Bring On The Party Makeup 

Whether it is a work event, a gathering with friends or a family get together, Christmas and New Year is the time to party on down with the people you love (or at least tolerate once a year because there is free food and drink). The age old question that springs to peoples minds when preparing for a big function is usually ‘what do I wear?’ However, for the makeup addict such as myself the first question that springs to mind is ‘what makeup look am I going to rock?’

With the internet swimming with makeup up tutorials, new products and palettes aimed at the party season it can be hard to know what to do or what look to go for, there is definitely pressure to knock out a awe-inspiring look if you are a makeup queen such as myself. I decided to do some looks that might provide you with a little inspiration for the party season. I have focused on putting a twist on some of the traditional ‘go to’ party looks and they are what I would go for, so I know these might not be to everyone’s taste but at least if you do not like them you have narrowed it down to what you don’t want.

Rose gold cut crease with a glitter twist

A cut crease is a staple for the holiday season, it works so well with a foiled eyeshadow or glitter. I originally did this look for a family meal but I went a bit overboard with the top section, bringing the eyeshadow too far up and the cut crease too high. However I loved the foil rose gold lid with the gold glitter so I had another attempt and this is the finished article. I used a mix of two palettes for this look but you could easily just do this with the one. I used the Soph X by Makeup Revolution for the top of the crease and the Chocolate Rose Gold palette for the lid shade. I then went over the crease line with a glitter liner and finished off with my usual winged eyeliner. I completed the whole look with a super glowing base/highlight and a traditional vampy red lip although this would also look fabulous with a nude or a mauve lip as well.

Transition – Pug from the Makeup Revolution Soph X palette

Crease – Rosewood and mudcake from the Makeup Revolution Soph X palette

Concealer used to cut crease – Phwoar Paint by Seventeen

Lid shade – Luxe from the Makeup Revolution Chocolate Rose Gold palette

Glitter eyeliner – Glam crystals by Collection in gold

Blue smoky eye

Blue eyeshadow is so underrated, people associate it with the 1980’s and give it a bad name but it really is an awesome colour to use and I have been since my teens. For this look I used my Queen Slayer palette from the wonderful Oh My Glitter; they are an indie brand who offer the most amazing range of shades and even do mystery subscription boxes which is how I came about this palette. The first time I tried it I knew I had to try the shade ‘Lady Death’ and boom, I was hooked, it is an amazing bright royal blue with the most fabulous iridescent glitter in the formula. I am definitely going to be buying more from Oh My Glitter an cant wait to see what other palettes they offer in the future.

Transition – Pug from the Makeup Revolution Soph X palette

Crease – Rosewood from the Makeup Revolution Soph X palette

Crease and outer V – Queen of Queens and Royal Revenge from The Queen Slayer palette

Outer V (to add depth) – Nightmare from the Makeup Revolution Soph X Palette

I then used my Phwoar paint concealer to lighten the lid

Lid shade – Lady Death from The Queen Slayer palette

Purple smoky eye with a touch of glitter

I feel like I am featuring the Soph X palette way too much but it really is a spectacular palette that offers a range of different options for eye looks. I wanted to put a colourful twist on the smoky eye; you could do a very traditional smoky eye look with the shades pug, mud cake, rosewood and nightmare if you wanted to which would look amazing with a nude lip but I decided to try and use the smoky eye technique using purple/plum/berry shades instead. I really cannot sing the praises of the Soph X palette enough, it is a must have and offers so many different looks all for just 10.

Transition shade – Tiramisu

Crease – Strawberry sweets, then danger

Put black Kohl/Gel liner pen over the lid.

Top with mixed berries and blend it up into the crease, bringing it all together.

Place a small amount of purple pressed glitter onto the lid after you have done the eyeliner. (Glitter and eyeliner do not get on well the other way round). If you do not have pressed glitter you can use loose cosmetic glitter and some glitter adhesive, fixing spray or even eyelash glue to set the glitter on the lid.

I hope you enjoyed these party looks with a twist; what are you planning to do for your Christmas party, let me know in the comments. Also, if there are any particular makeup looks you would like me to do, then let me know and I will be more than happy to try them.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. lincolnlifesite says:

    Reblogged this on Lincoln Life Blog.

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    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you so much I really enjoyed doing them

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  2. cherilyndoes says:

    All three are gorgeous, but my favorite is the rose gold. It compliments your skin tone beautifully.

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    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you very much I was so pleased with the rose gold as I had never done a look like that before, thanks for stopping by

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  3. Rebecca Allatt says:

    Love these looks, definitely great for the party season! x

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  4. Megan says:

    Beautiful! I’ve always wanted to try glitter eyeshadow but I feel like I’m too old (I’m 35). You’re giving me hope!

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    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I’m 37; you are never too old to make yourself happy. I regularly go out in green lipstick it makes me smile and I don’t care what others say my happiness is more important.

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