What's On My Christmas Wishlist 

What is on your Christmas wish list?

Whether you are young, old or somewhere in between, a wish list is an essential tool to let your loved ones know what you what to find under your tree come Christmas day.
Since I have been a teenager I have been writing wish lists; whether it was CD’s I wanted that year or art supplies when I used to art journal, it has proved a lot easier to just do a wish list of what I want and then I don’t get any strange surprises (I am not too good with surprises as it freaks me out.)

Here is my wishlist for this year, some might say it is a little too long but I always do that because 1) I want to try everything and 2) I can always buy these things for myself in the new year when I so desire.

Slay All Day in Lavender

This setting spray appeared on my ride or die products posts and I love it. I had the peach scented one and it lasted me for ages and set my makeup fantastically, it felt so refreshing on my skin which did not happen with some of my other drugstore setting sprays. The Slay All Day range has an amazing array of different scents, from jasmine to watermelon. I wanted to try a different scent this time and because I already love the smell of lavender, it seemed like an obvious choice. I am usually a champion of the drugstore brands but I really do rate paying the extra money to get this as it really did work amazingly and made me feel like a goddess.

Taylor Swift Enchanted

I am in need of a new perfume and I have been wanting to try this one for about a year having spent most of 2017 using up my Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. I have a bit of a thing for celebrity endorsed perfumes; they are usually quite reasonably priced, not too overpowering and strong and so ideal for workdays. I am too much of a skinflint to spend upwards of 50 on one perfume just to use it for work, I use my favourite perfume Allure by Chanel for going out at the weekend.

I went through a phase of loving anything with blackcurrant scents after falling in love with Lush’s The Comforter shower gel. I put this on my wishlist after doing some investigating and never got around to buying it, I have had a Taylor Swift perfume before, it was lovely and fresh, so I know I will probably like this as well and if I don’t, I can still tolerate using it for work.

I am really wanting to get a bottle of ‘Pure Poison’ by Dior for my new special occasion perfume but it is around 60 and way too expensive for anyone to buy me; maybe I shall use my boots advantage card points to purchase this in the new year for my birthday.

Makeup Revolution Life on the Dancefloor Sparkles palette

I have just found out that the ‘Life on the Dancefloor’ range of makeup is limited edition for Christmas, this is making me want to go out and buy it myself, I am being dragged into the whole ‘fear of missing out’ complex that the brands use to make us part with our money.

I am going to be good and wait and see what I get as this palette, although right up my street, is very similar to some of the others I already have and therefore not an essential for me to buy now (in November as I am writing this). I do absolutely love the lime green colours and the bright blues, they make me feel inspired to do a super bright and colourful look.

The Life on the Dancefloor range also have corresponding lipsticks that accompany the palettes, I have my eye on a few but I am aware that I already have too many lipsticks and therefore need to back away, then again, can a makeup addict really have too many lipsticks? That is an interesting question.

Mermaid brushes

I am well aware that I have too many makeup brushes already. In my post ‘Q and A; Get To Know Mrs T’ I talked about having a large quantity of very cheap brushes so that I did not have to clean them as often. I am intending to sort through my brush collection and declutter some, this will make way for these gorgeous mermaid brushes from Amazon.

When it comes to unicorn or mermaid themed items I am a bit of flake, my resolve to not impulse buy disappears and I am grabbing everything I can, despite whether I would use them or not. Fortunately for myself, these mermaid brushes will definitely be used so are worth going onto my wish list.

My Little Pony nail polishes

I have fallen back in love with painting my nails after a long separation, I explain more in ‘What Nail Polishes I will Be Wearing This Autumn/Winter. When looking at the new nail polish releases I discovered that China Glaze had done a My Little Pony collection in celebration of the release of the My Little Pony Movie, I was instantly in love. I do not want all of the collection as I would not use all the colours, but I do want quite a few of these, I love the green, blue and purple glitter colours. Thinking ahead to spring and summer these nail polishes will be great additions to my collection and will definitely help me unleash my inner Princess Sparkle and I will be Rainbow Dashing to get them.

La Roche Posey cleansing milk

Since I did my skincare post I have been wanting to change up my skincare routine and invest a little more into my face. As I am getting older I have realised the need for good skin care and when I used to use the La Roche Posey moisturiser my skin was really good. Recently I have been mainly using micellar water to cleanse my face but I have felt like it is not quite enough. When my skin was good I was using the Lush Angels facial wash and maybe feel like it is time to go back to a cleanser again; the only worry with switching back to a facial cleanser is that it will irritate my skin which is super sensitive and will break out with most skincare products. I picked the La Roche cleanser simply because I know the cream doesn’t break me out so I hope it isn’t a washout.

La Roche Posey moisturiser

I used this moisturiser a while back and fell in love, I am not sure why I did not repurchase it but I think it was because I wanted to see if a cheaper cream would be just as good, turns out that you really do get why you pay for. This moisturiser seems to plump my skin really well and keep me hydrated throughout the day, maybe I might go the whole nine yards and get the night cream as well.

Metal flight case

I need to get this for Christmas to protect my precious makeup from a cheeky, little darling otherwise known as my daughter. As I said in my post, things that get harder with kids, keeping little fingers off my ABH glow palettes and other makeup items is a daily problem and we are at the point where she is close to being able to open my makeup bag. The case I found can be locked and will be hard wearing if my daughter decides to throw it around. I chose this case over a traditional vanity case is I need enough room for an eyeshadow palette or two. I prefer the simple, plain box design because it does not restrict me to storing makeup of a certain size.

What items are on your Christmas wish list I would love to hear what you’re hoping for in the comments.

Ciao for now beauties xx

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  1. I’ve been DYING to get my hands on that setting spray! xx


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It really is brilliant and well worth it, the bottle lasted ages as well because the spray is finer, I have gone through my drugstore one a lot quicker. The peach scent is lush

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Looks like I know what I’m going to be buying soon! Thanks gal


  2. All great items!!!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you I have already got myself some with my Christmas money

      Liked by 1 person

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