Empties and Project Pan

Who doesn’t love the idea of rummaging through somebody else’s trash? For me, watching empties videos on YouTube is for me much better than haul videos because you get to find out what a product is like as often, just after a haul you will still have that ‘new purchase euphoria’ that can cloud your mind. It sometimes is a measure of a product that after you have finished the whole thing, you still want to use it, and indeed repurchase it while other products you cannot wait to finish because you feel like they are not that good.

Since my blog started I have been more conscious of the products I use and how much makeup I have acquired and decided to make an effort to pan products in order to reduce my collection, this is an update on my first project pan as well as my empties and the things I will throw away.

Project pan

Freedom pro strobe palette

This palette was the gift that just kept giving, it has taken what feels like a century to finish this palette but I have finally got to a point where I feel I can justify putting it in the bin because it is at the point of breaking out of the pan. I know there is the darker shade that I have not used. (6 product look) but I feel like I have got my £10 worth out of it anyway. This palette was a great and versatile contour palette and I got so much use out of it; the bronzer has been my go-to bronzer and the highlight is an intense white which ‘pops’ if applied with a damp brush.

Replacing with: Makeup Geek contour single in Infidelity

Elf eyebrow pencil and NYX micro pencil

I finished the Nyx pencil at super speed so I moved onto the Elf pencil which I put in my disappointing products post. I felt like I had to finish this off although I didn’t like it; it was soft in formula and was not as precise as the micro brow, however, by the time I had finished it I did not mind it, it gives you a more natural brow and would be great for somebody who already has great brows. I also love the shade, it is perfect for me as it has a cool tone about it that is not too heavy.

Replacing with: Freedom brow pomade in Ash Brown

Rimmel lipliner in East End Snob

This was another product that I managed to get through at break-neck speed, I just used it as a lipstick every day as it was such a neutral colour. The formula is quite soft and I had a few times where it broke off due to the heat, which further helped me get through this. I find that this colour is a touch too pink for me and would just rather use a nude lipliner and top it up with whatever colour I choose. I would not purchase these lip liners again on account of I can buy Essence lip liners cheaper and they are better than the Rimmel ones.

Replacing with: Collection lip liner in nude pink

Products I am still panning

Essence two in one eye primer and Seventeen phwaor paint concealer.

I have made considerable progress with these products but they are still unfinished. The Essence primer I use every day and I feel like it will never end and I have not been using the Phwaor paint as much as I have not been using a heavy duty concealer, the only time I have been using this is when I have been doing a cut crease or I have been doing s special look and sharpening my brows with it.

Adding to project pan: Ps Love Pro concealer in Ivory because I am not impressed by it, it does the job but the coverage is not as good as others.


LA Girl concealer

This was another product on my disappointing products on account of it being the wrong shade for me. I do not understand the hype surrounding this concealer as my Rimmel concealer does the same job, is a better shade match for me and has lightening qualities that make it the perfect highlighting concealer. I will not be repurchasing this item again, even though it is cheap it doesn’t perform the way the Rimmel concealer does.

Rimmel Lasting Perfection concealer

This is my holy grail concealer at this point, I have tried many concealers and nothing quite matches up to this one although I have not tried any higher end concealers like the Tarte Shape Tape that everyone adores. This concealer does everything it needs, it covers, highlights and brightens my face, it is magic. I already have a back up ready to come out once I have finished using the PS love concealer which is not a patch on the Rimmel one.

NYX HD Foundation and Nyx HD primer

This is another product that I am not sure about, they were ok but I would not get excited about them and I would not by them again as at about £8 I can get cheaper primers and foundations that are better. The foundation, although a light coverage did tone down some of the redness in my face and balance things out, it felt good on the skin but I much prefer my Rimmel foundation or even the Primark foundation. The primer I am on the fence with, I do not know whether it did any good, it felt good but I am not sure it helped my foundation that much.

Superdrug micellar tonic

This was an impulse buy, I was browsing Superdrug and I ended up coming out with this Micellar water. The thing that lured me was the whole ‘hydrating’ thing, I usually use the Derma 10 micellar water that you can get cheaper from Home Bargains but I thought I would splurge and treat myself. This product smells lovely but it does not take my makeup off as well as the Derma 10 one. I cannot say that I have noticed a big improvement in my skin but maybe I will now I have stopped using it, I will keep you posted.

Nivea moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin

I got this because I had used a Nivea moisturiser in the summer and loved it so figured I would try the brand again. This moisturiser is a good one, it hydrates and works well with my dry, sensitive skin, however, the scent is so strong it is a pass for me. This moisturiser smells much like the old-fashioned smell that many skin creams had when I was a child, a floral base and overpowering like the smell of suntan lotion. I much prefer creams to have a mild scent or have no smell at all as I just end up not wanting to use it on my face.

Makeup Revolution I heart makeup setting spray

I feel like there is a trend emerging to this blog post, products that have been ok but have not wowed me and this setting spray is the same. I was in need of another setting spray after I used up my ride or die setting spray, the Slay All Day by Gerard Cosmetics and I was buying from Tam Beauty so I thought I would try this as a cheaper alternative. The setting spray does its job, however, the spray does not have a fine mist and so I have ended up using this product quicker in comparison to the Slay All Day. I also have another Makeup Revolution spray, the illuminating one, that I prefer and if I run out of my favourite and need a cheaper alternative, I would get that one over that one.

Throwing away

LA girl lip liners in wine and mauve

I do not to have much luck with the LA girl brand, I bought these a while back because I love the mechanical style lip liners and these were a reasonable price, I should have saved my money. These lip liners were dry and hard to work with when I first got them, I came back to them to try to use them up for project pan but I found they had gone even worse and were so hard to use that I decided just to throw them out instead. I will stick to my Essence lip liners that I know do the job for me.

PS eyebrow pencil in dark brown

I got this in a recent Primark Haul as a cheaper alternative to the Nyx Micro Brow and for £1 it is not the end of the world that I am disposing of this one. This brow pencil is so soft, something that I dislike. Also, this colour is way too dark for me. I was so excited to try this pencil out, I started doing my brows, noticing that it was harder to work with as a pencil and then stepped back to inspect my brows and saw what looked like Groucho Marx, it was a disaster. I am all for a strong brow but this was just too dark for my complexion and did not match with my purple/pink hair. I much prefer my brow products on the cooler side and not as strong as this.

So there you have it, these were some of the products I have panned, used and threw away. I hope you enjoyed this look through my trash, what products are you trying to pan, let me know in the comments?

Ciao for now beauties xx

11 Comments Add yours

  1. ‘new purchase euphoria’ – such a great way to describe that feeling!
    I love these kind of posts, great job.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I I think I should write a blog post about the psychology of new purchase euphoria. Thanks for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That would be an interesting read!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Siyana says:

    I can never imagine finishing a whole palette, you are my true hero!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It definitely wasn’t easy and there were times when I just wanted to check it out but I’m so pleased I got to the end of it

      Liked by 1 person

  3. mystyle5 says:

    I’ve been looking into getting a nice concealer, and the Rimmel one probably won’t break the bank- I’ll certainly give it a shot. And can I just say YES to micellar waters!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I’m currently using the makeup Revolution conceal and define concealer and I actually like it more than the rimmel one. I go through so much micellar water it’s unreal thanks for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

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