Valentines Anti Haul

The Scrooge of Valentines
Myself and Mr T got married on Valentines day; not because we thought it would be a romantic idea but due to it was the only date that was available that fitted with my teaching schedule and us not wanting a summer wedding. Whenever I tell people that my anniversary is on Valentines I get ‘that’s so sweet’ but then I tell them that myself and Mr T do not do valentines cards/gifts they look at me like I am crazy.

I am the Ebenezer Scrooge of Valentines, I do not see the point in it; I would rather celebrate the anniversary of myself and Mr T meeting than a random day in February that society, the media and the brands cashing in tells us it is the day for lovers. If you love someone, you do not need special a day to show it; you do not need to lavish them with flowers or gifts, just treat them with respect and love everyday, not just one a year.

So in true ‘Bah Valentines day’ fashion I will celebrate the up coming Valentines day telling you about the makeup products I will not buy and which products I will avoid. Some of these products are aimed at the Valentine’s gift market whereas others are just new trends or releases, you can find my previous anti haul’s here.

Spider lashes

According to the latest from the catwalks and beauty elite, spider-like lashes in the same vain as model Twiggy in the 1960’s. Well, Tom Forde might like his lashes to look like spider limbs, but I am certain that I do not. I have included this mascara from Maybelline for several reasons; firstly the name sends shivers of dread down my spine as I imagine big, thick clumped up lashes that myself and my friends used to wear in the 1990’s when I had no makeup sense at all. The second reason, which puts me off most brands and makes of mascara, is the rubber wands, they make my lashes feel like they have been plucked out one at a time; whoever invented rubber mascara wands needs a good talking to and a lesson in empathy in my opinion. I will quite be happy to stick to a natural bristled brush and a lengthening mascara like the PS Lash Out mascara that I included in my Ride or Die products.

Fenty lip

This again is not Valentines related but I felt a deep desire to include this as part of my anti haul, I will never understand the hype that surround Fenty Beauty and I am reluctant to purchase from them. The simple reason for this is that I feel that, once again, this is case of a big company trying to overcharge for fact that the makeup is spearheaded by the singer Rhianna.

I know this brand have done a lot of work on creating a large foundation shade range and that is good because it makes it easier for everyone to find their perfect match; they have brought the debate on makeup being inclusive to the forefront of our minds which is an amazing thing in itself. I have been told that the foundation formula does not work well with drier skin which gives me another reason not to add it to my shopping ‘cart’.

Image courtesy of Bomber1313

Fenty have recently released their new liquid lipsticks and although the packaging is sublime in all of its hologramatic chrome glory, the price point is not. Compared to other brands like Jeffree Star, Beauty Bakerie and Kat Von D the price per gram of the Fenty liquid lipstick is doubled.

Giant Rose Bath bomb by Lush

I do not know where to start with this one, it aggravates me on so many levels. Firstly, the price, at £15 this is one costly bath bomb, imagine being the type of person that spends £15 on just one bath, it is just too much in my personal opinion. I can imagine you saying ‘but Mrs T you don’t use it for one bath, you break it up’, this brings me to my next point; why have a giant bath bomb if you have to break it up yourself?

If you indeed decide to purchase the bath bomb and break it up, how would you do it, would you smash it or chisel away at it with a sharp object? Whatever way you decide to break the bath bomb up, it will make a mess everywhere and who wants a load of bath salts all over the floor?

My question to Lush is a simple ‘what is the point?’ Oh, that’s right I forgot that it was valentines and we have to use every trick in the book and gimmick to get people to part with their money. Imagine all those poor unsuspecting partners who produce this humongous bath bomb on Valentine’s, the reaction after this would be interesting. If there are partners of beauty addicts reading this, please think before you buy gimmicky items, they are not always practical.

Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks

I have never bought a Kat Von D product even though so many people rave about her products. There might be a few reasons why I have steered away; her products are quite expensive and I am a skin flint, however I have bought makeup that is of similar prices so I am not sure it is because of the price.

Having first seen her in the TV shows Miami Ink and L. A, Ink maybe that has influenced my decision; my impression was that she was a diva and did not necessarily consider others over herself or her business. I do not know Kat Von D personally so I cannot make an accurate judgement but there is gut instinct that makes me reluctant to buy her products.

Along with many new releases she has planned for 2018; Kat has made the decision to re-release her Studded Kiss Lipsticks with a new formula, releasing many of her iconic liquid lipstick shades in a traditional bullet form. My main question when considering this is ‘why not just create a new range of lipsticks?’; I just feel like this is a lazy move just to get more products out as quick as she can and capitalise on her current success.

You cannot go even a week without new makeup being released and I feel that rather than develop new set of lipsticks she just thought that she could just cut corners and use the studded kiss range/packaging to make more money. I am well aware that I possibly sound like a massive grump when talking about the reasons I’m not buying this product but I just don’t feel comfortable putting money in Kat Von D’s pocket.

Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow Palette – Urban Decay

I saw this and immediately thought ‘Oh good, another collaboration with a beauty guru I cannot wait to avoid like the plague. I do not know of guru Kirsten Leanne which perhaps shows more about myself and my own ignorance but whether or not I know of this beauty guru I feel like the market is swamped with them. I may be a hypocrite because some of my ride or die products are beauty guru collaborations but I am just over this whole guru/celebrity business. I can understand why makeup brands do it, it makes perfect business sense but why does everything have to have someone’s name on it, can makeup brands not think of interesting and creative designs themselves rather then using somebodies name to sell it.

Another reason I do not wish to purchase this palette is the fact there are only 10 shades and for £28 it does not appear as good value to me; the actual pans look tiny and the design of the packaging is such a strong pattern that I feel I would get a headache just deciding what to wear in the morning. Another thing that bugs me is the cardboard packaging, it gets so grubby and hard to clean and when I look at my makeup I want to feel like a princess, not a scruffy troll who ruins her makeup palettes. The palette itself appears badly planned, it is near enough all shimmers and looks like you would need to mix it with another palette to get some good looks. The shades also do not appear to be that special and can be purchased from Makeup Revolution for a fraction of the price; I would recommend the Mermaid vs Unicorns and the Life on the Dancefloor Sparkles palettes if you want similar colours/shimmers on more of a budget.

If you have gotten this far into the post you should be commended for your ability to handle my moment of grumbling, as I have previously said, these are just my opinions and you do whatever makes you happy and if it involves giant bath bombs just make sure you clean up the mess. I love doing Anti Hauls, they might be ‘overdone’ but this is what I think when I look at some makeup/beauty products; not everything is worth it’s price tag.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. Fenty is MASSIVELY over priced. Honestly I just cannot go there. Just so over priced!
    We are not big valentine people either. I’ve asked for a bottle of wine, mainly because I need a bottle of wine over half term both to recover from the term and because I then spend 7 days in soft play centres fighting off germs and being nagged for sweeties. Ultimate Valentine scrooge here then!


  2. kathylcsw says:

    I’m with you on Kat Von D.


  3. kiddsbay says:

    Hey! Love your content. If you’re interested in kids and entrepreneurship be sure to check us out at Kiddsbay 🙂


  4. cherilyndoes says:

    I’m not a Valentine’s Day celebrator either. I’m not a romantic, mushy love type person, so it’s just February 14th for me.
    I think the only thing I want from Fenty is that lip gloss. I probably won’t buy it because I would have by now. lol
    Great post! You’re definitely not a bah humbug. I think you’d be surprised at how many women feel the same as you! ❤


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