It’s All about the Base; My Base Makeup Routine

Why a good base is so important
Everything needs a strong and solid foundation; without one, things would not be the same. Just like towers have foundations and steel structures, a good base for your makeup is essential. Imagine creating the perfect cut crease or a dazzling going-out look and then not showcasing it with a great flawless base.

Perfecting your base makeup may take time but is well worth the effort. I often look back at pictures of when I first rediscovered makeup and cringe at how uneven my base makeup was.

My base routine has come a long way since then and I thought I would share it with you. However, this routine works for me personally and might not be everyone’s cup of tea so feel free to make your own decisions on what works best.

Skin care is essential
I said this in my post ‘Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self’, a good skincare routine is of the highest importance. Since I have implemented a skincare routine, my skin has improved tremendously and that has meant I do not need as heavy a coverage. I have redness on my cheeks and dry, sensitive skin which is under control skin now I am looking after my face, this means my makeup goes on smoother and dry patches have reduced.

Primed and ready
As well as good skin care, a good primer helps when it comes to setting your makeup in place and correcting certain problem areas. I have tried a great deal of primers and I do see the difference with them. Finding primer that helps correct your skin can up your makeup game instantly; whether it is colour correcting, pore filling, mattifying or hydrating, there is a primer to suit everyone.
I have tried most types of primers apart from the mattifying ones and found that hydrating primers work best for my skin type. I use the Illamasqua Satin Primer which I got on sale at half price. I had a nightmare with Illamasqua customer services but after some perseverance I finally got my hands on it and I discovered pure luxury in a tube.
This primer helps my makeup stay on all day long, it hydrates my skin and gives my skin a lovely glow. Since I have been using this primer I have noticed how amazing my foundation applies and how flawless my makeup has been. Next time I hope to try the Illamasqua Hydro veil as so many people rave about this primer.
I always apply my primer with clean hands rather than a brush and massage into the skin in circular motions and apply to the neck as well.

The right foundation
Foundation is such a personal thing; what works for one does not work for another and navigating shade ranges can also be enough to give anyone a headache. Foundation again depends on many things; skin type, desired effect and coverage. I have gone through many foundations recommended by other people that I have hated and I have recommended foundations that have not worked for my friends.

I have tremondously pale, dry, sensitive skin which is prone to redness. A hydrating and dewy foundation is a must for me so foundations like the Revlon Colourstay are out, as it clings to dry patches. I prefer a light or medium coverage that I can build up where I need to; I used to love the Rimmel Lasting Perfection Foundation but I will not be buying it again as I move to cruelty-free products.
At present I use the Primark My Perfect Colour Foundation in Porcelain; it has a medium coverage but can be built up to a full coverage foundation which is the reason I love it. This foundation is perfect for my skin; it hydrates and has Vitamin E within it, it is a good shade match for the winter months when I am extremely pale and it can be built up to cover my redness without looking cakey.

Tools of the trade
I apply my foundation with a damp beauty sponge, I use the Primark ones at the moment. I spray my beauty sponge with setting spray and this helps the foundation go on and stay throughout the day. I bounce the blender on my face, focusing on covering the centre of my face and cheeks first and then bringing it out to the sides. I also sometimes rub the blender into the skin to help blend things out, especially on my forehead.
A healthy glow

I have only started doing this in the past year but quite often I put some liquid highlighter into my foundation. I do not do this every day as it is an extra step I usually skip for workdays but when it comes to my weekend/going out base I am all for some illumination.
I just add a small drop or two of the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlight Drops in Starlight into my foundation as it is on my beauty sponge. I then use a clean finger to mix it into the foundation as I have found that if I do not do this, I end up with patches that look texturised. I feel like this step gives my skin a radiant and ‘lit from within’ look.

Conceal and brighten
If I was to forego my base for something more simple; concealer would still feature heavily. I could not live without concealer on account of my dark circles under my eyes. I am lucky that I do not have many spots or problems with pigmentation so a good underage concealer is my essential.
I also use concealer to brighten my face and highlight; I take my concealer onto the top of my cheeks, on the middle of my forehead, down the nose, on the cupids bow and on the chin. These are the areas I want to lighten and draw attention to so it slims my face once I have added bronzer/contour.

All set
Once all my cream products are done, I can now move on to the powder products. I never used to set my face with powder as I figured it dried my skin out more. I have realised that not all powder looks cakey and applied in the rightplaces, does work.

I always use the pointed end of the beauty blender to apply loose powder. I take a good amount and swipe it underneath the point where I would contour to create an instant contour line which works great for my pale skin. I leave the line to ‘bake’ until I apply bronzer. I then apply the excess powder to my under eyes and pat it in gently. I do not bake my under-eyes as it emphasises my wrinkles but that is an option if you do not crease easily under the eyes.

I use the Freedom HD loose powder in white which sets my makeup nicely and does not give that white cast that can happen with some white setting powders.

Bronze, blush and highlight
I was not sure whether to include these parts as it is not strictly base makeup related. Once I have done my base I will:

Bronze: I apply my bronzer around the contour points. I prefer to bronze rather than contour as it warms up my face and stops me from looking like a ghost. I start just above the line that I created with my loose powder and I blend the bronzer in circular motions and them work my way around the face in a three shape. I bronze under my chin, along with my jawline and blend down the neck. I then take the bronzer up towards the temple and around the hairline on my forehead. I use the Betty Loumanizer bronzer; it is not my preferred bronzer as it is too warm but I am trying to use it up.

Blush: I take a big fluffy blush brush from Real Techniques and apply the blush above where I have bronzed and work it in with circular motions. I prefer blush over bronzer as I love the flush of healthy colour it gives. I am using up my Cindy Loumanizer from my Project Pan.

Highlight: I’m currently trying to use up my Mary Loumanizer from my project pan so this has been my go-to highlight. I usually use a tulip-shaped brush to swipe the highlighter on the top of my cheeks, in the middle of my forehead, down my nose, on my cupid’s bow and on my chin. I used to go all out with the highlighter, the shinier the better but recently I have been preferring a more subtle highlight as my skin is changing. Often these shiny highlighters exaggerate pores and wrinkles so I’m now preferring highlights that just give a radiant glow.

Set your face
This is my favourite step in my makeup routine. I love the feeling of spraying setting spray on my face and feeling accomplished that I have finished my makeup. If you are after a super long wearing look then I would suggest you spray with setting spray after every step; I do this for a night-out look. On my regular makeup days, I prefer to just spray once all my makeup is on, I use the Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day setting spray in Lavender. I mentioned in my ride or die makeup products that I adore this product. I have the Lavender scent which is lovely, but the peach scent is my favourite.
What is your base Make up routine? What tips do you have for a great base, let me know in the comments?
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Carole says:

    Great article Nicki xxx

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    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you sweetie xx

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  2. You explained everything so well, I’m glad you took time to write opinion on these products also, I found some that I really want to try. Lovely post dear. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I am so glad it was helpful. I think sometimes people focus on eyeshadow tutorials and forget the base routine. Thanks for stopping by

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  3. I couldn’t agree more! Right now I’m in the process of finding a better primer and foundation/concealer as I don’t feel like my current routine is complimenting my skin as best as it could. I really enjoyed this post it was super informative! Keep it up 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It is such a nightmare finding the perfect products it has took me three years of trial and error. With my dry skin I welcome anything that adds moisture and doesn’t emphasise the texture of my face. Thanks for dropping by

      Liked by 1 person

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