Spring Makeup Declutter; What I'm Saying Goodbye To.

Why Declutter?
If you are a collector of things you will understand the urge that sometimes creeps in to declutter your collection. Anyone who collects things will understand the feeling of it taking over their life. You have bought as much storage as you can and still have things overflowing, it is a necessary evil with any collector. You will get to a point where you say ‘enough is enough’ and make the decision to declutter your collection’.
Since the new year, I have made it a goal to tackle my makeup collection and pass on the unloved pieces in my collection. Being a makeup addict that shops budget brands, it is easy to get carried away because the items are so cheap. As you may have seen in some of my haul posts I have a habit of picking things up to ‘try out’ that I do not, in any way, ‘need’; I will have three foundations at home already but decide I ‘need’ to try a new one.
2018 is the year of mindful shopping; I intend to make much more of a conscious effort to shop smart and not getting drawn into the web of shopping for the sake of it. I am planning to go shopping tomorrow and I hope that I will be much smarter in what I buy. Watch this space for what will be an epic fail; I go shopping for harem trousers and come out with half of the shop.
Eyeshadow Palettes
Eyeshadow palettes are my kryptonite, I go weak for them. If I see a beautiful eyeshadow palette I cannot resist, more so if it is a budget brand like Makeup Revolution. I am a lover of colour and cannot get enough of the different shades, textures and hues that can be found with eyeshadow.
Due to this weakness, I have accumulated quite a lot of eyeshadow palettes that I just do not use. It makes me sad to see them sitting there not being loved and since I have so many other palettes that I enjoy much more then it is only right that I pass them on to someone who will give them some love.

Morphe 35F
This was a palette that I regret purchasing, not because the palette is bad, just because I knew I would not reach for it. This is a typical case of me getting caught up in the hype of a product; everyone raved over it and coveting it and when I found some stock on BeautyBay I went into panic buy mode. This is a perfect Autumn/Winter palette and I did use it at first but then when it came to this Autumn I just did not use it. I have passed this onto a lovely friend who will get much more use out of it than I will.
Freedom Chasing Rainbows palette
This was one was bought when I first started experimenting with colourful eyeshadow and I wanted something with a bit of every colour. This palette is great quality for 4 with the only downside being the glitter fallout that can occur when using it. The shadows are great pigmentation and they blend well. This has again gone to a dear friend who loves experimenting with colour like me.

Makeup Revolution Eat, Sleep, Love palette
This palette has not been used as much as the previous palette maybe because the colours are brighter, verging on neon. I am not sure why this has three different silver shades in that appear to be the same but if you want a cheap palette for some bright pops of colour that it is reasonable.

Sleek Enchanted Forest
I have only used this once I think and that makes my heart sink, it has to go. There again is nothing wrong with this palette apart from not preferring to use such dark colours and if I do I reach for my Makeup Geek shadows. This palette and all the rest of the items have gone to my Mother in Law, Sister in Law and Niece to take what they want.

Essence custom palette
I already had customisable palettes for my Makeup Geek shadows and the idea of these caused great interest. They were much cheaper than MUG at £2.50 and the palette only being £4, however, the pigmentation just is not there for these shadows and therefore have not been used. I imagine my Niece will enjoy playing around with these.

Saffron 16 colour bright palette
This was another impulse purchase and it is a good palette but I have far too many shadows like this in palettes that I can create various looks with already. This palette covers the whole spectrum and I feel like you need to couple it with another palette to get a good look with.

Tinabless 35OS palette and Ruminio 35T palette

I bought these because they are dupes for the Morphe 35OS and 35T and are perhaps made by the same factory, as Morphe previously used private label factories to create their palettes. I have other Morphe palettes and the quality of these compared to them are exactly the same. The only reason I have not been using these is that they are not my type of palette, they are perfect for someone who likes the majority of their eyeshadows neutral.

Makeup Revolution Strobe Lights palette
I got this in a previous haul and upon trying this I found that I dislike it. I am not sure why but the quality of this highlighter was not there. I was lured in by YouTube videos showing the iridescent green shift to it however on hindsight, I already have a green shift highlighter that is much better quality. I have other Makeup Revolution highlighters that I love so maybe this was a case that it did not work for me.

Freedom highlighter
I am not sure which shade this is as I passed it on without checking the packaging. This is much more of a chalky highlighter that did not show up as well as I wanted. If you like your highlights subtle then maybe this will suit you. I have so many highlighters, my favourite being the Anastacia Beverly Hills highlighters, so I figured this would not be used and was best to pass on someone else.
Lipsticks and Lipliners
Lipstick and Lip liners also make a large part of my collection. When I first rediscovered makeup I was obsessed with different lipsticks and built a huge stash at rapid speed. The justification for having many lip liners in my life is that I had to find all the different shades to match with the different lipsticks. I have learnt that with lipliners you only need a small amount of and will just settle for a few nudes, a mauve, a bright berry and a red.

MUA lipliners in brooding plum and softly lined
These were bought and forgotten about, they are not colours I usually wear a lot. These lip liners are also not the creamiest to apply so I am passing them to someone else. I much prefer Essence for their lip liners as they are smooth and creamy and have a great range of colours.
L.A. Girl lipliner 
I had previously thrown out two lip liners from LA Girl in my Empties post because they were so drying and hard to work with. I had forgotten I had this liner and had not used it much so it felt wasteful throwing it. I also have lots of other lip liners in this shade that I need to use up, so best to say goodbye.
Essence lipliner in Femme fatale
I do not wear red lipstick often anymore and have other red lip liners. The Essence pencil liners are not as good as the retractable ones so I decided to give them a new home.
Essence 2 in 1 lipstick in Lush Berry
This is a great idea but the formula of the lipstick means that it moves around much. When wearing this I ended up with lipstick on my teeth which never happens. The lipstick is too slippery and creamy, it does not have much staying power.

Essence lip crayon in Plum Perfect
When I first discovered Essence as a brand, I went overboard. I felt like I had to buy everything because you could only get certain things from larger Wilko stores or through ordering online. This crayon is good but I have other ones that I prefer in terms of texture and colour.
PS Love lip crayon in nude beach.
I adore PS lip crayons, the texture and pigmentation are great and they last well throughout the day. This colour, however, does not suit me at all, I am not sure whether it is too warm toned for me to be able to ‘pull off’ but there is something that I do not like about the shade on me.

Milani matte lipstick in Matte Orchid
I like this lipstick, I just do not wear it enough and I am more reluctant as I get older to wear a bright pink lipstick.
Nyx matte lipsticks in Sweet Pink, Maison and Audrey
Again, all great formulas of lipstick but I am passing them on for various different reasons. As mentioned above I am more wary of bright pink lipsticks so Sweet Pink has to go. Audrey is a colour I love and bought for the name but it does not suit me, much like nude beach, there is a warm tone that does not work with my complexion. Maison is a dupe for Mac stone, which is the reason I bought it but I hardly wear it and have the shade Duchess which is similar so I am passing this on as well.
Maybelline lipstick in Sloanes plum
I got this as a dupe for Mac Rebel as I had an issue with taking my Mac lipsticks out in my handbag. I have come to realise that this is a false economy as it takes twice as long to use the lipstick up and even if the Mac one got lost then I would just eventually replace it anyway. My Niece has seen this in my collection and has wanted it for a while.

Collection velvet lipstick in BlackBerry fool and Nyx Soft matte lip crème in Havana
I do not get along with soft matte lip crèmes. For me they are patchy to apply, they feel strange on the lips and they do not last long at all. These colours are also ones that I have duplicates of in much better formulas so it is time to say goodbye.
Makeup Revolution lip lacquer in Black heart and Salvation
These are another item I have only worn once, possibly because the formula is not that good, they do not smell appealing and the colours can only be worn on the weekend. I bought these when I first discovered liquid lipsticks and they were new to the market, it was hit and miss whether you found a good formula. I can thankfully report that Makeup Revolution have improved their liquid lipstick formula in their lip kits but I will be purchasing less daring colours in the future.
Mac Russain Red and Saint Germaine
I am still in denile about these two, I have not even taken a picture of them yet. However I know that they need to disappear from my collection. These two lipsticks were bought when I went through my Mac lipstick phase and I could not get enough of them. I have since grown to feel that Mac as a brand are over-hyped and since they are no longer cruelty free I shall not be buying any more. I already have another red Mac lipstick which has a satin formula (MAC red), which I prefer and the pink shade was a pure impulse buy and a colour I regret buying as it does not suit me at all, it is too pale for my skin. I will be sad to see them go as they were some of the first additions to my collection but I must let them go.
I am realising that I have gotten into a cycle of shopping, collecting and then regretting having such a large collection. I have done this with CDs, shoes, handbags, nail polish, candles and now makeup. Maybe I need to write a piece about my needless spending habits, watch this space for a blog post coming soon.
Are you a collector, do you ever feel the need to declutter your collection? What items would you be happy to declutter out of your life, let me know in the comments.
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. I’m such a sucker for eyeshadow palettes! I decluttered a load of lip products recently as well.

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  2. Great job! I need to do this, too!

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  3. Its so good to declutter…, I think I might be moving my sleek palettes out of my collection, not because they are bad but because I just don’t reach for them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I have quite a few sleek palettes and I just don’t reach for smaller palettes. I need to give them some love

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  4. I could just look at these palettes all day! How many palettes are too many?? Can’t have enough right?
    http://misspettigrewreview.com/2018/03/16/dermalogica-sound-sleep-cocoon-review-world-sleep-day/ xo, Miss Pettigrew

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  5. Always good to de clutter but I know how hard it is to pass on a pretty palette. Glad these found good homes and you have a clear more efficient makeup station!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love neutral colors in eyeshadow, somehow I don’t have a lot of make up. But, I need to declutter a few products that I’m not satisfied with this at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Woow what a great blog! Very nice pictures and I love the products ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you for your lovely words

      Liked by 2 people

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