Spring Awakenings; Spring into the Season with Mrs T

Spring approaches
We are nearly there my beauties. We can finally start saying goodbye to the cold winter and start embracing what spring has to offer.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year as it brings new life, more sunshine and a chance to ‘spring clean’ everything around you. I love spring for the opportunity to freshen everything up and my makeup is no exception. I share with you some of the things I will do to welcome Spring and all it has to offer.

Spring clean and declutter
After being holed up all winter at home making yourself cosy and escaping the blistering weather, Spring brings the opportunity to reorganise and declutter. It is not just the house that I declutter, I use it as an opportunity to access the direction I want the year to take and set goals that I want to achieve. I am excited that this year I have my bullet journal to help me plan and to help me achieve the things I want.
The main thing that I have been decluttering this Spring is my makeup. I have come to realise that a large quantity of my makeup was unused and I could not hope to use it all up even if I wore makeup every day. The main part of my collection that I needed to declutter was my eyeshadow collection, my status as an eyeshadow addict is a certainty that cannot be denied.
Since I have been storing my makeup in my makeup box, it has made me realise what makeup I use and which palettes that I just do not touch anymore. I also went through my lipstick collection and reduced it. I found that I reach for the same lipsticks and shades. I have also come to prefer lipsticks rather than liquid lipsticks although it will not stop me wearing some of my favourite liquid lipstick shades.

Spring nail polishes
I made a promise to myself to resurrect my love of nail polish in my Autumn and Winter nail polish post but I have a confession to make. I have been neglecting my nail polish and my collection for about a month now; life got in the wayand my nails have had to be cut down and the opportunity to paint them has not presented itself. Despite my recent failings, I am determined to get back on track and my full use of the My Little Pony nail polishes I got for my birthday. The My Little Pony collection by China Glaze is a perfect example of spring-appropriate polishes and they will brighten any springtime look. My favourite’s in the collection are cutie mark, a mint green and ‘One Polished Pony’, a soft shimmery blue.
I also picked up two polishes at Primark that are perfect Spring transition colours. Lilac Haze and Turquoise Dream are perfect muted shades of purple and green that are Spring appropriate.. Although Turquoise Dream is not how I would expect a turquoise polish to be in colour, I love the metallic, chrome effect it has. Lilac, in my opinion, is such a staple colour for spring and I wear it as much as I can.

Spring makeup looks
Spring is my favourite time of the year to experiment with makeup; the sun is shining more and the mix of pastels and brights make colour combinations much more exciting for me. I enjoy doing looks with pinks and purples and greens, I feel like they typify the season. I love to do a cut crease in the Spring, the technique works so well with a light, shimmery lid. I was so proud when I created a lilac and pink cut crease look last summer using the MUA Tropic Oceana palette which is one of my favourite Spring palettes. I also love creating a gradient effect look during the Spring months. One of my favourite colours to do a gradient look is green and I would like to share with you how I created this Spring green gradient look in the hope it will get you into the spirit of the season.

Spring Green with mauve lip
Transition – shore thing
Crease – dragonfly
Outer V – NYX
Middle of the lid – beg for more
Inner section of lid – dazzle
Inner V – brimstone Phees makeup shop
Eyeliner Illamasqua gel eyeliner
Lipstick cashmere by lime crime
Spring lipsticks
Being a lover of lilac and mauve lipsticks, Spring is the season I can let my lipstick collection shine. The majority of my lipsticks are purple and pink tones so the Spring is perfect for me to bring them out and wear them. I will be focusing on using up some of my lipstick collection throughout the coming months so I will perhaps stick to a neutral eye and then let the lips do the talking. Here is a list of ten lipsticks I shall be wearing this spring.
1) Sleek – Lavender Crush
2) Limecrime – Cashmere
3) Milani – Uptown Mauve
4) Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipstick – Cliche
5) Limecrime – Wisteria
6) MUA – Lilac Belle
7) Jeffree Star – Sagittarius
8) Nyx – play date
9) Seventeen – I lilac it a lot
10) LA Splash – Seductress
What are you looking forward to doing this coming Spring; let me know in the comments?
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Great post – love the spring cleaning theme! I’ve read that it’s important to regularly cull out your make up to avoid eye and skin infections anyway. I got rid of quite a bit last year, but have been adding back a lot since I started experimenting and with eye shadow trend changes. Important to stay disciplined about how much makeup starts accumulating in my tray.

    Happy Spring!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cherilyndoes says:

    I live in Florida where it’s summer all year round. It’s good yet it drives me insane for some cold weather! Spring is a lovely time; it’s almost better than New Year’s Eve at decluttering and starting with a clean slate.
    Great post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the green!
    The spring cleaning is something I desperately need to get on to!

    Liked by 1 person

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