2017: A Year In Review 

The Year Life with Mrs T began
In March of this year, my blog began. Originally when I decided that it would be fun to do some blogging I was using Blogger and my Blog was called Mrs T’s Makeup Bag. I started on 5th March this year with a post called ‘Shop My Stash’ and the rest, they say, is history. I have learnt so much since I started my blogging journey, both about blogging and about myself as a person. 

I am truly grateful for the support everyone has given me, from the comments, likes and actually taking the time out of your day to read about a slightly crazy, makeup obsessed mum to the people who have been there at the low points (there are many of those in blogging) who have persuaded me to keep going and believe in myself and what I am doing. 

A Year of Makeup Drama

There has been many a drama in the makeup community which has kept us talking throughout the year. Whether it has been influencers behaving badly or companies not delivering on promises with their products, 2017 has been somewhat of a year for people becoming more aware of consumerism taking over the beauty community and the morals of the major beauty influencers like Jaclyn Hill, Manny MUA to name but two.

I wrote in my post about beauty influencers that there was a question about some of the bigger influencers ‘recommendations’ and the fact that brands are lavishing expensive holidays and PR packages on them so that their view of the actual product is, in my opinion, tainted. I feel like this has been a year where members of the beauty community have spoken out against this. There has been a rise in the amount of Anti-Haul videos and posts, going against the consumerist trend with the irony being that the ‘big’ YouTubers like Manny Mua have seen it as a trend to cash in on; the world is indeed imploding in on itself, ha ha ha. 

It has also been the year that I discovered ‘Drama Channels’. Until a few months ago I would have said that a channel dedicated to the ‘drama’ in the makeup community was a preposterous thing that did not exist, but I was sadly wrong. These channels focus on exposing the fights, feuds and shady dealings that go on in the makeup community; are they just cashing in on other peoples success, I will let you decide that one.  

One of the biggest documented drama’s of the latter half of 2017 was the break up of the trio comprising Jeffree Starr, Manny MUA and Laura Lee over some supposed ‘business dealings gone wrong’; people were glued to their twitter feeds, trying to see who was going to dish the dirt first. Manny and Laura called for privacy in what was a ‘private friendship matter’ but as people pointed out, if you expose your life and friends for the whole world to watch and to make a fortune from, then people are bound to want to know the scoop, it is an example of ‘biting the hand that feeds you’. 

One final piece of makeup drama was about the highly hyped Anastacia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. This again showed the power of consumerism and how it can actually backfire; the palette was the most hyped product of the year with people scrambling over their elderly grandmothers to get their hands on the ‘unique’ palette only to find that the product did not deliver. The internet erupted with an angry mob of makeup addicts demanding refunds because the ‘new formula’ was unworkable and muddy for even professional makeup artists. Norvina, the CEO of ABH made matters worse with a lesson on ‘how not to handle negative publicity’ throwing her toys out of the pram and blaming the people for ‘swirling’ their brushes too hard rather than owning up to a genuine misjudgement by them as a company.  

A Year of Realisation

I feel like this year has been a year of realisations, from beginning to end and I am all the wiser for it. I went back to work from maternity leave in January and discovered how hard it is to juggle work, two children and a husband and still have some time to myself. Being the person that provides the only source of income to our family (as Mr T looks after the children) has come with a lot of challenges; balancing my job and home life is something that has made me feel very guilty at times and often a failure as a mother. This year has also taught me that managing such a hectic life takes a lot of planning and I discovered the amazing world of bullet journaling, it really has kept me sane. 

I have also realised that I am often too hard on myself and have been running with the line that we all make mistakes, it is a part of evolving as a person. Currently, I have been working on being more of myself, because I am unique and special and I have so much to offer the world and people around me. 

A Year of Being Mindful

With this year of realisation has come a different perspective of how I handle the things around me and how I process them in my mind. Since I had my second child, things became hard to handle and so I embarked on some mindfulness training and cognitive behaviour therapy to help me through this time; it has given me a new perspective on things and has made me fascinated in the idea of psychology and why we do things. 

I feel a lot more positive about things now than I did at the start of the year, I have become more accepting of myself and how I am in control of how I feel about things. Maybe this is just a case of me getting older and wiser or maybe writing has helped me exercise my brain in a way that has meant I am not overanalysing situations and events as much, all I know is that 2017 has changed my life for the better and I cannot wait to get into 2018 

Ciao for now beauties xx

4 Comments Add yours

  1. DGGYST says:

    Thats some legitimate juicy drama! I didn’t know about the ABH palette! Ok for realsies, a company offered to send me a product to review and it has got me stressed AF! On one hand I’m like ” YAY!!!” and on the other I am stressed out that I won’t like it and then have to be like ” this was shitty” and it’s just too much pressure! Happy New Year Mrs, I have enjoyed your blog so much this year!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you so much for your support. I would just be honest about it, you are benefiting your readers so honesty is the order of the day.


  2. I am Foodie Traveler says:

    This is really cool! I started my blog on the 10th of March! Good luck going forward and keep the good work!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you so much, I have learnt so much through this journey


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