Beauty Mum; Mother's Day Gift Guide

I love you Mum

Mother’s Day is very near here in the UK and it is the opportunity to show our appreciation to our wonderful Mums. Being a Mother myself I can now appreciate how hard the job can be at times. My own Mum certainly deserves a lot of love for putting up with my tantrums and teenage strops. When thinking of what to get her I decided to create a beauty Mum’s gift guide for a range of budgets.

Eyeshadow palette
An eyeshadow palette offers a versatile gift for a makeup addict mummy. Whether it’s a classic neutral or a bright and bold palette, a good quality eyeshadow palette will be loved and cherished by the Makeup addict. It is a substantial gift which will be useful for many years and often the packaging itself can scream ‘look at this fabulous gift.’

Soph X eyeshadow palette from makeup Revolution £10
This is a stand-alone budget pallet of 2017 and it’s not hard to understand why. Make-up Revolution have continued to offer great quality products at pocket money prices and the collaboration with Sophie does nails has created a beautiful all round palette that can be used for any occasion. At just £10 It Is all you need to create a multitude of looks from daytime to party time. If you have a mother starting out on her makeup journey then this is the only pallet you need in your collection as it offers so much looks for your money.

Anastasia Beverly Hills modern Renaissance palette £46
This is a staple pallet that has been a feature in many make-up collectors collections and has to be most popular higher end pallet of 2017. I do not ever think I have seen a negative review on this pallet, it offers luxury and elegance and is a pleasure to use. This may be pricey at £46 but compared two other high-end palettes it is well worth it; shadows blend seamlessly and effortlessly and it is so easy to create a sophisticated look. The fact that this palette has been duped so many times by so many different companies stand testament to its popularity and versatility. This palette was one of the best investments in my current makeup collection that I made and if you have the money to splash on your mother then I recommend it.

Classic lipstick
Lipstick is such a personal thing for a makeup lover; it expresses your personality and often your mood. When I first became fascinated with makeup, lipstick was something that I could not get enough of. Whether your favourite is a classic red, nude, rose or a bold and daring splash of colour; lipstick completes a makeup look. I feel like a lipstick is a perfect Mother’s Day gift an have been happy when I have received lipstick from my fantastic son.

Modern Renaissance lipstick in Greatest £4
I am so addicted to these lipsticks that I have bought most of the collection. At £4 they are amazing value, great quality and look stunning. The packaging is an obvious dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury packaging and brings so much luxury to your makeup bag at an amazing price. My favourite shade is Greatest, which is supposed to be a dupe of Mac Mehr. It is such a classic nude and it has amazing staying power, much better than my actual Mac lipsticks. I also love the creamy formula, I find that I have moved away from liquid lipsticks that can be drying in favour of a creamy and moisturising lipstick.

Beauty bakerie lip whip Versailles £16
I do not have this shade but it has a firm place on my wishlist. Beauty Bakerie is the best liquid lipsticks, in my opinion, they far surpass my Jeffree Star ones. I currently have two lip whips; Salted Caramel and my all time favourite lipstick colour, Swiss Mocha Frappe which is the most beautiful grey toned neutral. If you are after a hint of spring colour then Versailles offers a subtle hint of pink that will be appropriate for every season. A classic rosy pink lipstick is, for me, a staple product in any makeup collection and I have so many muted rose colours that I have lost count.

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Pillowtalk £24
I have not bought anything yet from Charlotte Tilbury but it is a makeup brand that is associated with luxury. The fact that Makeup Revolution duped their packaging is perhaps the testament to how coveted these lipsticks are. I am always hearing people talk about the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and indeed the shade Pillowtalk. This shade appears to be many peoples favourite shade and it is easy to see why; it is a classic and timeless shade. I do like the attention to detail with this lipstick, the unique shaped tip and the indented logo on it, this lipstick screams decadence and luxury and if I received this for Mother’s Day I would be bowled over.
I have chosen to feature Charlotte Tilbury as my high-end option as they are cruelty-free. I am making the decision to move to cruelty-free products and there are many high-end brands like Mac, Nars and Tarte that do not fit with my beliefs.

Makeup brushes
Makeup is such a personal preference that it can be hard for people to know what exactly to get their makeup addict Mother. Makeup brushes are something that every makeup wearer needs and it is a fail-safe option; you do not have to worry whether they will suit them or wear them as everyone needs makeup brushes. I know from personal experience that cleaning makeup brushes is an absolute nightmare so I have tended to accumulate lots of brushes so I am not finding that they have all been used.

Eco Tools makeup brushes
Before I became a makeup addict I remember I had an Eco tools brush set; I still have a few of the brushes left from it. These brushes are great quality, affordable and most importantly stand the test of time. I have brushes that are more expensive yet they are not as soft and do not last as long as my Eco Tools brushes. I feel like they are a fantastic option for a cheap set of makeup brushes that will last the person for a long time. Eco tools are also a brand that is ethically minded; they are cruelty-free and use bamboo for their handles which means they are more sustainable and environmentally conscious.

Spectrum makeup brushes
I am ashamed to admit that I only have one Spectrum brush but I intend to buy myself some more. These brushes are cruelty-free, great quality and the brand is run by two women, which is rare in the makeup industry. I love the design of Spectrum Brushes, the blue, purple and pink contrast each other in a perfect way and the famous clamshell iridescent packaging is a wonder to behold. The brush I own is brilliant quality, holds its shape well and blends my eyeshadow like a dream. I am hoping to get the eye brush set; now that I have a StylePro I can invest in quality brushes that I can clean as I go along. I am tempted to ask for this set for Mother’s Day as I have too much makeup that I need to use up and this brush set will still feed my makeup addict tendencies without accumulating lots of products I feel guilty about.

Quite often mum’s will skip investing in their skincare due to having others things to spend their money on. As I said in my letter to my 18-year-old self I talked about how important skincare is and I feel like skincare products can be a good option as a gift on Mother’s Day. I personally have only just started investing in skincare in the recent year but it’s such an important thing to keep your skin in the best condition.

Superdrug skincare
Superdrug has increased they’re game in the skincare department and I’ve come out with some great ranges of different skin care four different skin types. Often mothers will say that skincare is expensive but Superdrug just shows that you can get some great skincare items at an affordable price. For a while, I’ve been using are vitamin E range and it has been brilliant for my dry sensitive skin. They also have a more exclusive range of skincare in the optimum range. Having tried the micellar water and skin serum it is definitely giving me hope that could skincare at an affordable price is a possibility.

BeBarefaced Skincare
I have recently discovered this brand when a friend recommended their Corrective Night Oil. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I feel like it has helped my skin in so many ways. As well as discovering cruelty-free brands I am also keen on supporting smaller, UK based companies and BeBarefaced fits into all these aspects. The brand started as a small business running from a loft apartment in London and has grown into a cult skincare brand with its range of mud masks and skincare products. Their products are free of artificial colours, parabens and sulphates which make them a great option for people who are conscious of the sometimes nasty chemicals that are in some skincare products.
I have just made another purchase from their website and I am looking forward to trying their Retinol Renewal Cream and their Hyaluronic Acid Serum. I will bring you a review of their products and how I got on with them in the near future. I am now following this brand in eagerness for new skincare product releases; I would love to see a hydrating toner or some anti-redness products.


Primark perfume
Primark appears to be taking over every corner of the market; clothes, makeup, homeware and now with perfume. I mentioned in one of my previous hauls that I had bought the dupes for the Jo Malone perfumes and was in love with the Mandarin and Basil scent along with numerous others. Any of the perfumes I have featured in my recent posts would make any Mother happy as they look exactly like the more luxury brands but are cheaper and cruelty-free. I would personally recommend the Primark Emerald, which is a dupe for Marc Jacobs Decadance or the Primark Noir, which is a dupe for Chanel Chance. The round bottle adds an unmistakable feeling of sophistication to any Mother’s dressing table.

Marks and Spencer New York perfume
Now I have started to explore the possibility of going completely cruelty-free on my products I discovered that many of my favourite perfumes were not in fact cruelty-free. Due to this, I begun to search alternatives to some of my favourite perfumes like Allure by Chanel and came across Marks and Spencer’s perfumes. Having done some research on Marks and Spencer’s they are indeed cruelty-free and Carrie leaping bunny standards. I have heard at the scent New York is similar to Allure so I will be indeed investigating this in the near future. Marks and Spencer’s also do a perfume that is similar to Marc Jacobs Daisy which again is not cruelty-free as their perfume division is owned by Coty. That particular perfume is called daisy and it’s quite obvious from the packaging that it is a dupe of the Marc Jacobs fragrance.
What gifts are you getting for your mother or are you a mother who wants to receive a special gift, what are they? I would love to hear about all your gift ideas in the comments section.
Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Gotta love Charlotte Tilbury. I have the lipstick in stoned rose. Goes wonderfully with my olive skin

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great ideas! My mum is a lip and nail lady, so I often treat her with a classic lip stick.

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  3. cherilyndoes says:

    As a mom, I would LOVE all these things! 🙂 My mother is 74, so we just exchange pleasantries. We’ve never been gift-giving people on these days, other than Christmas and birthdays. Not sure when Mother’s Day is for you in the UK, but Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mum! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you. Mothers day is tomorrow (Sunday 11th March) here in the UK. I am actually getting the Spectrum Brush Set from my darling children. I just tend to buy it myself and the kids can give it to me 😂😂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. cherilyndoes says:

        HAHA! Yes, I remember buying my gifts so my girls could give them to me! Good memories. Enjoy your day tomorrow, and enjoy your new brush set! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the perfume idea. Happy Mother’s Day! 😊


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