you love any of these products then fair play to you they just do not appeal to my personal taste or ethics.

Kylie cosmetics eye of the storm palette
I have never bought anything from Kylie cosmetics, I appear to have missed the fascination with the Kardashian family. I do not see the appeal and feel like they are famous for being famous without offering anything in way of talent. They have monopolised the beauty market through their notoriety.
This palette makes my blood boil; capitalising on the birth of your child within days of its birth is not for me. The idea of dedicating an eyeshadow to your child is a beautiful idea in itself, but the timing screams capitalism rather than love for your offspring.
Apart from the blue and the yellow shades, the rest of the shades are ordinary and can be found in many other palettes. I am growing tired of companies releasing palettes with the same configuration; a boring neutral palette with one or two pops of colour. It seems to be a standard ‘go to’ for makeup brands as I have seen many others, such as Too Faced, using this technique.

Kat Von D Divine palette
I mentioned in my Valentines Anti Haul that I had never purchased from Kat Von D. Seeing this palette released has confirmed my apathy towards the former Miami Ink stars makeup line. I am aware that this palette is close to Divine’s iconic drag look but it is another case of an underwhelming palette with two pops of colour in that I mentioned previously.
I only know of the star Divine through the film ‘Hairspray’ which is an all-time teenage favourite of mine. From watching the film, Divine is a larger than life character that was flamboyant and this palette does not capture that for me. Also, Divine is not as well known within the majority of the makeup community and therefore many people will not get the reference. I feel again like they thought ‘lets put a celebrity name on it and people will flock to buy it.’ As consumers, people are becoming wise to this type of marketing and can see through the intentions of the brands that continually release ‘novelty’ palettes.

Highlighter drops
I have a huge collection of highlighters, it is the magpie within me. However, the whole trend for highlighter drops does not work for me personally. Highlighter drops were first brought to the makeup community by Cover Fx and they quickly gathered speed as a ‘must have’ product.
The craze for liquid highlighters has been enhanced by its use on Instagram with people dripping these shiny drops all over their faces. Instagram has pushed the boundaries of extreme highlighting with beauty guru’s shining as bright as the Tin Man in front of a Disco Ball.

I do own liquid highlighter drops, in a moment of weakness I bought the Makeup Revolution one and I hardly ever use it. I discovered when using it that these highlighters do not agree with my mature skin and show up every imperfection. I put some drops into my foundation and realised that two drops are far too much for me. As I said in my base makeup routine, I only add one tiny drop when I want a more radiant glow.
I feel like a hypocrite anti hauling a product that I already own but I want to be specific about the type of highlighter drops I will not buy. The highlight drops that mystify me are the ultra sparkly, extremely glittery rainbow style highlight drops. An example of this is the Too Faced mermaid drops which just feel like a waste of money, when would you ever wear a highlight this strong? Unless you are wanting to blind people or be a beacon then I would save your money.

Tarte mermaid collection
After the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation debacle, I will not be purchasing from this brand. When I was looking through Trendmood and saw this Mermaid Collection from Tarte and instantly thought ‘not more mermaid stuff’. I love things that are Unicorn and Mermaid themed but these themes have been marketed to death and I want to scream ‘stop’.
I look at Tarte as a brand and I think of sleek, simple and classy packaging. I do not think of Tarte as a brand as associate them with mermaids; they are merely using it as a gimmick. If this was being produced by Too Faced, I would have understood as they are known for their quirky packaging and Unicorn themed items. Why is Tarte bringing out a mermaid themed collection, oh yes, to capitalise on the trend and recoup some profit after they were exposed for their non-inclusivity?

Mac fruity lip gloss
I have not bought anything from Mac since their decision to sell their products in China and therefore relinquish their Cruelty-Free status. When I first started collecting makeup again, Mac was the go-to brand for lipsticks and tons of beauty Gurus would go crazy about shades like Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy.
The appeal of Mac has seemed to decline over the past few years. Fewer beauty gurus are talking about the brand as enthusiastically as they did before. Maybe the influx of so many different makeup brands and releases has meant a decline in exposure.
This release of fruity lip glosses annoys me on tow different levels. The first is my dislike for lip-gloss; I despise the sticky, slimy feeling that I have on my lips when applied and the way my lipstick will slip and slide around. The second reason is with the continual release of ‘gimmick’ products and limited editions by Mac. I feel like every few weeks Mac is coming out with another collaboration or themed limited edition collection.

Many of this themed collections are just a case of repackaging old formulas and products in order to dupe makeup addicts into parting with their hard-earned cash. It appears to me that Mac will use anything to make money; the Star Trek and Trolls collection being prime examples.
Even if these lip-glosses smell and taste gorgeous, I shall not be putting my money into the bank of Mac. Once they made the decision to no longer be a cruelty-free brand I swore I would not be buying anything else from them until they came to their senses.

Violet Voss like a boss palette
The vast majority of the makeup community are raving about the Violet Voss brand at this present moment. When I saw there most recent release ‘Like a Boss’ palette I felt a large overwhelming feeling of apathy it looks exactly the same as the rest of their palettes. This is another company who are turning out lots of neutral palettes with one or two variations of colourful shades in them. I have heard people say but the quality of the Shadows is brilliant but for me that doesn’t justify paying the expensive price for a set of neutrals when I already have all the neutrals I need in my makeup geek palette.
For myself personally, these Violet Voss releases make me ask a question how many neutral eyeshadows does one person need? I am also getting tired of companies releasing products in cardboard packaging and charging a fortune.
What products are you steering clear from, let me know in the comments? What is your opinion of these products?
Ciao for now makeup fans xx

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  1. zakeeyak says:

    I agree with you so much about the Kardashians – it’s voyeuristic to me and it seems like they’re exploiting the worst of human nature.

    I am so so glad someone else has noticed the “pop” of colour in a sea of neutrals effect – I do not at all enjoy neutral or brown eye looks and I get so frustrated by the endless browns.

    As far as liquid highlighter goes – I wasn’t too keen initially because I enjoy a more subtle highlight but I bought a Becca set with a mini pressed powder and a mini liquid and I absolutely love it. It is extremely natural looking and applies with a doe foot applicator (perhaps not the most hygeinic) that allows for precision and and a flawless finish. I enjoy it especially because the skin on my cheek bones and brow bone are quite dry and I have a lot of texture around it that is not emphasised at all by the liquid. I think the high glitter in the cover FX and similar products make it super unsuitable for anything less than perfect skin, unless used as body makeup

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    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I am glad that there are people that feel the same way about these products. I have so many highlighters that are too glittery that I am struggling to use them up. I am preferring ones like Laura Geller baked vanilla which make you glow rather than shine

      Liked by 1 person

      1. zakeeyak says:

        I’d love to know if you’ve seen the KvD 10 year anniversary palette and what you think of that? I’m actually quite liking it…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. lifewithmrst says:

        The packaging is lovely but I probably have all of these shades so it is another pass. It is so hard when there are so many products on the market, all of it seems similar.

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  2. Megan says:

    Great read! x

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  3. I agree the Tarte mermaid collection eyeshadow palette is not worth your bucks. There are so many general colors in there that you could find in your other palettes. None of the colors are really screaming out at me or look any different from what they have released in the past. This palette is also very similar to their Make Believe In Yourself eyeshadow palette.

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  4. cherilyndoes says:

    I won’t be purchasing any of these items either. None of them appeal to me at all. I don’t own anything Kylie, and won’t unless it comes in a beauty box. Some of these products are overhyped and overrated, as well as overpriced!
    Great anti-haul! I love these posts. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Ella Eris Beauty says:

    I am so for this.

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  6. Dr beautyfix says:

    This is an interesting take on a Beauty Haul,made me think of the over rated products I wouldn’t buy lol x


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