Christmas Decoration Haul

Deck the halls with boughs of holly la la la la la la la. It’s approaching that time of year again it’s Christmas this has to be my favourite holiday I get super excited about it. Christmas time is the one time the year I can really go mad. I love indulging all the festive traditions especially now that I am a parent Christmas is a time for family and I love celebrating with my clan.  

There are many traditions that undertake at Christmas and one of my favourite ones is buying Christmas decorations and turning my house into a Santa’s grotto, full of wonderful decorations and cheer. I have built up my Christmas decoration stash gradually, I buy a little bit to add each year and take out older decorations so that every year is different. I once had a tree with all handmade decorations on which I was very proud of but unfortunately many of them have broken and I do not have the time to make my own anymore; so I head off to the shops at the end of September to shop for more goodies for Mrs T’s winter wonderland. 

Yes, beauties, you hear me right, September is when I start planning Christmas because I hate to rush things and like getting things bit by bit so I can spread it over the months. However, I like to get my decorations early on account that I do not want to leave it too late and miss out. So, at the end of September, I trotted off to buy Christmas decorations at The Range. I love the Range as a shop and I love going there all year round but especially at Christmas time, here is the low down on what I bought this year.

Cracking Baubles

When I saw these glass baubles I knew I had to have them, I could only find one at first so I went hunting around for some more. They have a beautiful crackled look to them that make them look quite vintage and old. I love these because they are classic and elegant and will break up some of the other very ‘dazzling’ items. However, these baubles scare the heck out of me as I am such a clumsy person and my children take after me in that respect; I think I shall be placing these quite high up on the tree and praying that there are no disasters. 

Little Friends

I like to have my tree very eclectic with lots of different ornaments on it rather than lots of just three or four types of ornament. I love being able to have the children spot all the different types of ornaments on the tree and I especially love getting ‘character’ ornaments like the two little reindeers in the picture, I love them because they remind me of the type of ornaments that my mum had when I was growing up. 

While I was shopping for decorations I had my son with me and it was inevitable that as soon as he saw the glitter covered train ornament, pictured above, that he just had to have it. I also let him choose an ornament for my daughter Layla and he chose the cute little felt fairy decoration, I then added the cute little felt mouse as it was looking in my direction saying ‘please, give me a home’ (yes, I am aware I am slightly crazy). 

Glitter Galore

I love a bit of glitter on my tree, actually, that is untrue, I love a lot of glitter to adorn my festive centrepiece and the ornaments in The Range did not disappoint in that department. When I started updating my tree I wanted to go for a more gold, red and green look that was traditional but I also wanted to have some bling on my tree and when I found these glitter decorations last year I was addicted. 

The first decorations that I had to have where the gold crowns, as you might know, I am a member of a Facebook makeup group called queens of the new age and I am totally buying in to the whole crown and queen concept, I bought some of these last year and just had to buy some more. When I was shopping last year I also picked up the glitter horses as well being obsessed with My Little Pony I just had to have some horses on the tree. 

The other glitter decorations are new for me this year, to extend the horse theme I got the cute glitter reindeer which make me think of very traditional Christmas decorations. Then I moved onto another thing I love on my tree which is hearts and got some of these glitter heart-shaped decorations and matched them with the star-shaped decorations which also look great. 

Looking at all this glitter has made me realise just how much of a magpie I really am but the only negative of glitter is that it actually gets everywhere. When taking these pictures I ended up with glitter all over the floor, I dread to think what it’s going to be like when I clean up after Christmas. 

Jingle Bells

Who doesn’t love a Christmas tree that also doubles as a musical instrument? Since having children I have been playing with the idea of a tree that not only looks pretty but can also sound pretty which will provide entertainment for my one-year-old and also double up has Santa sleigh bells on Christmas Eve night. 

I am not quite sure how many jingle Bells I bought last year but I thought I would add some more just in case my tree wasn’t jingly enough if I have too many maybe I will add them to my homemade heart Garland that I put up every year. 

Wooden decorations

Having a young toddler merely causing mischief around the house doesn’t bode well for any of my porcelain Christmas ornaments that I usually put out so I will be possibly not using them this year and instead opt-in for something more robust. These two wood ornaments fit my needs exactly I can put them on the TV unit knowing that my daughter Layla can investigate and play with them without me worrying about them breaking. 

A treat for Santa and Rudolf 

We always put out a little treat for Santa and Rudolph on Christmas Eve ready for his arrival and in previous years I was just using a plain Christmas plate. I decided to get this because it was only £1 and it will make putting out the carrot mince pie and whiskey all the more special. I did use to have a special plate that was hand decorated that my friend made but unfortunately Mr T didn’t realise it wasn’t dishwasher safe so I will have to make do with this, one at least he can’t break it. 

I really hope you enjoyed my haul and seeing all of the Christmas decorations I should be using to bring festive Wonder and cheer to my living room. Did you buy any new Christmas decorations this year if so I would love to hear what you got in the comments or what your favourites from my haul are? 

Ciao for now beauties xx 

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  1. Beautiful tree! I love the bauble and glitter ornaments especially, but the little friends are fun too – especially for the kiddos. I have trains all over my tree still and my boys are now teenagers. Merry Christmas!!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      I also have a little cute sheep and a red post box that I got last year, thanks for stopping by xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your tree and your enthusiasm for Christmas decorations. It makes a nice change from all the people who complain about Christmas being hard work and say they are over it. The crackled baubles are beautiful but yes probably not child or pet friendly so high up for sure. I have little trains too three or four of them that go on the tree every year. I like to get a couple of new things every year but most of my decorations are old favourites that come out every year.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thanks for stopping by, I am in the process of changing my decorations so I am buying a little each year to build it up, I used to have a blur and silver tree and after that I had a lot of homemade decorations that I have got tired of. I will hopefully need to buy less next year but I’m a bit addicted 😂😂


      1. My sister and I are merging our households in the next few months so next year we will have two trees to have fun decorating.


  3. mjchristine says:

    pretty decors! Our’s is with silver and gold theme so we have our decors in those colors, we have deer and shining decor balls as well, bells, ribbons, flowers, snowflakes and gold stars.


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      That sounds beautiful I used to have a silver and blue theme before we changed to house decor.


  4. ChanAtkins says:

    Beautiful tree! It reminds me of how ours looks once it’s up. I’ve really enjoyed choosing different decorations over the years I’ve had kids, as each one has a memory attached to it now, and yes, like you say, the kids spot them on the tree! I love The Range too!! And must see if I can get some of those baubles and reindeers too !


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      The range is the most amazing place for Christmas decorations. I love how you can attach memories to these little ornaments that come out every year.


  5. Hannah Denton says:

    Oh I adore the little red steam train!
    The cutest ✨✨


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      It is definitely a cute addition to the tree


  6. theflightalista says:

    Those little reindeer are the absolute cutest!! You picked up some beautiful decorations for your tree and I love the assortment!


    1. lifewithmrst says:

      Thank you very much, I feel like I need more of the reindeer


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