Christmas and Birthday Presents 

I have been a lucky girl this year; I feel well and truly spoiled and privileged to be able to have what I want. Since as my birthday is unbelievably near Christmas (3rd January), I usually get a lot of things combined together. I don’t bother as much with my birthday as much as I do with Christmas; as Mr T would say ‘It’s just another day’. I am also fortunate that I am usually given money for Christmas in order to get what I want and I also have a wish list set up on Amazon. I am good though, I buy the things and then keep them stored away until the actual day itself, this means I still get the excitement of waiting till Christmas to use them.
I have combined this into one big Christmas/birthday haul (do you call it a haul if you received it as a gift?) so you can see all the goodies that I got and why I got them. I will warn you, this will be a long one, so grab a beverage and possibly a biscuit and get ready for the goodies.*

*Disclaimer: This post is in no way a bragging post, I am so humbled to receive all these gifts and since as I like seeing these type posts I thought I would share mine.

La Roche Posey skincare

I feel like I went too far with purchasing all of this skincare, after all, I only wanted the moisturiser and the cleansing wash, which were on my Christmas Wishlist, so why did I buy more? I figured that if I invest in some good skincare that I might as well make the most of it while I had the opportunity and because Boots only do free delivery over £40 and I am too lazy to pick it up from my local Boots and I begrudge paying the postage for some reason.

However, despite my less than sensible reasons for buying all of this skincare, I will definitely use all of it and I know it will be good for my skin because I have used it before with great success. As Winter has drawn in, I have realised how important my skincare routine is, I’m heading back to products I know work rather than testing out new ones that might not do my skin good.

Checked shirt from ASDA

As I spent all of my teenage years in the 1990’s, I am no stranger to a checked shirt or three; I remember wearing jeans, a black and white checked shirt with a leather (yes leather) waistcoat over the top as was the fashion at the time.

I could possibly be going through an early ‘midlife crisis’ or just thinking in a practical way, as us mothers do. This shirt will cover every lump and bump that I want to when I wear stretchy jeans and will be a practical way to update my existing wardrobe full of T-Shirts and pull on jeans. I picked this colour because it is such a beautiful blue/green shade and I already have a red checked shirt and a green one, I have become quite obsessed with them and long may they be a staple in my wardrobe.

Makeup Revolution products

I bought quite a number of things from Makeup Revolution with my money as well as receiving some from my amazing husband and kids. I adore Makeup Revolution products, they are such a reasonable price and they are great quality compared to some of my eyeshadow palettes that are twice the price (yes Morphe, I’m talking about you). If you are a regular visitor to the House of Mrs T then you will know how obsessed I am with the brand and I have several hauls.

Renaissance Glow

Since I have used up my Freedom Pro Strobe Palette (Project Pan) I am in need of a new bronzer and being a ghostly shade of pale I have to be careful with what shade I get. This is a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Bronze and Glow (copycat makeup) and after having the W7 version I knew that the bronzer was a light shade that is buildable. The reason I did not just ask for the W7 version is because of the packaging; this packaging is a lot more hard wearing and better looking than the W7 version, yes that might sound superficial but I get dragging in by beautiful looking things, just like every makeup addict.

Life on the Dancefloor palette in ‘Sparklers’

I had to have this palette from the moment I saw it, it represents all that I love about eyeshadow, colour, colour and more colour. At first, I tried to resist, concluding that I already had far too many bright and colourful palettes to play with (yes I am still a child and I play with makeup) but then I saw the lime green and turquoise colours and I just melted, I was in love with these colours. Mr T was an absolute model husband and got me this, along with the lipstick ‘Head Turner’.

Life on the Dancefloor Lipstick in ‘Head Turner’ and ‘Twerk’

I loved the look of both these colours, head turner being a lovely burgundy shade and Twerk being a black purple. I am sure that over the festive season I will get some use out of head turner and I wanted to try a shade that was near black, but I didn’t want to spend too much money on it and at £3 Twerk was a fantastic option although I have heard the formula is a satin which might not last long so I might have to use some powder to mattify it so it stays on my lips.

Lip kit in Majesty

I have not bought into the whole lip kit thing, I am not interested in the Kylie lip kits that people rave about and I usually just use a similar liner beneath them. I scrolled through the Tam beauty website looking to get my order over the £30 threshold and I saw this colour and thought ‘why not’ it is a beautiful colour that is my kind of liquid lipstick.


I got this to try just in case the other bronzer in the Renaissance glow doesn’t work and as I say ‘two bronzers are better than one’.

Juvia’s Place Zulu palette

I was part of a secret Santa on the makeup group I am part of. I love secret Santa as I love putting together presents and goodies for people and I was in my element because I could buy makeup for someone. I was absolutely blown away when a beautiful Queen got me the Juvia’ s Place Zulu palette. I had mentioned I was wanting to try this brand as I had heard so many good things and she picked the most amazing palette that suits me down to the ground, I was so happy to open it.


I am a soft touch for candles, I try to resist them and reason that they just put soot everywhere and my electric tart burner should be used instead but I just cannot resist having candles in the house, especially in Autumn/Winter. As I shopped for all my Christmas cards and I saw that they had coconut scented candles and I love the smell of coconut, partly because it smells like Pina Colada.

OPI nail polish

Again, these purchases where by accident, I walked past one of the shops that sell an assortment of makeup and hair items and the OPI sign beckoned me to have a gander at the nail polish. I came out with three shades ‘Breakfast at Holly’s’ ‘Centre of the Uni-verse’ and ‘My Voice is a Little Norse’. My thinking was ‘I should get darker shades as most of my nail polish collection was bought in spring/summer and are bright.’

Slay all day setting spray in lavender and coconut

This item was a firm favourite on my wishlist and when Beauty Bay had their Black Friday/Cyber Monday event I had to jump in and grab these to stock up. I am not sure why but I love this setting spray it just makes me feel amazing and doe set my makeup well. I have been using the peach scented one and thought I would try something new, as you read above, I love coconut and I also love the smell of lavender too so I got both and with 30% off it was too good to pass up on.

Cherry Red boots

I have been somewhat naughty with these boots, I bought them before Christmas and have not saved them, I was in desperate need of some new boots for the run-up to Christmas and couldn’t wait. They are a much cheaper version of Dr Martin boots and much cheaper, I do not expect these to last for ages but if I like wearing them, who knows I might invest in the real thing. This is another part of my midlife crisis; I always wanted a pair of these as a teen but never had them, I am compensating for it now. Like the checked T-shirt, these are practical and will suit my ‘mum on the run’ lifestyle where I do not have the time or the patience for dainty heeled shoes which are my idea of hell; give me a comfy pair of shoes any day of the week.

What did you get stuffed in your stockings and under your tree, let me know in the comments.

Ciao for now beauties xx

17 Comments Add yours

  1. Siyana says:

    So many amazing goodies! I’d love to see some reviews, because I’m thinking of getting some of the products myself x


  2. sophiaaaxo says:

    I loved seeing what you got!
    Sophia xo //


  3. Vox says:

    You did really well! Those boots are the bomb! I have those and a pair of patent leather black ones just like them. I love them! I bloggged about my Doc Martens obsession a while back. Happy birthday and Happy New Year!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you, I am still getting used to wearing boots at the moment as I don’t wear them often. I going to check your blog out now


  4. Erin says:

    How fun! Looks like you got some great items! I understand the birthday thing… my birthday is December 23rd. Hope you had a wonderful time celebrating!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I had an amazing time celebrating thank you for stopping by, hope you had a great Christmas


  5. cherilyndoes says:

    Happy birthday! You got some great swag! GC Slay All Day setting spray is one of my favorites! I love Makeup Revolution and have quite a few of their palettes and highlighters. Glad you received what you wanted and had a wonderful birthday. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I am almost out of my setting spray that I am currently using I can’t wait to get the slay out. Makeup revolution is my favourite brand by far they have such great stuff and it is so cheap and good quality

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Loooving the colour of the shirt!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I do too, it’s a shame a few of the buttons fell off quickly I need to see the back on


      1. Ah that’s frustrating 😦 already as well


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