Christmas Traditions At Mrs T's 

The Elf on the Shelf
We have an elf called Pedro, he arrives on December 1st and causes mischief until Christmas eve. We have had another addition to the elf brigade this year in the shape of Pinto, the tiny elf. I started the Elf on the shelf when Sebastian was nearly two years old and he loved it although it is a bit of a chore to think of 25 different things that the Elf could do over December. Our Elf isn’t as naughty as other Elves, mainly because me and Mr T can never be bothered to tidy up after the Elf’s mess. That means no flour angels or throwing toilet paper around the room but he does like to draw on our wedding photo that is in the living room with wipe-able marker pen.

I have a chart this year for Sebastian where he can track how nice he is being in the run up to Christmas with the hope that the elf will give him a good report when Santa asks.

Stuff for Santa

We always have to leave stuff out for Santa on Christmas eve, he likes Cherry Whiskey and mince pies with icing on. Likewise, the reindeer like milk and a carrot and their ‘special’ reindeer food. Before we put the children to bed, we take them out and sprinkle some reindeer food outside (just a few porridge oats) and then they go upstairs to try and listen for Santa; one of us goes outside, under the window and jingles the sleigh bells we have on our Christmas tree so the kids think that it is Santa. I adore the look on my sons face when he hears the sleigh bells, it really is a magical moment.

Christmas Eve PJ’s

On Christmas eve morning, the elf leaves one last gift for the children, ready for Christmas day, their Christmas Pyjamas. I love buying them a nice set of PJs that they can wear the night before, it also means that when I take pictures of them in the morning opening their presents, they look smart (this maybe a bit shallow of me but I am not bothered). I do not actually buy them Christmas designed PJ’s as I want them to last for as long as possible so I get them ones that they will like and likely to want to wear; Sebastian is getting Marvel PJ’s and Layla is getting My Little Pony (I am enforcing my love of MPL onto her until she is old enough to refuse).

Morning Breakfast and Films

After the children have come down and had their breakfast and open their presents it’s time for me and Mr T to settle down to a nice cooked breakfast while watching a family film together. It is quite common that we buy each other all the children various Blu-ray films as presents so we always like to watch on  on a Christmas morning. I think we had The Lego Movie last year and one year we watched Ant Man (one of my favourites along with Paul Rudd).

For the actual breakfast we tend to not have too much on account of having a massive meal layer, we just have eggs, bacon and the odd sausage. After all the run up to Christmas and the chaos and stress it is nice to just chill out, watch a film and have coffee and breakfast.

Lamb dinner

I have bought Lamb as our meat of choice for the past three years and would not go back to turkey at all. We were finding that because we go to Mr T’s mums on Christmas eve and my parents on Boxing day, that we were having three turkey dinners and we became sick of it, I am not too fond on turkey so I made the bold move to go against tradition and have a lamb leg instead. Lamb is something we do not often have on account of how expensive it can be so it is nice to ‘push the boat out’ at Christmas time and treat ourselves. I tend to stuff the leg with cloves of garlic olive oil and rosemary and very slowly cook it.

We usually have quite a lot left over and so I throw the rest in the slow cooker with vegetables and make a casserole out of it, you can either keep it in the fridge for a few days and then reheat or you can also freeze it and have it at a later date.  I always serve my Christmas dinner with Yorkshire puddings because the whole family love them and who am I to deny anyone at Christmas, after all it is the season of goodwill.

Pudding and Doctor Who

Christmas day would not be complete without the Doctor Who special and we usually settle down to watch it with our choice of dessert, trifle. I love watching Doctor Who and when we used to have a roast dinner on a Sunday we would watch Doctor Who as we ate it. Due to the fact that we wouldn’t be near the TV when eating our Christmas meal so we will eat our pudding watching the Doctor saving the universe while we are suffering the after effects of the Christmas dinner.

I thought I would also share my Christmas eve makeup look; every year we go to my in-laws and I use it as an excuse to do a full on glam Christmas look.

I hope you have enjoyed this little insight into Christmas in the Mrs T household, what are you Christmas traditions, I would love to know in the comments?

Ciao for now beauties.  xx

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