New Year, New Beginings 

Another year older and wiser
As 2018 steps into my life I turned another year older on 3rd January. I have now come to accept growing older as an inevitability and something that really has clarified things for me and my mind. As I said in a previous post I prefer Christmas and celebrating that over celebrating my birthday and as my husband says ‘it’s just another day’. If you are interested in finding out about what gifts I recieved you can find out here.

Changes at Life with Mrs T

At the start of last year, Life With Mrs T was just a twinkle in my eye and I feel like I went on a journey of self discovery through starting this blog and continuing writing it; I have not just learnt a lot about writing and blogging but in creating life with Mrs T I have learnt so much about myself and I have become a better person because of it.

When I started my blog I just thought blogging was about writing, but it’s so much more than that. I didn’t realise the amount of social networking that was needed in order to get people to read my blog and keep reading it. If someone had told me that most of your blogging time will be spent on Facebook, tweeting and pinning things I might have thought twice before starting it.

As some of you know I am a mother of two and have a full-time job teaching as well. This means my time spent on blogging has to be used as productively as I can. I have been trying to keep to my two posts per week schedule but I’ve realised that because I am spending so much time on writing my content that I have neglected to actually promote my work. I have made a decision that although will mean slightly less content on life at Mrs T it will mean that I can balance things a lot better.

I have decided that Sundays will be my regular post day and when I can I will have the odd occasional post throughout the month on Wednesdays. This decision didn’t come lightly and at one point I felt like I had failed because I couldn’t keep up with two a week but then I remembered why I was blogging in the first place. I wanted to share my love for makeup and beauty with the world and have a place where I could be myself. At quite a few points last year I was on the verge of giving up my blog altogether because of burnout and my work/home commitments taking all my time away from it. I figured that if I reduce the number of posts I do I will be able to keep loving my blog going without it becoming a chore.

No resolutions

I absolutely refuse to make New Year’s resolutions as I do not see the point of them. If you really want to make a change to your life then why wait until the new year to do it? I feel that New Year Resolutions are almost setting you up for failure, you have to ask yourself why to wait till 1st January to quit smoking, drinking or losing weight.

I have been recently been trying to eat better as I realised my relationship with food has not been a good one over the past few years; I did not give myself a start date, I just started making changes immediately as I know every little helps. I am also not harsh on myself if I do not do well on an occasional day, we all make mistakes and have to pick ourselves up and keep going.

If you are wanting to make changes, give yourself goals rather than resolutions. Goals are a lifelong journey whereas there seems something so final about a resolution like it is some type of maths problems. I have decided to carry on the goals I have set myself when I first started bullet journalling; they are as follows:

Plan to be more productive

Since I started my journey with bullet journalling, my life has been that little bit easier to juggle. Due to the stress and anxiety of everyday life, I was finding I was forgetting everything and then getting upset when I missed things. My bullet journal has let me offload information in so many ways and it has helped me get a clearer perspective on what things are important and what is not.

I feel that I have used my planner really well to plan Christmas 2017, it really did help me get everything sorted without much stress and I did not overbuy like I have done in the past. It has also given me a creative outlet and enabled me to draw again. I will be continuing with this good habit and hopefully will get time to learn how to use it in an even better way.

Get to my 1 year blog anniversary

When I first started blogging, I set myself the goal to get to six months and then see how it goes. After that, I was determined to get to my one year anniversary of Life With Mrs T and this is what I hope to achieve in March. I would have been blogging for a full year and I can assess where to go with it, I know I absolutely love blogging so as long as people like reading my content then I will be carrying on with it as it helps me too.

Have fun with my family

I am not going to put the pressure on myself to be the ‘perfect’ parent, as I know that it does not exist. I am also not going to be completely dominated by my children and lose all of my identity, hence part of the reason for the blog, but I am going to make sure I have fun with my family. My family and friends are the most important thing in my life and I am going to enjoy spending time with them; making pictures, going on adventures and watching films with them, anything that will make happy memories for myself and my family. This does not have to cost a fortune, I just need to dedicate

Carry on my positive outlook and mindfulness

This year has really been a turn around year for me; I started it in quite a low place, after having my second child and returning to work but the year ended up being much more positive. The main reason it has become more positive is that I have been more positive and have been mindful that not everything is a reflection of my ability; I can only do my best and I am the one in control of my life and the way I chose to live it. Everything that happens is down to choice and you can choose to deal with things positively or let them overwhelm you.

Embrace the grey hair

Since I wrote my post ‘Growing Grey Disgracefully’ I have been trying to embrace the fact that I have grey hair. Although I have been dying my hair with semi permeant hair dyes, I have grown a considerable length of my grey out, it is a really slow process and I still have a long way to go till all of the bleached hair has completely gone but I am getting there and hopefully by the end of 2018 I will go grey/silver permanently

Be kinder and more forgiving of myself

I have realised over the past year that I am often way too hard on myself and very critical of myself; I resolve to give myself a break every now and then, after all, we all make mistakes and I am no exception so why should I torture myself for something that everyone does? I am just as valuable as every other human and should treat myself with the kindness that I show others.

What do you want to achieve out of 2018? I would love to know what you are planning in the comments section along with suggestions of posts you want to see in the future at ‘Life with Mrs T’.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. cherilyndoes says:

    Keeping up with a blog is definitely some serious work! I can’t imagine doing all of this with children. I envy your time planning, that’s for sure.
    I work at a job where I have to be social for 8.5 hours a day, so when I get home, I’m drained and retreat from any socializing. I take one day a week to write several posts in advance so that I can breathe for a few more days and concentrate on reading everyone else’s posts. I think I enjoy that more than writing my own sometimes.

    You definitely have to do what works for you and because when you do post, you post great content, your readers will stay even if you take a hiatus.

    Ok, I have to say I LOVE your hair. My hair is graying but it’s doing so so damned slowly. If it would just turn fast, I’d leave it and rock it! It looks so good on you with your skin tone.
    I love your eye look posts and I’d love to see your colorful collection of lipsticks!

    I wish a wonderful 2018 for you! ❤


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      You are so sweet, it is definitely hard juggling everything but I really love blogging it is teaching me so many things.
      I did a post called 50 shades of lipstick; I might have to update it.
      Thank you for all your support, without people reading I wouldn’t be keeping myself out of trouble 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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